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Not only Shoes, but your guys skirts came off! >_> <_< heh heh.. *gets smacked* I am the one in black
I am back
I dont know where i went, but i am back!

What does the truck have? All you have to do is guess.. >_>
heh heh.. the girl looked better than i expected.. XD Nice call on the lipstick
Ha makes me glad i am not blue
O_o Dun Dah Dun! The suspense!
Roxas! *shot*
Shut up.. i was bored,and thi is where the comic got its name :P
Has anybody noticed that Jazz's eyes change in the last two panels? i just noticed that
Dun Dah Dun! Its a new character!
Im kinda suprised that ganato is still in there,go to one comic back and u will be suprised XP
December 16th, 2007
on the last one,she might have peed in his bed,who just asking LOL
im just gonna wonder what 18 is gonna be,since u ran out of ideas? why dont u ask ppl? but of course,they will make a retarted suggestion
yeah i am not in it,cause i like just joined anyway,nice filler..will there be a christmas banner?
XP i hope i dont end up like him
OMG! its a custom lol
Your ze spammer! *shots u with mg-40* xp