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I'm an illustrator and comic artist with a love for anything dark and monstrous. Feel free to take a look at my other social media:
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    Giske Grosslaub
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November 30th, 2018 Thank you so much! It's still one of my personal favs :)
October 15th, 2018
@IVA_12: Omg, thank you so much for your kind words!!! This means so much to me. I am glad you like Obscurus! <3<3<3
The End
And that was it, guys! This is the last page of Obscurus... for now! Thanks so much to all who read so far. Thank you.

I am already working on a new story, so Obscurus will definitely, 100% return! Keep an eye out... and stay away from the shadows.
@Indagold: it's a large arm
@heliumsquid: Actually, yes, because that got quite out of hand
@heliumsquid: he motherfuckin' dead
@Indagold: Yeah, he should've stuck to his weed, being intelligent didn't serve him well.
@GayerThanARainbow: Yeah, now that I think more of it, I'd settle on Ravenclaw for Khan. He's the bookish type and one for thinking before acting. He also got that "bravery" and protective attribute as part of his personality that made me think of Gryffindor for him.
Unfortunately, there aren't many trans characters in mainstream comics... actually, I can't think of a single character. Makes me glad that you appreciate her being trans!
@GayerThanARainbow: Haha, do you mean Sam? or Khan? Sam's a trans woman, she'd rather be in Ravenclaw, but she could be a Hufflepuff as well.
Khan would be a Ravenclaw, or even a Gryffindor... He lacks the ambition for Slytherin :D
@GayerThanARainbow: Thanks! That's what always bothers me, too :D
@GayerThanARainbow: Thank you!
@JoKeR: AAAAAAAAAHAHAHA, NOOOO!!!! :D It did not, I am just plain dumb and didn't notice I forgot to draw it on an entire page! XD Arrrrrgh! Thank you! :D
@Indagold: LOL
Obscurus will update one last time on April 2nd! Mark it in your calendars, tell your family, friends and pets and set up an alarm on your phone!
See ya soon again
January 25th, 2018


I changed the t-bomb completely and switched it with a b-bomb. A friend of mine pointed out that "officially" revealing Sam's trans-identity by an insult was not the most graceful and wisest of moves and after giving it a few moments to consider I undoubtedly agree. I didn't think any of it while I wrote it, other then what I stated it in the first disclaimer, which is that Izzy would use the most hateful of terms and violate Sam's identity. That she would not be PC. But, although my own opinion isn't even near that, I have the resposibilty as the creator and I won't let my message be spoiled just for the sake of staying in-character.
December 24th, 2017
@IsaRisa: Awww, thank you so much! That makes me very happy. Have a huge hug back!
December 24th, 2017
@IsaRisa: Haha, it makes me very sad to inform you that I took that part of the story a tad bit more serious, although I very much like your idea :D
Have a silly little Obscurus/Harry Potter mash up! Well, I don't exactly imagine Khan to be like Hagrid, but the similarities of them both being a) very tall and b) telling some young person they can do magic were to strong to ignore any longer :D
If Khan would to be a teacher at Hogwarts, he'd either teach Defense against the Dark Arts or Ancient Runes... or History.

Anyway, have a nice Christmas time and thanks a ton for reading!
November 16th, 2017
@jellylegs: Thank you :)
November 9th, 2017
@JoKeR: I will! Contructive criticism is always welcome :)
Thanks so much for reading <3