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Comic/Animation Freelancer. Working on Acception in my free now. There will be a Dutch version published this year and the English version will slowly update on my webcomic sites. Hopefully also on my own website some time soon.
you can also find me as Colourbee on: Facebook, Instagram, Esty and Tumblr.
you can also support my webcomics on Patreon here:
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    Coco Ouwerkerk
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Are you exited! Cause I'm exited!!! Almost done with all the preparations to start this webcomic! Before we start the fun I wanted to show the final designs I made before I started my first page. The characters will still grow in design while drawing them over and over and over @_@. With a small introduction :). Next week The FINAL COVER!! And after that the real first page!
@Malla: thank you thats nice to hear <3 hope you will enjoy Acception ^^
Haha I must say you are very close xD
Hehe not really those little guys are "docter fish" they eat dead skin off other fish but the four leg guy doesn't know this. I maybe should have add a comment about that. But now you know :P and yeah what the merman is going at the end is just playing erotic indeed hehe, thanks :)
LOL what a way to fill in the blanks you guys haha <3
Thank you all for reading/seeing the whole comic out with me :)
here is the link to the small press:
and here to my Acception comic I will start in September!:
thanks again take care xxx
thank you all very much for readin.... uuuh wachting this illustrated comic like story :) I you would like a real copy you can now get one including the extra sketch story on my Etsy: ive_1
@Seve: thank you :D I really appreciate all the comments and more and more readers every day. You will see soon for yourself if that even happens :P
@Guest: thank you thats very nice to hear this kind of story telling is appreciated so much! I'm very Dyslectic so this is actually easier for me haha. groetjes van Nederland ;)
This is the end of the main story that I did for my Inktober :) however it became a bit of a succes on my facebook that I made a continue sketch comic that will start soon. But enjoy this official ending of the main story first <3

if you where wondering this is my facebook link:
did you just make a Yuri on ice cameo.... wow very nice extra touch on the cat ears there hihi <3
@Seve: thanks :D yeah the none words was a fun challenge to do here. I'm just glad people are not confused yet haha.
@Kokoa Kirkland: Thank you <3 its really fun to work with ink and watercolors this way.

@NekoSeiboy : thanks :) my biggest influences where manga at first but now I'm also into the Europe comics style, trying to get that sweet in between line for this story <3
omg its the guy he wanted to bang in chapter one! I remember him HAHAHA nice <3
nice style and characters ^^ I'm curious to this story <3 *follow*
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: thank you <3 that means a lot to me, I love the expression part to most about a character ^^
@IdanKoneko: thanks <3
sparkle sparkle sparkle
whelp there it is... The meeting. Roooooll credits!