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Look on my fanfiction . net account for were my profile pic came from
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poor Karen. Love the art btw, You're doing awesome!
Right Acute or Obtuse?
@Reservedatcopywright: I didn't realise angles had faces
February 28th, 2017
The page won't load for me!
Best book and author ever
Am I the only one who wants to see Kyle's. Wound?
Oh no baby! Alky! You better comfort him! He's emotionally unstable
Did you misspell shoot?
Page 81 is in the wrong place, oh, and I went over to see how horny cat girl is doing, it's funny and scary.
They are beautiful tears, I say real.
I feel like he should in some way be hurt so as to guilt trip trashy
You misspelled coffee
I like the premise!
Too cute!!!
The one thing I don't like is how attached we are going to get to these alphas, when four of them will die... that makes me sad.
@redmarielle: thank you!!! :D
I was wondering, is there going to be NSFW content later? I hope so, but I would still stay, even if not. This is a good story.
@DreamGazerT: did you think that, maybe, his first name is Kyle Lee? My name is Taylor Rae, so most call me a shortened version it, and I have grown to like several of them, and often request to be called TayRay, even though it would be a dumb ass name for any parent to name their child.
Page virginity!!!!