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Great Pep Talk for the Assisted Suicide and Mercy Killing League.
@Guesticus: Agree Panel one is OMG what the hell is this bullshit. Panel four is please provide reasonable explanation, Panel 6 is cut the krap and talk I'm loosing what little patience I have.
Don't think Sariel realizes how thin the ice is she is doing figure eight's on. Tirin does not look happy nor does Abby. Not going to take much for Tirin to decide she doesn't want to be worshiped, she just wants Little Tirin to grow up marry Billy and have babies. Being the adored, revered and worshiped "Mater Dei" of a fanatical time cult kind of precludes that ever happening. She isn't about to let herself be put on the Throne of the Lizard she recently hacked. She may use Sariel to teach her how to use the time vortex so she can finish her original plan, wipe out whoever first set up the time spice vortex then try to retire with Abby to a nice Planetoid where they can live in luxury their remaining years. Please note I said try to retire.

Side note re vote incentive, don't think that was the first Time Tirin has been in that position with Abby. Probably the first time with them having clothes on.
It ain't a Marvel Comic, sorry
@Feanor: Beware the maker and its meaning.
Taking bets on how many pages before Tirin Kills her and destroys the time spice.
@Merceneiress: It would seem you answered my question about what happens when Hiz Leacherness dies. Next question is how do we stop this from repeating itself ad infinum? Because somebody is always gonna try to rule everybody else.
@Guesticus: Think that question was answered in panel 7 Tirin pretty well nails it.
@Ganurath: At exactly the same time it is flowing downhill. Question what happens in all dimensions now that Tirin and Abby did NOT die in the time vortex and hiz High and Slimeness did?
One minute I think she's descended from Tirin and the next Abby. Over all I think a mixture of both somehow.
How many times have I killed thee? Combined we do not have enough fingers and toes to express the ways.
How about a follow up on the April 17 page with the Principle seeming to get the upper hand?
Smart, better than Google 1 positive result less than .000001 second. Truly is it said the criminal revisits the scene of his crime. One has to wonder how many others have perished in his drive to be Omnipotent. If Torel allows her to live she might be able to save Tirin and Mirby, or if she allows him to live. She still will have to face the frustration and rage Tirin will have at creating a scenario that leads to another much worse idiot of I know better than you do so Bang you're dead.
@antlan87: With her in her undies and a Hottie Vampire says your going to help solve my problem, kinda makes one wonder what the problem that a nearly nude red head needs to solve will be.
@Guesticus:If, in their frustration and rage, Tirin and Mirby don't beat her to death.
@Ganurath:possibly trying to rescue our erstwhile heroines from a fate worse than death. Then facing Tirins frustration as she realizes she obliterated the Slorn, to have them replaced by someone probably worse.
Guess the new question is when and where will they next appear? Lets hope against hope it isn't somewhere where they end up as "guests" of someone along the lines of Torquemada or worst Rasputin or Stalin.
@skyangel: Moi, strong views, vindictive you say? Nay fair maiden take them on a luxury boat trip, chum for sharks and let then go swimming along their way.
@E Hines: Can't see these creeps voluntarily quitting, and I can't see Tirin being bloody enough to try to rule, The Best Ruler is your own conscience, intelligence, a strong sense of right and wrong, and sense enough to know your Freedom ends where The O Guy stands as does his. Exception when the other guy/gal is hurting someone else, or you.
So many comments so little space