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I'm Cyberleaf.
I have interests in art and music and have decided to extend my love of art to you little perverts in the form of a webcomic.
My, aren't you lucky!
If you wish to see my no longer active DeviantArt page, look yonder:

My current DeviantArt account is below. I may include occasional updates there so you may want to check it if you're pedantic.
Or don't check it; sod chronology- read it in any order you wish. Hell, start with the most recent update for all I care and work your way back. Might be interesting (equally, it may not be. I haven't tried it for myself).
So yeah, look here:

To summarise, look here:
And here:

I'm leaving now.
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March 19th, 2017
Technically, it's still Sunday,
which means I'm still on track with updates.


It's still kinda bad, though. I ought to start prioritising quality over quantity...

I wrote this comment after I posted next week's comic...
March 11th, 2017
Don't judge me
it's been a stressful week!
I've missed two weeks, but things should start returning to normal.
I've had a lot of stuff to do, but I do intend to get back to regular updates at some point in the near future. Until then, sit tight!
February 15th, 2017
For those of you discovering this webcomic for the first time,
you will have no idea that there used to be an atrociously rendered first version of this page before I re-uploaded it.
Ha! You ignorant little fools!
February 4th, 2017
I've just noticed how... bleached... the entire image is. I was worried it was going to come out too dark: I suppose this is the other extreme but I think it works for the setting (they have really bright lighting in Office138- it's better than all the other offices).
January 25th, 2017
We're back!
It's been a while but chapter TWO has officially started as of today! Updates may not be regular to start off with and I may post filler crap a bit more for the sake of my workload, but your wait is over, handful of fans who have most probably lost all interest in this comic by now...

(And please excuse the absence of the last row of panels; Antonio was getting too difficult to draw.)
Sorry, missed another update...
I conclude chapter ONE-POINT-FIVE and leave all eight of you (I think there's eight of you- might be seven...) with the promise of chapter TWO in a few weeks once I sort my life out.
Things are about to get very, very interesting... *excited and embarrassingly effeminate giggle*
Welp, it's a good thing Antonio's apartment's on the top floor,
otherwise I don't know HOW that procedure would have worked.
This is quite a sparse page, but it's on time and there's nothing too aesthetically offensive going on so I'm happy.
I have a terrible head cold and this page is really bad as well as almost a week late: I apologise. I simply couldn't face drawing Antonio and Claude117 another x more times on this page so I found the laziest way around it and now there's too much empty space in some panels and not enough in others and it looks really bad and I have a head cold and gaAAAAAARRRRRGHHGHGButbv&^B9tltu;5.8yim4£bub%^7£v39geuhigrffkykhfnmg /,lhi. mbbk;lli n blogi/ug mio/.......
Love 'em. Love fineliners!

I did miss an update last week. But here's this now!

Also: fineliners!
Sorry people!
This week has been particularly hectic...
Have we met a Time at this point in the story?
Well, I'll be damned!
I think that's the most punctuation you've ever used in one sentence! Good for you, Claude117!
How has Modmad managed to give the last five pages the same name?

Sorry, probably shouldn't be focusing on that...
Nice window view.
I certainly wouldn't be asking about televisions with a view like that...

At this point, I want to point out for future reference that I am happy with Claude117's design AS IT IS NOW. Take note, Future Me...
Is that a new, very flash border?
Why, yes! Thank you for noticing!
I really need to get better at graphite sketches. Really, I shouldn't have started this webcomic now if it was going to look this crappy...
Some flash apartment, tho.
Aand we're back!
Let's start Chapter ONE-POINT-FIVE!
August 3rd, 2016
Okay! That's the end of a very short chapter!
I would have extended ONE to a more substantial length, only I'll be leaving the country on Friday and thought it made sense to close this section here rather than leave a massive gap between updates mid-way.
To compensate, I'll be starting with chapter ONE-POINT-FIVE after I come back, as I did not want to end ONE here; twas through unfortunate timing we ended up here.
I'll be drawing and writing and sleeping and spending my time away well, but until then, I conclude chapter ONE of 'Fax.'.