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Comic Curmudgeon and Connoisseur of fine wines, excellent scotch, good weapons, and snarky comments. Personal motto:Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons; for YOU are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
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@Guesticus: I was also referring to him
@Guesticus: I say again Mistress Bitchlock?
@Merceneiress: More like what go into him? Mistress Bitchlock?
I do hope that the knife seven of nine is materializing is more effective than magick, otherwise Abby is a goner and Tirin will not be happy about loosing a lover and partner in crime. Possibly our little dress up queen look a like will decide to vacate the position, in favor of free lancing with out girls making a gleesome threesome.
@Merceneiress: Thursday night couldn't sign in gave me a 404, came in through front page you had just updated so I read from there but gave me a 404 when I tried to comment, Next day took forever to sign in but got in and finally could comment.
BTW still think Maxie needs to go wrestle dinosaurs, meat eaters preferably.
Smack Jeeves seems to be having some problems with new features. Seems Max is more than a masseuse with muscles ,seems immune to magick or perhaps out of the spell focus. Either way he needs a vacation somewhere long,long ago and far,far away possibly he could wrestle dinosaurs in a prehistoric circus.
No Fair Foul I call, cut us off with just a tease. Can a Monster really find love in a one night stand with a tavern wench who works for what she makes from the drunks who pat her on the ass? Or will this become the start of a long term affair revealing the intimacies of interspecies relation ships, a Tavern Wench and a Witch both with Monsters with a side dish thrown in to make a gleesome threesome.
Kinda looks like the cauldron calling the kettle black, Damn Demon.
@E Hines: The only thing deadlier than Tirin Johnson is Little Tirin Johnson with magick.
So that's where Trump came from. Who'd uh thunk, Extreme Unicycling.
Say what's really on your mind girl, tell her you want to get to know her, in the Biblical way.
So much for a quiet nice of you to visit. More like here's a hot mug of Shut The Hell Up and Get The Fuck Out of Here.
AA will soon have one of its newest members, and she's in for some serious psychiatric counseling. Nominating Mom and Dad and Church for worst parents and influence ever anywhere in Universe.
@Merceneiress: OK thanks went to cast page and read bio, usually stay away from them because they are written and as story progresses forgotten by author due to developments in character interaction,.
@Guesticus:Went back and reread the section where she was charged with defeating 12 challengers never saw anything about why exactly she was there. Saylock indicated she had pissed her off and was so punished, but didn't say what she had done.
Sorry if I missed it but I still want to know when Dabney become the queens stand in.
This looks like an AH HA Come to Jesus moment, if there ever was one. Slaves ignore the foul odors emanating from the Sanctity towel, the large brown stain and wet front of the towel. Mistress has just had a very sever shock to her system. OK question when did Dabney become the queens stand-in and living target?
May you find what you seek. Goddess Bless.
@Merceneiress: Uhhh Thanks for the acid reflux attack, please pass the mental eye bleach that picture needs to be unseen.
Seven of Nine doesn't do the outfit justice. Please refresh my memory, I stopped my reread at Tirin killing Lord Filet of Fish an jumped to current. When did Abby become the "Grape Apes" daughter?
See we have new cover art She seems to be in the mood to shove the hogleg up the Emperors ass and see how many times she can pull the trigger before his body is not useful as a silencer anymore, so she turns to Ephraim as the next candidate. Question when they get back this far will Flynn be around anywhere?