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September 11th, 2016
Rest in Peace, Spooky Scary Skeleton Man.
So...Auto's a grammar nazi?
Let's see if he falls for the good old "hole-in-the-ground" trick.
Ohohoho, those are some really decent-looking sprites.

(that aren't recolors)
Magnet Man has a...headband?
Wait, but what if Polarity Man also managed to launch Mega Man away as well with his magnetism?

Now he's probably going to die from some random enemy outside. Or a death pit.
Divide and conquer.

But for Bass' case, I think it's "Divide and shout at your subordinate".
@MegaBossMan: Ah, well then. Looks like the Yellow Devil Mark 2's now turned into a crustacean.
Hah-ah-ah! I have detected another error! Now that the giant blob of mess known as the Yellow Devil has gained levitation powers, it shall now be stored inside the archives of...errors!

And I have screenshotted it, such that it will remain there!
As usual, we'd like to ask for the translation.
@Brimstone: Bah! It looks like you've edited the comic! Blast it, MBM, you vile beast!
What's with Shadow Man looking at Cut Man's "non-existent spleen" at the last panel?
Now we're back to Mr. Polarity Man.

Let's hope Bass isn't sour about him anymore.

Or, if Mega Man does get the kill with the Tase Sting, the probable weakness for Polarity Man, I guess you could say...Bass would be "shocked".
So I assume Magnet Man is MBM's favourite out of the Mega Man 3 Masters.
So first the MM2 masters gather together to kill Cut Man...

And now the MM3 masters gather to help him.
You know, MegaBoyX7 - it was SIX Cut Men, not THREE Cut Men. Eh, you get partial credit, however.

Also, purple Robot Masters really love to grin, it seems.
Good Cop, Bad Cop.

Though both are horrible at their job - so Bad Cop, Bad Cop?
One of the Fake Men have shades. Daayum.