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I'm a 20 year old queer girl who enjoys stories :)
It's the artist's curse to be unhappy with their results a lot of the times... I hate most of the faces I draw, they never turn out the way I imagine them in my head!
This was a nice arc, I'll remember Teri as a good character now :)
I love it when karma strikes in comics and series, this girl reminded me too much of some people I used to call my friends.
I was wondering why she was hanging out with that girl in the first place, she seemed to have problems with the plan :/
@kidcthulhu: Thanks!
It helps me write my stories if I think up little details about their personalities like they are real people :) Most people on the cast page play a pretty big part, I'm not going to include everyone probably.
I haven't decided on which characters I'll use, but I definitely will!
And with that the prologue is finished! The next chapter will start next week :) my offer still stands if someone would like themselves or their character appear in the background in the Pride chapter! I can't just keep drawing myself in every background like I do with my other comic.
Also, I updated Janis's charcter profile a couple of weeks ago already:
I wish I had a good friend like Nikki in my life, she seems so sweet all the time.
Sarah's decision must have been hard, she has all the right to feel sad over her loss. You can question whether Lucy and her would ever have a truly great relationship if Lucy's mind was still stuck on Laura. Maybe Sarah didn't have much of a choice to begin with...
May 13th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: He's going down the list, so Ylva should be next! Who knows what Noah will find...
@kidcthulhu: He doesn't have a good gaydar at all and he rarely makes assumptions, but he knows enough gay people to never be surprised when someone comes out. After all, anyone could be gay.
I'm doing much better, thanks. I rested and took vitamins :)
Smooth transitions into new topics. But what do I know about transitioning?
This page was supposed to go up Wedenesday, but I forgot and yesterday I spent all day throwing up and feeling miserable. That's one way to spend ascension day.
@Linn: That's genious XD I love it
Amaya doesn't like dresses, she only ever wears them in the first chapter when there's nothing else available to her!
@Linn: To be fair, I kill plenty of my own characters so it wouldn't even be a big deal, depending on which character of course XD
I'll be looking forward to your interpretation!
@Linn: I do the same thing! I have folders for every character with references for hair styles, outfits and photo references with some specific shapes I think fit their face. For Le Vite I drew seperate pieces of clothing I could combine, like a real closet or one of those dress up games XD Hiroshi wears the same things very often haha. I have a tendency to get bored drawing the same thing though so I give them different outfits and hairstyles :)
That would be so cool to see haha, it sounds easy enough if you put it like that XD
@Linn: Same, but I really love all the different eras and their fashion. In this comic I put more research in each character's personal style and their tastes :) There will be a retro/pinup girl for example as well as more modern fashion. My personal favourite style is probably more grunge/modern alternative as well as 80s because it's so dramatic XD No shoulder pads in this comic though. Maybe next time.
That sounds like a nice challenge, turning other people's characters into aliens XD Turning aliens into humans should be doable! I figured it might be a nice way to give the webcomics I like some attention as well :)
I feel Belle. Lately I've been watching the most predictable and cheesiest of Bollywood movies with an Indian friend.
@Linn: Her parents more than her, they even named her after Janis Joplin. Janis herself is more modern but she can appreciate hippie culture (although it's more apparent in her taste in music than her clothing) :)
They live on the countryside, everyone lives far apart! They can't see each other's houses from their own home and Fenella only saw her when she went "for a long walk" with Dobby. I'll take that as a trademark, animals are one of my favourite things to draw now XD I can't imagine a comic without them!
@kidcthulhu: Thanks! It took me some time to get used to drawing it!
I'll do that :)
The lack of words makes the page so much more intense, it turned out great!
The way you draw scenes is beautiful, not just the backgrounds but your comic always feels dynamic, like it's set in a real space. I always struggle with that. Your way of drawing comics is definitely one I look up to, so for me you're one of those artists I look to :)
A teacher pointed out that the more we learn, the more we are aware of how little we know. I guess that goes for skills as well as knowledge. When I was younger I was satisfied much more easily with my drawings. There's nothing wrong with feeling a bit envious at times, we'll always learn more things if we want to.
I love the way you draw emotions, I really feel for poor Lucy...
Ahh she finally found someone! That's great <3