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Hello! I'm just a lousy artist trying to become a good artist! : D I have done art as a hobby for awhile now. Wolves have pretty much always been a favorite of mine to draw and fantasy animals in general! VuV I have many failed comics, The Ashenguard Wolf is my first serious take on a comic though and I hope to keep it going~
Aww, I seriously love all of your characters designs. XD Their too adorable! And I really like the colors~
Older Wicca! : DD He looks pretty bad-a here! ovo

And I really like the texture used on Wicca and green flames in the background!
Really enjoyed Chapter 1! <:
Very well done introduction to everything~
Trying to catch up with this comic again. XD;;

But seeing everything that happened with Kian, it is so sad and I can see how misunderstood his character is. But this is so well thought out and touching that he would keep his promise to her. ; v ; Really amazing story work!
So, I am pretty late on this, I apologize. VnV
The real world sucks with it's jobs and stuff.. hah.

But as I said, it's after the holidays and I am going to be back working on Ashenguard. : )

But I also wanted to mention that I am working on two other comics along with Ashenguard. So, updates will be slow with these and work IRL. Sorry. :c Though the other two comic will only be on my DA.
As I don't put as much work into them as Ashenguard. XD;;

>>Gravity<< - 7 pages so far
This one is more Sci-fi based. On the cover is the four main characters.
A Chimera, a blue catboy, a robot, and a reptile-like bulky girl. XD
Its also a comic I started 2014 and just now decided to revisit.

>>Annoying Dog<< - 8 pages so far
Anyone who has played or know Undertale will get this one. XD
Annoying Dog is a fan-comic about Sans, Papyrus, and the white dog aka annoying dog.
It's set before Frisk and is my own view on how the dog got with Sans and Papyrus.

Just thought I'll let ya'll know what I been up to.
I will be trying to work on page 8 for Ashenguard this weekend and hopefully have a new page for you guys on Monday. <:

Thanks everyone~! <33 Ya'll still wonderful and amazing.
Definitely for putting up with me. OTL

Awww, thank you! ; w ;
I'm sure she would be so happy to know you think so!
Awwww~!! More little babies Sears! ; w ;
Too adorable! And I seriously love Brietta's design~
It's really pretty! <':

I also really like how there lighter and get darker as they age... nice little detail. ^ ^
@ecstacywolf: Aww, I'm very excited!
But take all the time you need, alright? X3
School is more important, hah~
@WolfYakuga: Thank you!! ; w ;
I know she'll be happy to know you think so!!

Awww, thanks so much!! C':
@ZitroneAaron42: Thank you so very much,
I know she would be so happy you think so!! ; w ;

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!! <':
A sculpture of Kite made by a really good friend of mine!
She is simply amazing in every way... waah!! ; w ;

Also wanted to re-post this from my comic's main page:

Hey guys, Ashenguard is going on PAUSE for the holidays.
Just I don't have the time during this time.
And I have a lot to work on with gifts for my friends
and ya' know family stuff during this time of the year. : )
But I will be back after Christmas!
So just letting everyone know, I haven't disappeared.
Happy holidays!!! <3

If you need to talk to me for whatever reason,
feel free to note or message me at my Deviantart! : )
My DA:
Pfffft, Wicca totally made me giggle on this page. XD
Really nice work catching the personality of a young kid, it's written really well. <:
Really adorable page as well~
@WolfYakuga: Oh, that's really cool! : D
Can't wait to see it in action then~
@WolfYakuga: Thank you very much! ; w ;

Aww, thanks~ I'm so glad you understand! ^ ^
@WolfYakuga: Thanks!
And yes, I did. <:
Even though it's in the side bar, thought I'd post this here too. : ) Incase some people haven't seen it.

:: Wolves are SENTIENT beings in this comic.
They are considered a RACE like humans.

:: Wolves have their own language: WOLVEN.
@ecstacywolf: Oh my gosh!!! ; v ;
OF COURSE it would be ok! I would be so very honored that you would even want to! <':
Awww, this looks really nice in traditional art! <:
Such wonderful details and amazing shading~
Sorry again for the lack of pages lately. ^ ^;;
Work really has been pretty bad... and with holidays coming up soon too, it's about to get worst. :<

Still, hope you guys like!
Thanks as always for reading~ ; v ;
Waaaaah~! Oh my gosh, Wicca is such an adorable little nugget in this page. XD Love all the expressions. <: