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I'm a 20 year old queer girl who enjoys stories :)
@Linn: Yeah, I relate to that XD Usually the attraction I feel to any man disappears as soon as I get to know the way they think and act most of the time. I blame it on the way society wants cis-straight guys to be. Also, the LGBTQ community is very important to me (otherwise I wouldn't be making a comic about it, I suppose haha) so I could probably never be with a cis-straight guy anyway.
The world outside of high school is so much bigger and more varied than I ever expected back then, all the things that used to be weird are suddenly normal. It's no wonder a lot of people are uncomfortable in school.
@Linn: Before I started colouring this page I didn't plan on adding yet another rainbow XD I can't help it!
That's funny, the opposite indeed XD
This year I've been more comfortable with terms liks bi or pan for myself, before I leant more towards gay when I had just accepted that I love women. It's ironic that, now that I'm more comfortable with other genders, I find out my boyfriend was actually a girl XD I love how more and more people are coming out when high school is over. I could have used some LGBTQ friends back then.
The environment in the first panel is stunning! I love the colour scheme. And Lara is so cute when she's sitting on his shoulders, this couple is the best.
Just when you think things couldn't get worse, your favourite music is gone! I think people will always stick to old and familiar things, plenty of people still love Beethoven and other classical compositions after all. Good music never gets too old!
Buck's serious side surprises me every time, I'm glad he isn't one of those comic relief/ one dimensional/ typical funny guy characters :)
I love watching them slowly become closer friends, Birdy seems like a great friend, even if she can be pushy and annoying! Sometimes we need pushy friends.
Poor Belle! For a second I thought she might be like Hermoine Granger and she might want to keep learning instead of going home. I always get bored during long breaks and the lack of structure makes me depressed. Breaks aren't all fun for everyone. I wonder what her home is like...
It's nice to see more backgrounds! They look good. I always loved cemeteries, they can be quite beautiful. Most modern cemeteries aren't that special though. Hide and seek was also my favourite game, this entire scene would have been a dream come true for me! Wormwood seems like a great guy to play with as a child XD
The "boyfriend" I had when I was 15-16 recently came out as trans, I love that even when I wanted to be straight I apparently had a girlfriend. It makes so much sense when I think back and it explains a lot.
I had a lot of fun with these pages, especially because of the background details. You can bet Chris has been looking at the sunbathing women. There's a couple making out in the upper panel. Also, I don't know if anyone noticed a couple of pages back, but there was a naked man in the background and some poor child got their kite stuck in the trees. Details are the best.
@kidcthulhu: It has definitely been a learning experience! Which is why I still enjoy working on it, it's a great opportunity to experiment indeed.
The more serious I get about my other comic the more I notice that this one is an absolute mess.
@TheLezbian monkey: Yeah I'm familiar with the it! I try to learn about our history, I assume you mean the stonewall riot? :)
@kidcthulhu: I imagine some LGBTQ kid might stumble across this comic and learn something from it as they follow Fenella's journey :) There are plenty of cutesy dating stories, it's good to put in something relevant to real life.
Thank you! I'm flattered you found it good enough to comment then :)
Just normal pride things. I was thinking about going to a protest myself this year, but it sounded a bit chaotic and my date has social anxiety... Anyway, we too often forget that prides originated from a protest and that the fight for equality and acceptance isn't finished. Pride isn't just a party and an opportunity to make money off a marginalised group. Too many groups are still being discriminated against and hated just for who they are or who they love. White people in the western world are fine a lot of times, but the world consists of many others who deserve the same privilige and comfort. I do truly believe things are changing quickly though, and in the rest of the world things will get better too. In just the last couple of years many things have changed and there's so much discussion and activism. We have to keep fighting and hoping that things will eventually be good.
Sorry for the rant and the lack of colours haha, I'll update this page as soon as I have a scanner available! The original text in this scene was very different, I think they talked about dating and gender or something. I thought this needed to be said more than just sappy love story stuff.
@Linn: That's a good idea! I brought my drawing things but I didn't have room for my paints as well :( And now I finished some pages but I can't scan them, traditional art can be a curse!
Beer with friends is always fun!
I'm sorry for the late and incomplete update, I didn't bring my watercolours and the scanner here doesn't work properly. Next week will probably also just be a lineart version but I'll update as soon as I have the coloured version available!
I used to dislike drawing backgrounds, now I like drawing in random things and details which make it more fun.
June 26th, 2018
@Linn: Yeah I noticed the speechbubbles were really awkward in this page. Sometimes I miscalculate the amount of lines I want to put into one page. Generally I try to make the flow better, but it's easier when you can move the bubbles around digitally :)
Thanks though! I'll try harder to make the text easier to follow.
@Linn: That's a good system, I think it's important to know about other disciplines in order to make good art. For example photography gives you a good idea of framing a picture and what to leave out, painting gives you more feeling for colour placement and sculpture gives you a better feeling for dimensionality and depth and shadows, you can use all of those things for drawing! General knowledge is good before going deeper into the subject you want to focus on. That sounds so cool! That's a specific kind of art not many people can do. I really used to love dolls, but now I try to not spend too much time and money on too many different things.
@Linn: Yeah we also use ja! I love learning the similarities between languages, it makes it easier to learn them. There are even some Dutch-resembling words in Japanese (like kofi and some terms from boats, because the Dutch were some of the first people to have contact with the Japanese), I love learning stuff like that.
@Linn: That's so cool! I absolutely love comics and comic style things, but I never expect them at an art exhibition.
Even when a lot of people die and Lara is in shock this comic manages to make me laugh without being stupid!
Poor Lara is going through so many traumas, I feel bad for her. Luckily Celia is looking out for her, and hey, you never know when you might need a severed arm! What if your back gets itchy and you can't reach it yourself?