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I'm an illustrator and comic artist with a love for anything dark and monstrous. Feel free to take a look at my other social media:
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October 14th, 2017
@jellylegs: Thank you so much!
Hey creeps!
New pages are going to be uploaded on Monday, October 2nd!
September 1st, 2017
Another chapter ends! Thanks to all old and new readers who went this journey with me so far!
@JoKeR: It's Irish Gaelic :)
Hi peepz! I was hinted at the fact that a trigger warning might be appropriate.
I would like you to know that I personally distance myself from the term "tranny", since it is a hateful term towards transgender people. This was used for story purposes only and does not align with my personal attitude. I fully support transgender people, that's why I created a major character to be a transwoman.
I made Izzy use this word to stress her violent and offensive demeanor caused by her possession. She basically aims to insult everybody, e.g. by even calling Khan a "wiener" (I still giggle about that one).
So please, don't take it too seriously and be too mad at Izzy.
@Aaron Andermadas: Thank you! :)
@jellylegs: thank you!
@Nexal Nights: You're welcome! :) I hope you will enjoy the new chapter!
Obscurus is back!
I was really looking forward to drawing this page because it shows Khan from a very different side. I hope you will enjoy this chapter and warmly welcome you back!
Chapter 4 coming soon!
@ScaryCircus: Edited!
@sei: Thank you!
@Guest: It's just a typo! It should be "what has". Sorry! Thanks for pointing it out.
I'm happy you love it nonetheless! <3
And so ends chapter 3!
That means i'm halfway through the story! Yeay! Thanks so much for reading and supporting Obscurus! Also, a huge thanks to Admin for spotlighting my comic. I already started working on the new chapter, but there will be a larger break for now. I aim to upload chapter 4 around June/July. If you wanna see more of my art, here's my tumblr and DA:

See you soon again!
@ameoname: I bet he is, disrespectful little twerp! XD
Didn't you mom tell you not to randomly touch other people's stuff, Yoni? 'Cause you get kicked in the butt for it!
@jellylegs: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! You know those quotes they put on books to promote them? I'd love to put your comment on my book :D "This is a kick ass comic" -jellylegs on smackjeeves would be totally awesome XD
@ameoname: YES! ME! HERE! I'm hosting my comic here, too! SURPRISE! :D

Garvan does that on everyone
Ups, sorry for the spelling mistakes! I probably was still in German mode... XD
@eishiya: I'm glad you enjoyed the read now!
Thanks you so much! I'm just scribbling my way trough all of this :D I wanted it to look kinda gritty and dark.
Hehe, for me, he's always been a handsome bitch! XD I noticed, too, that my style has evolved again since I started and my skills improved, so he might look a little different