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I used to draw manga but since then I've given it up to writing (I also have little time as I'm at university now >.<;)

Currently I'm creating Rolly Penguin comic strips :)
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I've been so busy with work and assignments that I've had no time to do up more comics. I have, however, managed to do up this picture which I'm using for one of my projects (which is on Rolly Penguins!) and that also includes Rolly Penguin badges, a jigsaw, a puzzle etc.

Anyway, this is also on deviantart
@Zidlijan - Everything is out to get them ;D But I heard pandas do (would) eat meat but they're too lazy so instead eat vegetation.
How else do you think pandas got their colour? From eating rolly penguins of course! D:
Btw this is my original panda (^.^)

Oh and I may submit 2 a week from now on.
So basically these little guys can't swim :)
Obviously they're a little screwed once they're stuck ;)

I also have this up on my deviantart account ( hence it being written on there :)
I came across this comic yesterday and i've gotten to the last page and... I wanna see what happens next!! This comic is so awesome :D

I really wanna know what Shiratori will say in reply ^-^
just wondering, is it read from left to right?
I'm Back!
I came back from my exchange in Japan almost two months ago but because my pen for the tablet was missing until recently I haven't been able to work on this comic. I've started University so i don't know how busy i'll be but i'll try and update on a monday every week or fortnight :)!!! That's so beautiful I just had to comment on it :D
I love the colours and atmosphere you used for this piece <3
January 25th, 2010
I meant "restarted" not "started" ...o_o;
January 14th, 2010
dissapointed that you started but it is really looking interesting ^^ best of luck for continuing this!!
awesome filler! :D i really envy your cg skills tho
February 17th, 2009
welcome back ^-^ it's hard to believe it's already been 3 months... and i'm leaving for Japan myself in 5 weeks >.<; i'll miss smackjeeves :(

anyway love the drawing and the dialogue :D i shall wait for the updates and good luck with the rest of your comics too
remember right to left
i decided to make the blood dark so it would stand out - i looked at how it is done in other manga and that's what it's like. I may slightly edit this page (and fix the blood on the last page) once i find my usb with my screentones on it

if you find any spelling mistakes please tell me xD
i haven't updated for a month *sob* sorry :( i've been studying hard because my exchange to Japan is in March and it's getting closer >.< i really want to continue this story (at the expense of my others) so i'll try and draw as many pages before i go and set them to update during my time away

on another note this page almost killed me! especially that bottom panel - i have never drawn those six characters together at once!! lol i like the guy on the left in this picture >///>
why is this happening? *sob* *looks away*
read from right to left
yay an actual page xD lol
@paperclipsandstaples: thanks :) and i hope i can do too
i haven't updated in a month... i'm amazed it went so fast and i didn't get time to update :( next page will be up today (it's a simple one) and hopefully there'll be two more pages next week and so on :)