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@JoKeR: It's Irish Gaelic :)
Hi peepz! I was hinted at the fact that a trigger warning might be appropriate.
I would like you to know that I personally distance myself from the term "tranny", since it is a hateful term towards transgender people. This was used for story purposes only and does not align with my personal attitude. I fully support transgender people, that's why I created a major character to be a transwoman.
I made Izzy use this word to stress her violent and offensive demeanor caused by her possession. She basically aims to insult everybody, e.g. by even calling Khan a "wiener" (I still giggle about that one).
So please, don't take it too seriously and be too mad at Izzy.
@Aaron Andermadas: Thank you! :)
@jellylegs: thank you!
@Nexal Nights: You're welcome! :) I hope you will enjoy the new chapter!
Obscurus is back!
I was really looking forward to drawing this page because it shows Khan from a very different side. I hope you will enjoy this chapter and warmly welcome you back!
Chapter 4 coming soon!
@ScaryCircus: Edited!
@sei: Thank you!
@Guest: It's just a typo! It should be "what has". Sorry! Thanks for pointing it out.
I'm happy you love it nonetheless! <3
And so ends chapter 3!
That means i'm halfway through the story! Yeay! Thanks so much for reading and supporting Obscurus! Also, a huge thanks to Admin for spotlighting my comic. I already started working on the new chapter, but there will be a larger break for now. I aim to upload chapter 4 around June/July. If you wanna see more of my art, here's my tumblr and DA:

See you soon again!
@ameoname: I bet he is, disrespectful little twerp! XD
Didn't you mom tell you not to randomly touch other people's stuff, Yoni? 'Cause you get kicked in the butt for it!
@jellylegs: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! You know those quotes they put on books to promote them? I'd love to put your comment on my book :D "This is a kick ass comic" -jellylegs on smackjeeves would be totally awesome XD
@ameoname: YES! ME! HERE! I'm hosting my comic here, too! SURPRISE! :D

Garvan does that on everyone
Ups, sorry for the spelling mistakes! I probably was still in German mode... XD
@eishiya: I'm glad you enjoyed the read now!
Thanks you so much! I'm just scribbling my way trough all of this :D I wanted it to look kinda gritty and dark.
Hehe, for me, he's always been a handsome bitch! XD I noticed, too, that my style has evolved again since I started and my skills improved, so he might look a little different
Aaaaargh, finally, Garvan! The king enters the stage. I'm really intrigued how he acts as a character.
@Avart: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it! Updates happen Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until the end of the chapter! Thanks for reading <3
Sorry for the grammar/ spelling mistake in the last panel! Apparently, I couldn't quite decide between simple present and present progressive while typing. Sorry about that!