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I'm a 20 year old queer who enjoys stories :)
September 20th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: There are many stereotypes I'm not even aware of and of course stereotypes are based on real people, it can be hard to avoid. As long as a character has other traits as well as the stereotypical ones it should be fine :) Olivia may seem like a token trans character at first, but she has much more depth and character traits than most trans characters, the fact that she is trans isn't her only defining characteristic, I like that.
Yeah, she sure got lucky haha. Chris lives in student housing, her room might be big but she shares the kitchen and bathroom with about 4 other students.
Thank you, I got to say goodbye to her and I know she isn't suffering anymore, that makes it easier. I just hope she is at peace, whatever may or may not happen after death.
September 18th, 2018
In "gay stories" there are usually a few stereotypes, like the token trans individual and that one guy/girl who doesn't do relationships and just sleeps around untill they meet their ideal match and settle down. No more! There's nothing wrong with not entering a relationship or having multiple partners (if it's consensual of course).
Reference to the handmaid's tale :) I regret not making Chris Belgian instead of Dutch, now it feels like patriotism has entered my writing, even though I think nationalism is useless at best and harmful at worst.
My grandmother passed away some time ago, I'm sorry for the sudden hiatus but I feel much better now.
@Linn: Thank you, I will.
Chris has plenty of experience in the lesbian world XD her preference would probably a girl above 18 so they can drink beer together - the ideal date idea!
@kidcthulhu: Thank you
I don't know how common rainbow pedestrian crossings are elsewhere, but every decent town has one in the Netherlands.

My grandmother is in really poor health so updates might stop for a while at some point. She can't be cured.
August 18th, 2018
I haven't been particularly motivated to work on this story, but I definitely want to finish it at some point :)
@Linn: Chris is living that student life XD
It can be really awkward to go to bars, especially if you aren't very extraverted or if you don't know anyone very well. I remember I went out alone for the first time and that day was also the first time a girl hit on me, I had no idea what to do XD
@TheLezbian monkey: I'm glad you think so!
It went fine, except for the moment the police arrested our inflatable unicorns. Some news media covered the protest so it must have /some/ effect I hope :)
@Linn: Exactly! I always buy two beers when I'm alone, also makes me feel less like a loser who goes out alone XD (not that people who are alone are by definition losers)
Hahaha, I loosely based it on a gay bar in town here, but I think the walls are purple. Seems like it, I went to some other gay bars in Amsterdam during pride and they all have the same lay out too! It's a conspiracry!
So sorry for the delay, I've been busy with friends and pride. I went to a protest for the reasons Chris gave a couple of pages ago :) I also entered a relationship so yeah.
Chris bought those two beers for herself, beats walking to the bar twice.
The crowd took a lot of time to draw, at some point I could hardly stand to look at this page anymore haha, but it's done!
@Linn: I love writing this sort of dialogue where they are just getting to know each other, and in the meantime introduce some important aspects of the characters to the readers :)
@kidcthulhu: Thank you! I really enjoyed drawing it :)
Absolutely, a lot people have problems with anything too different from themselves and they aren't willing to listen either. I get having doubts/prejudices, we're only human, but it baffles me when someone is completely unwilling to hear anything the other has to say. How can we ever learn things if we don't listen?
That is an exception, even if you're not an enthusiast I thought EVERYONE enjoyed at leasdt some type of music!
I don't get why so many meat eaters make it a point to express their disgust with vegans and vegetarians. The first girl I ever was supposed to go on a date with tried so hard to disprove all of my reasons to eat vegetarian. I agree there are plenty of annoying vegans and vegetarians, just like in any group. I think it's great when people think about what they eat and why, can we all just respect each others beliefs and lifestyle choices as long as they aren't hurting anyone. It costs you literally nothing to not be an asshole, militants of any side are rude and annoying. That's not the same as saying you can't be critical by the way, just be respectful!
The environment here is based on Antwerp and a bit of Amsterdam. Antwerp has a special place in my heart <3
@Linn: I miss those luxeries when it comes to drawing XD Paint is great, but it would be nice to undo the lines I draw sometimes haha. It's interesting seeing your sketch, I love seeing the drawing process of other artists :)
The fourth panel warms my cold and barren heart <3
I love everytime they interact XD I'm sure Blaze's guess is correct! Morgan seems like the type of guy who would enjoy dancing.
(I again feel the need to express my love for your drawing style, it's so good!)
Ah yes, I'm sure everyone in a relationship has the daily struggle of whether they should commit a crime or not XD
I want to say aww, but I'm too worried about the ending of the arc.
July 21st, 2018
Surprise, surprise! Who would have thought.
@Linn: That sounds like a really intense but good challenge! It might be a bit hard on your wrists/hands though, to draw that much. My hands definitely need a rest after a couple of hours of drawing.