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I'm just a Pokefan! I can't draw, I'm too young for a job, and I love Youtube and SSEComics, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros, and Pokemon TCG.
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Espurr’s gonna pull a Darth Sidious and throw them miles away
I think Accelgor would be an excellent main villain, after all, fast, creepy, and clever are a good combination.
Technically it is a computer since it can compute.
@Pinkeevee222: Thanks for the explanation.
Is anyone else unable to see the rating button? I can’t see it or, I just see: Average Rating:none
broccoli you just made my day
This my cat every morning
If they need the crystal so much, but Edgar really just doesn’t want them to have it, then why doesn’t Edgar smash the crystal? Or at least threaten to do so? This will buy time for Natalya
Theseus had better help Vagus
4 will be “Don’t shoot for the moon, you’ll knock it down” setting.
Where is she going to go? Even if she catches up to MewTwo’s team Darkrai will probably just attack her, maybe she thinks she can escape back to the Human world somehow.
Shoot it where you already broke the armor with 3, that will most likely kill it.
That’s massive difference
Where is your spine Oliver?
Poor Dragonthing