I'm 19 years old. In my spare time, I have wayyy too many hobbies, drawing being one of them. My main project is my comic; Le Vite. Other than that, I like to go skating or hiking, I enjoy chess or just browsing the internet and watching series or movies. I also really like alcohol, wine and whisky being my preferred drinks, music, literature, art (history) of course, and girls.

I like to bingewatch, sadly university doesn't really let me. I really like A clockwork orange, Dracula (with Bela Lugosi), Nosferatu, Das Kabinet des Dokter Kaligari, Twin Peaks, Frankenstein (the book and the movie both), Buffy the vampire slayer ...
Aww her hairstyle is so precious too! This arc makes me smile with every comic :)
@kidcthulhu: Thanks! I try to make it work with reference photos :)
Eee she looks so adorable and pretty!
I always enjoy Nikki scenes, it's so lovely to see them get along :)
Before I forget: My new comic is now avaible, it will be a while before I start uploading pages but the cover is already online :)

But maybe Amaya isn't smart. Hiroshi is naive, maybe it runs in the family?
Coco is such a happy fluff. Drawing him is a challenge since I know little about dog anatomy but he makes me happy anyway.

I drew the eyes a bit differently than usual, but I do not like it, the lashes look much too feminine and idealised for my style.

Sorry for not uploading last week, I had no energy at all so I haven't drawn in a while. Finished some pages yesterday and I've sketched the last pages of the chapter. I handed in my paper as well so I should have more time again soon :)
@kidcthulhu: Thanks! I hope I won't disappoint anyone :)
I love how nobody seems to like Jasper even slightly and everyone is just like "omg Jasper whyyy, what are you doing, why did you do that!"
I appreciate punk rock, never heard trumpets. Not that I remember anyway. I bet they sound amazing together!
I'm too excited not to upload this! I've been working on the script for quite some time and it's nearly finished (and I've had the idea much longer!). The pages will take some time before they are ready to upload, so I don't know when the updates will start, hopefully within a month!

I'm super nervous but I hope this comic will be enjoyable to some! :)

The style of this comic will be slightly different from Le Vite, I plan to do the text digitally (I hope that goes well, my digital skills aren't really spectacular) and to use more references when it comes to anatomy so the drawings are a bit more realistic.
@skyangel: Thanks! I prefer clear structure though, so I can use references. Fluff is just too unpredictable!
@skyangel: Good luck with your new job :)
Comments are great for so many reasons!
@skyangel: Thanks! I try to be fast so the story can move on but quality is better than quantity. I used to do two pages a week, but I couldn't keep that up unfortunately.
That sounds like a fun game, although I would probably replace the sake with beer, just to be safe (and I don't like sake) :)
@skyangel: Thanks! She's an important character in my new comic project :)
It is interesting to see how one event can be explained in different ways. I just hope Lucy will be okay in the end!
@kidcthulhu: Thanks! The sea is usually depicted in a happy, blue, calm manner but that's rarely how it is around here.

Are you going to upload it to smackjeeves? I look forward to seeing it!
I'm not a patriot but it makes me happy to think the Netherlands was the first place homosexuals could get married :) The LGBT+ community is very alive here!

I'm planning on drawing a cover but not uploading any pages yet, I would like to have a bit of a buffer before it gets to that. I've been working on the script for a long time and I think it's nearly ready except for some of the latest chapters so it should be safe to carefully start working on some pages! :)
Ahaha I love Apple XD
I've been super busy with my studies and I'm too tired to draw much :( Hopefully I'll get used to my new schedule soon and refind the energy and motivation I'll need.
Next Saturday is the Utrecht Canal Pride, I've been thinking about going even though I probably won't know anyone else there. The Amsterdam pride is next month, so much pride time! I'm going to try to upload at least a cover of my new project next week, but I don't know yet how much time I'll have to work on it. I'm tired but also enthusiastic and nervous.
Those were some of the things that are on my mind at the moment :)
I keep seeing so many comments saying they should do it already but I really love seeing the way their relationship develops!
Oh that's awkward! I would completely freeze, Lucy seems so happy, I feel bad for the both of them :(
Great reaction XD
She's a great character, I enjoy her appearances in comics!