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Oh hey! Nice to see a new page, I love the colours :)
Poor Crys, it sucks to be left like that...
Last girl I talked to brought up her ex within five minutes too... I wonder what the rest of the group is like, for Ronnie's sake I hope Cold Front isn't representative for the others!
At least she probably had an interesting evening?
@kidcthulhu: I learned German in school for two years, but I really didn't like it. There definitely are some resemblances between the languages but I don't think they are that much alike. I don't know much Klingon, but I guess it helps if you don't speak either language XD
I heard some people said Dutch was the ugliest language, I don't know if that's because of the words or the way it sounds since it sounds kind of monotone. In English (and a lot of other languages) you use much more tone variations.
Lots of speech bubble in this page, moving back to Hiroshi and his emotions. And what does Amaya's look mean?
I remember thinking "violence" was a beautiful word when I started learning English, it sounded pretty but I wasn't sure what it meant. It sounds sort of soft and melodic I guess? I can't imagine the word violence sounding violent, contrary to the Dutch "geweld". English is a much more beautiful language.

I just finished watching Stranger Things and it's so dark and good. Seriously every single scene has a reason and is necessary for the plot, the suspence is built up nicely, the characters have depth without being too much, just the right amount of information is revealed at a time... I'm amazed, there were very few things I didn't like or that seemed off.
That does seem suspicious, at least we can be sure Sarah won't let it rest :)
I always love the poses you draw, they look so good and natural. I always struggle to give my characters interesting poses in different panels.
@kidcthulhu: Winters are getting warmer while summers are getting colder, I wonder if in a couple of years we won't have seasons anymore...
Aww reminds me of when I was a child and there used to be snow in the winter. I was so sad everytime the snowmen we built melted!
At least he's singing about a subject he's passionate about! XD
I didn't make the connection, but I do love how you keep referring to older comics, it makes the characters more real and fun.
August 6th, 2017
A lot of times you don't really have one good reason for acting the way you do, there are a lot of factors and giving a simple answer to the question of your motive will be hard. For Amaya it's a combination of childhood jealousy, a need for thrills, recklessness, emotions, and who knows what else. It's easier to just answer "I don't know."
I didn't think he'd have such a backstory, that should be an interesting arc!
I'd hate to be in her shoes, seems so awkward!
@kidcthulhu: It seems several people were, but I could never kill off a dog :)
Seems like a pretty good life to me!
That's not creepy at all XD
Another page because of the tipping event that's happening on Tapas today! And hey, Amaya didn't hurt the doggo!
@Linn: Oh that sucks, I didn't know that could happen because of games! I get motion sickness when I travel sometimes.
That actually would be nice, no other humans to be compared to so you can just be yourself. Or maybe you'd have to live up to alien standards but that's probably impossible.
@Linn: Tomboys can have girly moments too! XD I don't game but it looks really cool indeed!
@Linn: I always think structures like these are fun to draw but they can be hard to do. It turned out great anyway!
@kidcthulhu: Thanks! I'm not very familiar yet with digital editing so I'm glad it works :)