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Comic Curmudgeon and Connoisseur of fine wines, excellent scotch, good weapons, and snarky comments. Personal motto:Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons; for YOU are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
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And Much more Bourbon or Brandy to mix it with. I'll take single malt, single cask, non blended' thirty year old Glen Livet straight myself.
@youngcannibals: Your Punishment still is to report punctually to the chamber of doom at 8 A.M. daily for one month to listen to Donald Trump speeches played on constant replay.
You do realize that a pun is the lowest form of humor, punishable by life imprisonment with 24/7 recordings of Donald Trump speeches interspersed with Henny Youngman out takes playing.
May your Star Shine brightly in the Halls of Valhalla. We mortals pay Tribute and Homage to your genius for the endless hours of enjoyment we received from your works.'NUFF SAID, let the feast begin.
somebody besides Abby wants a violent resolution, they should take this to null space, phase shift or what ever, keep the guards out of it.
November 9th, 2018
Is this yaoi, boy on boy?
Abby almost maker Tirin look pacifistic, Always ready to use violence. Although it is usually warranted, knock her out a walk past the guards phase shifted let the wonder if a miraculous assertion to glory has happened.
@skyangel: Not sure might have been, an American Author who's name escapes my tongue right now was given a PRISM grant to publish her graphic novel about Sappho and the Isle of Lesvos she was also doing a Lesbian themed SciFi she is based in or around Bowling Green KY graduated from WKU and was active in all the cons. We stopped corresponding over her taking one of the Vaper as a sponsor and pushing it. As her readers were teens and young adults I found that irresponsible. However the PRISIM grant did her her. I suggest you present this as a handbook/guide for girls just comming out.
So glad you plan on publication, still suggest PRISM so they can help promote coming of age for girls. I do wish my foster daughter had this as guide, possibly a happier outcome.
@ems:Fairly certain that Bitchlock has indeed been out flanked on this. Big Tirin has executed a running trap play that already foresees the use of her doppler self as a weapon and is prepared to neutralize the threat. Remember they have 7 of 9 reading the future history for them as they write it.
If She hadn't had her run with Evan she could twin with Elvira, who plays for the other team.
Well it might be she inherited it from the mix of her mother and fathers genes. She seems to be a bit higher level than Mistress Bitchlock thought a mongrel could be. Now we just hope that the rest of the Grand Plan works as well seeing as how our fearless foursome is unaware that there is a telepath in the mix.
Is this Yaoi or?
Why doesn't Lenore come and show her where it is? Come to think about things are Sarah and Janey ever going to reconcile and get back together, there still are feelings on Sarahs part how about on the other end?
I am guessing she is a shape shifter,or can project the likeness of the person she is impersonating for long periods of time. How is she going to pass the mental screening for the Red Headed Bitch?
I do believe he was most probably given his ordination, by the First United Bible Thumping Haters and confirmed by the Universal Life Online Diploma Mill and Ministry Certificate factory.
Started with page one and read several chapters each night till up to date. Well scripted and excellent art. Not my usual cup of tea stay away from "furries and scalies" because of so much poor art an scripting, you are the exception.
@E Hines:This boy is past the weak link stage, he's at the spill my guts an hope I don't get castrated. Remember just like Maxie he wasn't affected by the sleepy bye spell. He's a wraith just like Maxie. Still say best slit his throat but Dabs not going to stand for that, so take with strand where he can do no damage retrieve at later date.
Our suspensions have been confirmed, altho I don't trust Jarety any farther than I can throw him. That is the weak link in the plan. Of course they can kidnap the traitoress and give her to the Emperor as a gift, after they cut out her tongue.
Nice art, only comment resize her nose smaller, hands very well done, most goof on those.