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I bet she was a guy! .... not really
The story at this point is at the very end of 1998 and going into 99 I believe. The "new" Clutch album from earlier gave away the exact date.

ah yeah! Opeth!
Looks like the ink is starting to come back. Dun dun dun!
Piss themselves laughing? At their age they'll probably die laughing.
Well, any normal person who doesn't want a kid, especially one that sleeps with any guy in site, has the sense to take the pill. At least, I hope so 0_0
Wait, so is he really gay? From the last panel it didn't seem so...

I'm confused now @_@
Try look at the page before very carefully.
Can someone give a hint?

Edit: oh wait, I figured it out, lol

well, hes screwed. Assuming I'm right
My prediction, shes not a student, maybe a young professor or something 0_o

Or maybe someones sister
I suppose the story takes place somewhere in the early to mid 90's. Been kind of figured that with the lack of cell phones, but this capture I guess confirms it (ITs VHS and the prequels haven’t come out yet)
Awesome art but it was kind of hard to tell who was saying what. Just as a suggestion, but itwould be a good idea to make the speach bubbles less confusing.
I'm not a sprite author, but I'd be willing to donate a short-lived sprite comic I did back in the good olde days of my audiences. It would be a good laugh for myself.
Why does it seem like your whole comics full of wholes? First theres this entire chapter that seems to be missing (the hawaii trip thats always mentioned) and now I noticed it jumped form page 25 to 51. Whats going on? Its a great comic but where are all the other comics?
funny stuff )b