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Comic Curmudgeon and Connoisseur of fine wines, excellent scotch, good weapons, and snarky comments. Personal motto:Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons; for YOU are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
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Might want to add a subscription link
@Guesticus: Got to be 7 of 9 so she can throw down the anti magic field
@Guesticus: Or guilty as sin and a great undefeatible fighter.
Intrestinger and intrestinger said Alice to the White Rabbit. Let us guess; Bitchlock chooses her three assistants, and Abby chooses Tirin and 7 of 9 as her assistants.
@Guesticus: Yeah he's just a kid but remember how he reacted to Mirror/Mirror before she merged with her other half. He had a clue then and would imagine that he was briefed on "slave" duties before Tirin took possession, he just is not real quick on the uptake about Female//Female interactions..
Tirin are you sure he has all his marbles? Sounds like his parents left him on the Tilt-A-Whirl too long. Better buy a clue kid as Tirin gets older she may well end up on the other team, and you gonna be stuck as a relief batter at best at best.
This could get dicey, especially if she sees part of the plot to kill Bitchlok, and Bitchlok used a spell to compel Tirin to reveal what she knows.
And not a visible mark on them, however; their egos, id and superegos got the hell beat out of them.
Bitchlock got a hint of whats in the wind and is going to send Tirin on a suicide mission.
@Guesticus: I admit a possibility but I still think these two are acting on their own little ill conceived scheme. Bitchlock routinely monitors anyone who could become a problem for her.
Might be a good idea for her to have the operation. The universe is not prepared for her to reproduce.
Kinda think the troublesome twosome poorly thought this out on there own, humiliation is a powerful motivational tool and Tirin has generously applied it. Just waiting to see what happens when she decides enough is really too fucking much and cleans their act up for them. They made a grave mistake, you don't let your opponent ever have time to prepare an offensive. As the old saying goes, payback is a STONE COLD BITCH.
@robnot: The word was worse, try to check spelling but get in a hurry sometimes
Remember all this is leading up to Tirin in a life threatening position.
Maybe now would be a good time to throw up a protective shield, probably not a good time to play "nice" however; Tirin doesn't want to leave the others in the hosp or worde.
All gave some but some gave ALL. Warriors, Vets, MIA we salute You
@Anonymouth: Hope it's better than most of the rest of the crap out there. Probably best scenario would be Hiz Imperial Douchebag spit roasted by two brawney hunks and live broadcast universe wide.
Abby ain't coming back till she's ready to hammer Mistress Bitch into the ground, this is a plot by Little Miss Pimples to rid herself of a more competent rival.
She may not have the majick skills but she certainly has learned the backstabbing and other unpleasant skills.
Billy does make a salient point, what Salock wants Salock gets. Tirin best watch her six Salock wrote the book on treachery, deceit,double cross and backstabbing.
April 18th, 2019
Three "Bad Image" pages.
She's not making friends and allies. At this rate a food taster and full body armor gonna be the order of the day.