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With Carmen as the teacher, gonna be one brainy pack!
It's so hard to not accidentally spoil things fff I am excited to see it pan out in picture form though c:
Carmen is best teacher! <3
... DoesWicca have a lemongrass addiction? ;D That addict!
I am excited for the next page 8D
If it wasn't for our internet being down it would have been here today D: Weh!-impatient-
And now the pack is screwed c:
In ways it sucks knowing the plot but at the same time I still have been enjoying the comic so far c:
I am going to try to keep up better.
I am so torn,I want Wicca to eat but I don't want the deer to die xD
I kinda hope Wicca shows them all what he can do but at the same time... ehhhh xD
That's no deer, it a durr!
Spending so much time round me, I would have thought you would be sick of accents by now 8D
Ninety? :O
Wow, page 90. Getting close to triple digits now o:
Oh Wicca,you snobby little brat xD
To this day, Kyu still does not grasp the concept of birthday wishes!
December 8th, 2016
You two would make a cute couple :3c
December 8th, 2016
Guys, this was based on a real event xD these two are derps!
Sharing germs,a sign of love 8D
I don't think I will ever get over how you made Afton speak xD
Good job Wicca, proud of you c:
Knocking trees down? Dang o: wouldn't want to be in the way of an angry Sears.