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Comic Curmudgeon and Connoisseur of fine wines, excellent scotch, good weapons, and snarky comments. Personal motto:Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons; for YOU are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
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@Anonymouth: Hope it's better than most of the rest of the crap out there. Probably best scenario would be Hiz Imperial Douchebag spit roasted by two brawney hunks and live broadcast universe wide.
Abby ain't coming back till she's ready to hammer Mistress Bitch into the ground, this is a plot by Little Miss Pimples to rid herself of a more competent rival.
She may not have the majick skills but she certainly has learned the backstabbing and other unpleasant skills.
Billy does make a salient point, what Salock wants Salock gets. Tirin best watch her six Salock wrote the book on treachery, deceit,double cross and backstabbing.
April 18th, 2019
Three "Bad Image" pages.
She's not making friends and allies. At this rate a food taster and full body armor gonna be the order of the day.
I could not think of a better place for Janie and her acid sharp tongue, than right here right now.
Just went thru today and deleted everything over a month without update. Glad I decided to keep this and give the redhead another chance to fall in love with the hottie vamp.
Looks like Auto Erotic Hypnosis works better than expected when the subject is a pervert like the Emperor. Hope our fearsome foursome is off world by now.
Aaaaand we're off, to the carriage races, coming around the first turn is Lenore in a DEAD heat for first place in the hauntingly glorious Carlingford Stakes.
Welcome back to the land of the never satisfied fan. Good to see you amoung the active,
He forgot to get the lettuce, tomato, Mayo and bread for his sandwich.
I guess that wasn't an extra large vibrating dildo.
Seven of Nine, or is it Two of Four, is a devious bitch, hopefully little Miss Voyeur, won't get pissed off too badly about the manipulations.
I was hoping that "How Starch Stole Christmas" would actually be an arc.:(
Think The Emperor is a bit of a Masochist, think we also have a clue how he lost the royal staff and orbs. Also think it will be a good thing if Ephraim gives in on demands to give up vacation. Might be a bit touch and gone if she shows up
Do you ever intend to get back to the story, or are you going to continue to post trash and tripe?
Can't think of a better Grinch,who is the unlucky player who gets to be Max?
Hope it's not but you're the author, your decision.
Ingles, por favor