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hiya! I'm Key, the artist of the comic Screwdrivers. I'm a college girl that likes drawing, anime/manga, vampires, bounty hunters, horrible sci-fi, Ghost Hunters, Discovery Channel (Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs rule the 'verse!), Browncoats, skipping, Red Lobster, staying up 'til 4 in the morning, and austrailians. ^_^ And pigeons. They can be so cute!
Keith and his friend Cory the Pufferfish. 
Keith was curious.
Keith has regret.
Keith either tries to make it up or has simultaneous panic attack.
He won't tell me which is true.
@LKWayvern: It's okay. Sometimes Keith seems to hang out with a tough crowd, but they're all good guys. Even though Phillis tends to get nippy...
oOH NO!! Thank you for letting me know. I think I got it fixed. Does it show now?
Keith asked his buddy to Bruce to smile and say cheese!

What's cheese?

Keith still has that camera he found. It's a pretty good camera, it survived a trip to visit Phillis the Anglerfish. She provided the light.
Lovely Lady Lumpsucker
Keith has buddies at also blend, in their own way.

Guys, Spiny Lumpsuckers are some of the weirdest, cutest fish. WWHHHHAAAAAA???!?!?


What should be her name??
Looks like Keith has found a camera. Oh no.
Here we go again...
As part of my 2017 I've decided to do better at doing things for myself, my work. That includes this story.
It's been something like 2 years, 2 YEARS, since I've posted a page. My characters are angry with me. I don't know why, I'm going to do terrible things to them.
Please. Encouragement, no matter how small, will keep me going on this! I'm going to do the best on my end, but it helps to know that someone is watching.

All in all,

Oh Keith...
Sometimes Keith likes to drop by and say hi. He can really cheer up a place...
Hey guys.
He's back.

Sad cuttlefish is from the lovely MegLyman! So cute but so sad! Won't you take it home and cheer it up?
Some more artwork. There's actually a lot more artwork, but here's a bit.
@Poppy: yay!
thank you :)
@Poppy: OH NO! is it working for you now?


she tumbles here! -> <-
just cause he figured out portals doesn't mean he has figured out the hearty-cube.

That's Party Crab
Party Crab is done by Meglyman on dA

Go love her work!
I did.
More art...
still, maybe, one day, I will continue this.