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I'm a 20 year old queer girl who enjoys stories :)
@skyangel: Either way it would have been enjoyable, but this is probably more memorable!
@skyangel: Thank you! Me too, so I have a tendency to make all of my chracters arts enthusiasts.
No pressure there, all you have to do is replace Laura and fix Lucy?
The story makes sense, but it's also completely weird. I respect Sarah's willpower, it can't be easy to be in her situation!
Happy new year!
Nice try making it less awkward! He might need to work on his conversing and empathic skills XD
Practise makes perfect! Perhaps you should get kidnapped more often.
Aww she's come such a long way :)
Just some friendly talk, but nevermind that, let's dance!
I wish everyone a wonderful 2018 <3
Wow so many characters! Happy holidays!
Summer plans are so far away, I don't even have plans for this winter break! Happy holidays to everyone, I hope you have a nice time! :)
@Linn: Ahh that's so nice! It's a shame we can only see Blaze here.
I'm not on instagram, I've considered it but I don't think I'd be very active XD Usualy I forget about the websites I sign up for in just a few days.
I love the blaze background I see everytime the page hasn't loaded yet XD (just never bothered to comment about it haha)
Also, I LOVE the paintings on your instagram! Super cool!
Lesbians don't exist for the straight guy's enjoyment :( and even if the girls are straight, leave them be! Still, I keep hoping mankind will grow up sometime.
I don't think it's really a thing here, although they sell the sweaters in shops and some people wear them. I'm not sure it's irony.
@kidcthulhu: Yeah, he's pretty much modelled after my ideal friend haha :)
Someone finally said it in the comic! Things are definitely going somewhere, soon we will even see where!

(I'm super happy because of personal reasons that include flowers, wine and the sweetest girl on earth)
@kidcthulhu: It is! He's an important character so you'll see him often.
@kidcthulhu: Exactly, I can't stand extremists, wethher they are religious or atheists. It would be great if everyone could accept each others differences.
I had some doubts about this page because a lot of people feel strongly about religions, especially when it comes to LGBT rights. However, christians aren't the enemy everywhere. I've experienced nothing but love and acceptance from christians and I'd like to keep religion as something comforting in this story. It isn't my goal to push religion on anyone and you should be able to maintain whatever opinion you have of it, should the reasons why I chose to add this page be confusing.
She has a point haha, great to see variety (which is exactly why I love your cast XD )