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I'm a 20 year old queer girl who enjoys stories :)
@kidcthulhu: yeah, it will be addressed in the next couple of pages!
It's been too long, I couldn't wait another day before updating! I've finally been feeling up to working on pages and studying again. I've had an injury which caused emotional problems as well as issues with focussing/ getting myself to do anything.
I think a lot of people go through this question, not necessarily if it's a sin, but if it's right what you're feeling and wether or not you're weird. I've lived deep in the closet for a long time, everyone else was much more accepting than I was.
The last couple of weeks I haven't been reading webcomics so my inbox is flowing over with update notifications haha. I hope I'll have time to catch up soon, right now I'm just focussing on creating pages again.
March 11th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: I'll try to figure out how to upload them then :)
March 10th, 2018
I'm sorry for doing this illegal thing and lying about it, I hope we can still be friends :'(
I've been making some outfit/fashion designs for nearly all of my characters, considering wether I should upload them or not.
@kidcthulhu: It's probably hard to not be judgemental in a situation like this, at least he isn't the type of character to jump up and take aggressive actions rather than talking it out.
This conversation is going very smoothly.
This must have happened at least once or twice, I can think of better things to do than answering every stupid human performing a ritual.
Wow, the last couple of pages I was starting to understand where he was coming from, but I really don't like him. Good to see he agrees he's a terrible person.
February 24th, 2018
@Linn: Maybe she should just tell him and go into hiding immediately!
February 24th, 2018
How do you casually bring up the location of a criminal?
I really enjoyed this arc (and not just because my character makes an appearance!)
This is so cool to see! I really like the style you used, the other panels turned out great as well, I love the characters' reactions to the characters :)
@kidcthulhu: There's probably a lot going through her mind right now!
Forced pages never turn out good, but I'll try not to make it a long hiatus.
February 18th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: Glad you think so! Backgrounds are hard :(
This looks like it could be made into an epic series!
February 17th, 2018
Backgrounds, backgrounds, why do you take so much time and still look so bad?
I thought I probably shouldn't upload this page on Valentine's day, I hope everyone had a good day even if you didn't celebrate it :)
Not sure if I can update next week since my buffer ran out and I haven't had the mental energy to work on new pages.
@kidcthulhu: That's true, but too many people are judged and hated for who they love so it could be a good idea to be careful if you're not sure how someone will react.
@ninaqueenbee: I'm glad you like it so far! To me characters and their personalities are the most interesting thing about writing a story, so I put a lot of focus on them. I hope you'll like the rest of the story as well! :)