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Nothing said so far removes Ron from the Better Dead From Unpleasant and Extended Painful Causes however his wife has been Upgraded to Bitch On Wheels With Constant PMS and added to Rons assigned fate. Waiting for the Gypsy and her Raven to visit the lovely pair as they take their ease. Will be most entertaining for Laura and Sarah.
@Lurker314: No not over her level
just stretching her wings. Who decided she has no innate magic ability? Sneaking feeling she has and has included Queenie in her better dead list.
Sorry to hear you have been ill. It is something I know all to well of late. I hope you have speedy and permanent recovery. Could you publish a list of cons so some might be able to meet you.
Also I hope you are not gone from us much longer, that said take the time needed so we may enjoy the full story.
Bet she checks for bites first then tries to hide under covers and pillow. Waking up with a hottie Vampire looking at you kinda scary. Unless you have secret yearnings to have someone like this get real close and nibble on your neck, among other things.
What is Auntie El gonna say now when Alexis tells her about an invitation to a F F/M F gleesome threesome? Another Cat in the hopper, and this one is Calico they're know to be freaky anyway. Will Auntie El suggest Alexis she invite the two girls for a sleep over to meet them? So many possibilities.
@Skittsue: An answer without being an answer:{
Afraid Ron has crossed the line from A$$#o!e to complete SOB who deserves to be placed in maximum security with Hannibal Lector as a cell mate. Give Hannibal a knife, fork and spoon, fava beans and chianti bid him Bon Appetit lock the door and come back in a week or so, Oh Yes be sure Ron is restrained.
Damn, I'm still a virgin and I just got asked to a threesome with two girls that don't care if I'm straight, gay, trans or Bi. I could have sex so many ways so many times. I promised my aunt I'd talk to her if sex ever came up. I better say thanks and talk to her. I need to get out of here or I gonna have a stain I can't hide.
OK is this a "Splash" page or is their a reason Red is down to Bra and I presume panties sleeping on her couch? Someone else or thing occupying the bed. Or did Vampy bring her home undress her part way cover her up, leave her unbiten and mostly unmolested, as a way of saying you can trust me and I do think you're hot.
Not only did she secure an ally, but the undying hatred of HRPA(her royal pain in the ass) I'm sure her next two wishes will even further secure that hatred. Question why three wishes seems a bit magnanimous for the VAY culture perchance did Ali Babba visit here with his Genie many centuries ago.
I'm sure Felina is right behind the Royal Bitch in hating Tirin. Another question (Enquiring Minds ya know) how long will it take for Yritai to become Samson's lover, in reality Tirin's Stepmother as well as her Aunt, Mentor,Trainer in Combat Arts? Don't say this hasn't crossed everyones mind. Little Tirin may soon have to defend herself in a challenge from Felina for possession of Billy.
Good way to start the day. Keep your expectations with in reach. Don't set unrealistic goals.
Thanx for reminding me who that was. Saved me from asking dumb questions. Do hope in this universe, time line Oscar is alive and bitching, he and the Keebler Elf you want to eat would make an interesting family, can see her domesticating Oscar and having a bunch of pointy eared silver elflets running wild bothering hell out of everything bet they could even make a Snow Tiger their pet.

On a story note Queenie Poo gonna be verra verra unhappy her pet mirror slave isn't. Even worse she's gonna be a pain that Preparation H won't touch, and a rather large railroad spike in Quennies Right Hand, bet Yrtai and Dabney are friends from way back, and Somehow I think the new Queen is present in today's episode.
@E Hines: Well even if Dabney is "clean" she sill still be the ghost in the mirror, or will she. The Queen isn't going to like having lost her witch advisor so a fun time is to be had be all. So much for not becoming Big Tirin, her Aunt will oversee her training in all Martial Arts, Dabney in Arcane arts and Daddy in weapon making and soul toasting, Flynn might make an acceptable, if somewhat ironic
replacement for Oscar
UUhhh that look in her eyes says she might be possessed. Possibly by the spirit of the slain "Time Lord" who prepared for this to happen in his wonky little game of survival. Looks like Little Tirin will end up being a clone of Big Tirin anyway. Now if Big Tirin is successful A.) The Emperor is gone no Mr Purple skin her Mother never has to leave Saronia never meets her Father Tirin is never born. This ends the series. B.) The Witch Queen of Saronia needs Weapons anyway and Mom meets Dad they have Tirin however no Mr. Purple skin to assassinate Mom so Tirin is raised with a Mother and Father, Never lives at the ass end of the Empire never meets Billie, never meets her Aunt, Oscar, the Soul Toaster Dabney the Slorn and Dies of old age with children and grandchildren. No Story. C.) She is escorted through the mirror by the possessed Dabney, checked back several pages her eyes have always been bright but they appear brighter here and face appears as if someone else is saying these things. Possibly Mistress wasn't completely banished from existence and she is the one reaching for possession of her former slave, story continues different villains.
Bad ass Bad Guy I presume, somebody has access to something besides a scope mounted .308 a 12gague and some 9 mils.
February 22nd, 2018
Hottie yes, Demon probably. Red Eyes always bad a happy killing machine possibly, horrible pun on page 90, a pun is the lowest form of humor, however that one was apt.Really would hate to be one of her lovers who didn't satisfy her, I'm sure death by torture by the Spanish Inquisition would be preferable.
Highly recommend reading Doonesbury, the comics may be reruns but he has a runner across the top runs calls it the Mud Line changes after about a week at a time. He hates the Orange Orangutan more than most, the quotes he uses are more cutting than Stephen Colbert. I recommend him also he doesn't let up on The Bigot in Chief.
Welcome back, you were missed.
February 10th, 2018
Uhhhh Nice Doggie, wanna be my friend?
@Sky Angel nasty couple out of private view you say? Who the hell did you use a a tole model for this jerk? Donald Trump almost, almost I said looks like a mischievous school boy. Did Ron happen to send $130,000.00 as his bribe account?
On a side note She was never taught Stranger Danger as a child? Attractive young woman don't get into strange vehicles unless they are holding a drawn, loaded with safety off Hi Caliber Weapon and shoot as soon as the door is opened.

An older classmate tried to force himself on my foster daughter at a football game she used the self defense training I had given her and he was singing soprano. Parents remember it is much better for you child to be wet and cold. Alive and unharmed than to take a ride with a "friendly" stranger.