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I'm a 20 year old queer girl who enjoys stories :)
@kidcthulhu: The colours in the background refer to the colours I like to use in the background for the different characters :)

That sounds like so much fun, we have some parties with halloween themes here too, but most people don't bother dressing up and it's just another excuse to get drunk and dance. Having outdoor halloween festivities must be so cool!
I hope those who celebrate it have/had a nice halloween :) When I was younger I was really jealous because we don't have halloween here.
Anyway, Hiroshi's final thoughts on the subject. I think I'll focus on my other comic for a while, maybe try and finish the prologue before getting back to this comic, but we'll see :)
@kidcthulhu: Oh I've seen it twice, that's why I feel bad!
Somehow I completely missed the reference when I first read this part, I feel like my education has failed me XD
@Linn: So far I've used a brush, different nibs (they are HELL to work with! So many stains and drops...), fineliners and a marker. The last two work best for me, but they look so different! Usually I work with different sizes of fineliners so I can get some variety in the lines, but the marker is just so smooth and nice, and the lines are more visible because the watercolours don't erase/go over them... XD it's a struggle to find the perfect tool haha
@kidcthulhu: The marker is much easier and nicer than using a nib pen, lately I've been using fineliners more often. The paint tends to sort of go over those lines though, so they aren't as clear as the ones from the marker. The marker also makes thicker lines, I'm not used to that haha
@Linn: There's nothing like murder to get people close to each other :)
I felt like my characters fade into the background sometimes when I use fineliners and I hate that. On the other hand, I do like the soft look sometimes. As for pencils, I love the way that looks (gorgeous drawing!) but I don't think I'd like it for my comic since I want my style to be a bit clearer and more stylised. I guess I'll keep trying different things with different fineliners.
I don't know about that if it takes a couple of days... For inking this page I used a waterproof marker instead of a nib pen or fineliners. Not sure if I'll use it more often.
Exams next week, a paper today and a paper next Sunday. The joy of university.
@GoldFlareon: Thank you! It's always painful to do, nice to hear you managed to stay friends. Sadly not everyone understands that you don't choose who you fall in love with :(
@kidcthulhu: Thanks :) Hurting him is probably inevitable, but she tries to be as kind as possible in a situation like this.
@Eadlyn: I know what you mean, it's especially bad if it's someone you've known for a while, someone nice. I hate hurting people but I can't help how I feel.
Felt like uploading another page.
Can you tell I didn't particularly enjoy drawing or colouring this page? Maybe it's the fact it reminds me of the times I had to turn guys down, it's awkward and painful and it immediately seems to eliminate the possibility of a friendship. It's a shame so many guys only seem interested in a relationship or sex, I could use a friend sometimes you know?
@Linn: I've been drawing a lot of portraits. They are easier and I can draw them more quickly than a comic page, since it's just copying reality instead of making it up. It's nice to just draw things from life for fun so you don't have to think about everything, and you learn a lot too!
Introducing Timothy, or Tim as most of his classmates call him.

I swear someday this comic will have a decent updating schedule. My buffer is getting bigger and that's my goal for now.
There are so many different types of people and sexualities, it's nice to see diversity in a cast. I don't like it when everyone is hetero but same goes for an all gay cast.
It takes so much energy to understand what people are trying to say when they write like that. I don't want to critique anyone's English since it isn't my first language, but I don't think you can even call it that. And the point they try to make is just sad and pathetic, it pisses me off so much. I try to keep my distance.
Ahahha I didn't see that coming, hooray disease!
October 22nd, 2017
That's super nice and all, but I don't understand how she could pass on a discount? XD
@kidcthulhu: I drew this page quite some time ago, but my buffer is nearly running out. I really enjoyed drawing these pages and I miss that feeling.
The angles and poses and everything in this page are so beautiful.