I'm just a Pokefan! I can't draw, I'm too young for a job, and I love Youtube and SSEComics, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros, and Pokemon TCG.
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Kill the mankey Olly!
He has the soul of a Kommo-o
if their eyes were red it would be even funnier. Does Nego won't some of the pakalolo?
These headers have been cool, I just read through them all.
@Silver the Eevee: No, your adorable because this is hilarious, therefore, both my points stand.
So long as she pays it back
Oh yeah I forgot the police were after him..
@Silver the Eevee: its almost as funny as you are cute!
@Guest: Yes, I think you're correct.
Crackle boom roar

He gunna zap you
Oh my Arceus poor Lem...

This memory of Harmony is actually quite nice... Why is she being so mean to Lem now?
@Silver the Eevee: Extremely cute, ridiculously cute, in fact.
Miranda RUN JUMP OVERBOARD, SWIM AWAY. You're gonna die if you stay. Also, where's Theseus?