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Comic Curmudgeon and Connoisseur of fine wines, excellent scotch, good weapons, and snarky comments. Personal motto:Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons; for YOU are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
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The Excremental By Products are about to hit the rotary oscillating device.
@Lloyd: Thanks for clearing that up. Your theories about Bitchlok are scary but I wouldn't put it past her.
OK What does,"Sacrificial Double Envelope" Mean? Is she gonna kill little Tirin and the Queen? Or if she is a witness for the defense why the cloaking?
Add a subscribe button and you may get more readers.
@Guesticus: More concerned with where the apprentice we haven't seen since the knock out scene with little Tirin has gone. What nefarious plot has Bitchlock sent her on, could she be bringing the Evil Emperor's troops to surprise attack and free Bitchlock?
@E Hines: Really don't think Queenie is the type to leave an enemy a potential avenue to throw a wrench in the works.No, feel she's the pragmatic type,"Off With Her Head".
@Dragonrider: BTW that's one hell of a set on Queenie, hoe about a vote incentive of her Sun Bathing ala Eve?
Looks like Bitchlok is about to feel the hand of fate, or possibly the sword. I feel she has not long to remain on this mortal realm. Somehow I feel Bitchlocks treatment of little Tirin will off set much of the wrath against Samson however he still may be banished.
Is this a text feature? Or a graphis feature?
@Guesticus: Didn't say he would stay that way, said he would be sentenced that way. Also wonder, out of idle curiosity how those archers got up there.
Somehow I fail to see how all this is going to end up in happy land. Samson and Billy have already used their get out of jail free cards. Best I can see is banishment on pain of death should they return, leaving Samson to the not so tender mercy of Hiz Inglorious Emperor and his eternal emissions.
Pearl should go as Isis, with Osirus and Miss Salem as Adult chaperones visit the right Reverend Starch.
I rather think the Devil cringes in fear when this murder machine is the subject of conversation.
Would hate to see what she does to someone who leaves her at the altar, or worse skips out on her pregnant.
Did she pull the teeth or knock them out? Either way I foresee some major Psychiatric work for him in the future.
Best cure for stress I have found is; Close eyes, visualize a beautiful glade in the forest with mountains in back ground, lake in foreground. Hold this picture in your mind and breath deeply while looking down. Visualize holding the person who caused the stress under water in the lake while strangling the S#!# out of them.
Can't view says Bad Image Source
Of course you are Steve. You're behind on your quota, gotta catch up anyway you can.
@Nefarious: Everyone seems to think Elves need pointy ears that are 6 to 12 inches long.
Waiting on Queen and Parliament to either release all or execute all.