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Curiosity killed the cat girl. It seems you've already used about twelve of your nine lives.
Win 10 crashed my kom0uter 3 times had to get professional help each time. Last time Italked to a Windows TECH he cussed me out because I refused to use Explorers baby big brother to remote connect told him he had to use browser of my choice. Finally reinstalled WIN7 no problems.
I seem to recall I proposed that either she or her parents had killed the girlfriend and were using daddys money to cover it up calling it s psychotic episode. Gonna have to say nailed it.
Seen this page week or so ago.
Never give up on story. Come what may.
@Ms. Morri: Thanx hope it works, but given the way I've seen your mind work it's about as effective as shutting a screen door on a space habitat.
UH Oooopsie someone is staking their claim on owned territory. Have a feeling she will find approval from Mirror~Mirror that was a test to see how much affection Tirin has for Billie and what she will do to protect him. Wonder what effect if any that power blade would have on Mirror~Mirror.
@Guesticus these messages are not going to the future they are traveling same time across the Cosmos remember Tirin Prime saw the image of Samson, Tirin and Billy when they first met the Vay from one of her spy drones probably set to monitor the escape point for her Father.

Incentive pic is a nice incentive saw it when it first went up,
OK is she drawing power from the structure, placing a shield spell to keep Lucy out or just trying to open the inner gate? I see hints of a couple other layers of protection
Reminds me of a line from "Sunday Mornin Coming Down" By Johnny Cash.
"Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes
And found my cleanest dirty shirt."
@xxxrifrafxxx: Mythology has been a hobby of mine since I started going to the library with my parents when I was in grade school. The fact that I'm Pagan also contributes as much of our history has been deliberately intertwined with mythology to keep people from discovering things we prefer to keep as our traditions.

At this point the Roman Goddess Fortuna comes to mind she was said to be very beautiful mated with mortals, and if they deserved good fortune they received it if not they were punished. However nowhere was it reported she had to have intercourse to survive, for her it was a way to enjoyably pass the time.
This will not end well no matter what happens.
Hon the only thing he wants is your scalp on a trophy wall. Quit trying to please him, lock your bedroom door at night, be sure bathroom is locked when you're in there, keep your phone set for 911 speed dial and in your hand at all times.
@skyangel: Cher was a great entertainer till she got too big from her pants, split with Sonny, the "Love Of Her Life" she says if so why'd they split. Also showed the world she was too big for her pants on MTV and did that USO Show on the Battleship where she performed her entire show no pants, extra short micro skirt and flashed everybody.
Just had to dare him didn't you? Bobby remember the Rabbit the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch wouldn't kill? Trying for a twosome?
Love the little urchin running to the back of the wagon to tell her what it was.Other than that all I can say is see the song from Cher I posted last week. Feeling is even deeper now than last week.
My second guess would be a Djinn however don't recall any of those that were sexually driven and don't recall any that were female. Most were man or androgenic she flunks on both counts.
When are Talia and Danielle gonna quit beating around the bush and admit to themselves they are in love?
Rating thingy doesn't work.
Tagen obviously doesn't want to cheat on him, fair to say she's in love. She's afraid what will happen is she goes full out Succubus on him. She need an Incubus who won't get hurt from her screwing his brains out.
@Guesticus: How could Mirror~Mirror project the image of Sampson who she has not seen? Rob may have a theory a blend of memories, however Tirin Prime has had headaches for sometime now, been Med Scanned for them, Think its far more likely Little Tirin picked up Mirror~Mirrors memories through being an Empath and unconsciously broadcasting them possibly with the help of the absorbed tape and the "Ghost of Oscar".

Also FWIW called it twice:
First to identify Abby as the other half of Mirror~Mirror.
Last week called the headache as Little Tirin broadcasting to Tirin Prime.
Nice Cliffhanger. Boo Hiss.
Suggested Perk number 2: You get to have a smexy Goddess as a Girlfriend and she doesn't demand marriage when you get her pregnant.
Perk number 3. She told you no matter what She won't stop until you give her at least three more.