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Not exactly sure what she see's seen three possibilities jump out but don't think its any of the three.
Probably in more ways than one.
Jolly Old St Murder Claus,
Lean your ear this way,
Let our girls get their game on,
And ride your murder Sleigh.
@kidcthulhu: Glad to be along for the ride found a link on something and set up all Sunday night reading up to date.
Safe bet this is a first for her, having fun and not being watched over by a disproving chaperone. Really anxious to get her back story, if she's from Boston is she a Mafia Princess certainly would explain controlling parents.
@Passerby: You assume She is of Legal age, remember how the word ass(out of)u(and) me. breaks down. Not considered here; She is not of legal age and/or her parents are filthy rich and/or have nasty evidence on those in power and who enforce what laws the parents want enforced. Or they don't care if she is of legal age she is female and property until married to their chosen mate then becomes his property.
Have a premonition that Nikki will break the news to Sarah that she probably is not in Lucy's long term plans. She is going to let Sarah down gently, and as soon as she can get out of her parents grasp she and Laura are picking up where they left off. I do see our old "friend" the Raven keeping close watch for his ghostly Mistress.
@Guesticus: OK thought you were referring to the whole Killer The Emperor and Saylock. Tirin and Abby are just too damn blood thirsty to let those two live, who knows it might have been Abby that nanopoison to Saylock, though she strikes me more as the hands on type that would prefer putting s knife in her or strangle her to the point of passing out bring her back and do it again.
@Guesticus: I don't follow your total logic here No Emperor no Sayloc =no Tirin As the Borg might say does not compute Locutus. Emperor and Saylock would have been offed after Tirin and Abby had matured and set on their paths. Doubt that she would leave the two most important people in her life, and her Aunt and her younger self (henceforth referred to as Miss Magic to avoid confusion) dangle and strangle in the torture chambers, and go unavenged not the Tirin we know and love.
Boats are just holes it the water you pout ridiculous amounts of money in. Submarines are just boats someone forgot to shut the front door on.
So that is what a clone of "Big Tirin" Looks like. So far Tirin has not seen her Father, Aunt and Billy rescued from the Evil Emperor. The Time Spice hasn't been destroyed, a plan is forming in her head so She and Abby can kill this bitch as soon as she learns the secrets of multidimensional travel, so they can Kill the Emperor, keep Little Tirin, Her Father, Aunt and Billy safe and live happily ever after. Oh yes will allow Abby to kill Mistress Salock to extract her revenge. A thought comes to mind these are a pair of Cold Blooded Bitches bent on mayhem and revenge, they could have as easily opted for sterility in the Emperors parents and a failure to conceive in Mistress Salocks Mother.
@Merceneiress: Sorry to bring it to the forum rarely talk about it must have been "one of those moods" when I mentioned it.
@Guesticus: Sorry about that, this is a subject that brings me pain, had a brother who died from AIDS and a Foster Daughter who's real mother drove her to suicide by keeping on insisting all she needed was a hot affair with a man to change her life. She had graduated Summa Cum Laude in her Mothers field in order to try to please the woman.
Watch out Marmaduke, move over a new dawg in town.
@Guesticus: with two partners be they both male, female, or one of each always one is the lead, or Husband and one follows, the wife. While both nay be strong in their specialty, and take second to none in their area, in the relationship one will be the Alpha and the other the Beta.
@Guesticus: In marriage: Rule #!, The wife is always right. Rule #2, If the wife is ever wrong, apologize immediately, buy her and expensive gift to make up for "your" error, fix the problem and refer to Rule # 1.

@Merceneiress What happened to the Clone Universe, the Evil Emperor and the Mind Reading Hooker? Sampson, Billie, Little Tirin and Aunt are still in limbo at this point somewhere in time.
Never seen her like this before think the forced separation is eating her up. So she's eating others up did she sire another Vamp, kill him or make him a thrall. She will hate herself tomorrow for lack of restraint.
Gee, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent, Omnipotent, All seeing, All Knowing, All Powerful,Not Caring, it says so here right on the bottle. It also says "Drink Me" hope it isn't poison for humanity.
Sounds like someone we already know too well.
I must say this is a bit saccharin sweet resolution still think Mummy and Daddykins should go to parenting school, and Daddykins should serve 5-10 for attempted murder. Sounds to me like Sarah was told you can have her now but I will get her back when she figures out the whole story.
@ems: Don't think these are events in the future as we know the future. They happened in the past in a different timeline however Daddy is still daddy, she kept the Emporer from killing him once and she damn well plans on doing it again.
Second Guesticus comment actually you are about the only one that has admitted to taking ideas from readers. it's a great feeling when you see you suggestion has been implemented. Kudos to you on that.