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I am a champ at battles, with my shiny eevee Silva and my level 82 Sylveon, Sylve. I have challenged the Elite Four countless times, and I do it again just for the money.
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Silva: Why bagels? Only thing I can remember is crazy teachers screaming at us not to jump in mud puddles.

Talk to the mudeon, Silva!
And behind (eve?) is Oliver???
And in panel four is that Devin???
OMG! Is that Eve from SSEC in the middle? With glasses?
I personally feel bad for younger siblings. Mine are always...trashing my room and sending random texts to my crush... Okay maybe no they ARE THE DEVIL!!!! They can be super annoying!!!
Sorry guys! If this doesn't work, just use the link to read my comics on DA! Please?
Wow so many comments. My head is spinning.
@Pinkeevee222: Wow this is great!
Can you even see this comic?! Oh no!!!
I hope you like the first comic. It was made traditionally and I know this is really bad at first, but hey! I only had crayons at the time!
god this comic is hilarious!!!
I don't think this is right on the spot, but maybe Dawn HATES Flareon for being-kind of a pervert. So shes trying to get Daisy to, um, not hang out with Flareon.
@Pinkeevee222: I love Oliver in the 17th panel. You really have some skills!
Eevees do look like kittens.
Ohhh... HAHAHA *Evil laugh*
Ok...I'm going to see if Eeveemaster will let ME draw the comic, like maybe digitally, but thank you!