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I like to draw and like to collect rock and plants.
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    Dean Grimshaw
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@sakohju: I wish there was a like bottom for this. Because I love it.
I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner but, you not only trap pokemon in tiny handheld balls and have them fight to the death for your amusement. But parents send off there children and have them fend for themselves against monsters that want to kill them. The only thing they get from the adults are pokeballs, potions and items for the pokemon they enslave. I thought the all adults were just incompetent idiots, but now I realize that there just evil people. Even knowing this I still love the game. Well I guess i'm a horrible person now.
@Halosty: i like where your going with this. he could quote on quote accidentally let in a couple hundred gravelers and they self destruct in the middle of HQ.
DT YOUR TAIL IS LITARLY A TORCH! Couldn't you use your tail to burn off the leash and rag? Then flamethrower his ass, and we all know you can use cammands on own. Also he seams to be distracted at the moment.
DragonThing Where are you?!
eevee too cute
I don't if this is just me but, there has yet to be a cuter pokemon than eevee.
I know why DT hasn't come back. holy doesn't want to draw the scales.
I see something fishy
how far in advance did you plan this Holy? A old man with magmar dressed up like biker, and Atty with a charaza... I mean a charmelon. Where have seen this before?
Atty OP
I almost feel sorry for her ... almost
@Guest: its called absorb it sucks out hp and put it on your pokemon.
@Luxnight: don't worry I thought the same thing. your not the only one.
I wouldn't blame atty if he became a villain. though's assholes diserve what's coming to them
I can see magicarp jumping in evolve and only learn tackle
@PJSam: That fish is never going to evolve. I swear he hasn't evolved from all that flopping around or from exploding a mountain. So why would he evolve now? I feel like if he's going to evolve it's going to like James kicking it or something like that.