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Comic Curmudgeon and Connoisseur of fine wines, excellent scotch, good weapons, and snarky comments. Personal motto:Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons; for YOU are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
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Saw this offered on another site so faved it here and binge read up to date. Wish there had been a trans fairy when I was younger. Still remember when the Life Magazine story of Christine Jorganson came out. My Mother called her a "Bride of Satan", my Father said She should have been executed for rebeling against God. They wrote a scathing letter to the editor of Life, and sent a copy to the local Newspaper where it got published. They cancelled their subscription to Life because they published such "trash". Don't ask about Fathers reaction when the local J.C. Penny's store put male manikins wearing Pink dress shirts with charcoal suits and slacks he chewed out the store manager on the sales floor for dressing men like "queers". Obviously I never came out and as a teenager kept actions away from home.
@Guesticus: Time spice combined with her anti magic technology means she won't be seen. Tirin will be saved as will little Tirin just gonna be one hell of a ride.
Congrats, don't let all the enthusiasm shown by the characters overwhelm you.
@Guesticus: True, but 7 of 9 is still weapons free and Bitchlock has no idea what she is in for, hold on to your panties girls and remember you must be This tall to make this ride happen.
With Tirin Prime down 7 of 9 is free to use whatever she needs to save her. Time spice back to before match, spill plan pick up Bitchlock and allow her to visit the planet of the Supernova rewriting history once more.
Should we use the above as a start od a translation guide?
Flying Yoda have we, defeat German woman it will.
Time Spice time bring back both Tirins and blow bitchlock out of the water, before daddykins does.
@kidcthulhu: I like parrots, yes I do. Baked, or fried, or in a stew. With garlic sauce.
Glad to see you haven't melted away to nothing. Sure you are "enjoying" the current "balmy" weather.
Hey what's not to enjoy? First pages a naked girl using a dildo.
Think Bitchlock is using Young Tirin to try to tap into Big Tirin and use her to get time ability, The headache Big Tirin feels is from the assistant that that currently experiencing pain. According to the rules of the Tedmas Bitchlock is skating very close to disqualifying herself and loosing by forfeit.
Agree much anger but it is focused. Bitchlock will know she has to fight for he life for no quarter will be given.
Is this Immortal or Impossible?
Good to see you back.
Well the elephant is out of the corner and center stage. Too bad it had to happen right now.
Does not appear to be English to me
@Guesticus: Yes it's about what happened to little Tirin. Let us hope that the scene with someone about to kill her is only drug induced. I hope Dabney isn't wearing Hooker heels to this fight last panel looks like she is.
She should say no to crack.