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TEAR HIM APART!!!! ( I love death )

O.O I'm innocent, I mean...

Mew? ( pretend to be innocent....come on..)
Glad to see you moony!
@Moony: Hi moony how are things with Pearl? and Peridot? and the Steven Universe comic con? and things?:3
Ok Blizz reminds me of myself when I am angry at my sister or mother. -evil laughter- .... you heard nothing! -smoke bomb-
omg...this made my day!! BE SCARED LEVIN!!!
(too lazy to translate!)
Minasan, kon'nichiwa! Anata ga shitai baai, watashi wa chōdo watashi ga" raiburaifubera" to yoba reru kiban o sasaete iru koto o iitakatta sapōto shite kudasai!
-studies frame closly- uh huh OK so Devin is blushing. If not I dunno,anyways Im still waiting to go to the hospital can't wait!! ^_^ :3 X3
(old guest was pokemonrules)
Wow this is really good,well done. Lol i just made the account,cuz i got bored. anyways off to bed! -reads Skyfall in secret- no judging...