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Kotone's favorite ship has sailed! Look at her tears of joy...
Finally! Kotone's position as Aqua Spy is revealed! Man, I can't wait to see how she reacts when she finds out about Gold and Crystal being a couple! Her finding out about Ruby being Gold's half-brother could be interesting as well...
Lance invading Magma's headquarters? Nice to know he hasn't learned a thing since the Hoenn arc of the anime. XD
Ah, the grumpy weeaboo returns. It is as the anniversary artwork predicted!
Could it be? Could this perhaps be the return of Grumpy Weeaboo?! After all...there WAS a Magma grunt featured in that one little team doodle on Tumblr... Silver, you have worse disguises than your girlfriend in a Radio Tower. Your cold, disapproving glare gives you away.
You know what they say. When Crystal punches you, it's a sign of love. She just loves Gold so much she might knock him unconscious. Also the alternate text makes it ten times funnier.
Of course the Mount Silver incident makes things worse. That scar is probably permanent now because she literally died while it was healing. Great job, Mewtwo. Even after the Crystal Arc, you ruin everything.
Look Gold! You have a conveniently located Grandma! Aren't you a lucky one?
The return of the phantom Wally-like illness has arrived! I'd hate to see how Crystal would do in volcanic ash if she has trouble in the Fiery Path's hot air.
Was Gold about to say, "Is it about your health"?? Gold, she was kinda dead for an hour or two during and after the whole Mewtwo incident. What could be worse than that??
Ah, Snoop Dog. Already you provide the younger members with your wisdom. As for you Gold, let's see if you still like the idea of a Double Battle gym challenge once you hit Mossdeep City...
Look at that Oddish. Snoop Dog is just the kind of serious, no nonsense team member Gold needs to help motivate his party after an unexpected loss. Truly she is a godsend.