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I'm just a Pokefan! I can't draw, I'm too young for a job, and I love Youtube and SSEComics, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros, and Pokemon TCG.
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    Madhav Joseph
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@Pinkeevee222: I just want to say, I love your comic. SSEC always makes me happy. Thank you so much for,your amazing comic!
@First151: I was just thinking that!
@Pinkeevee222: Thank you so much for the beautiful and immersive comic. I love it so much!
What do you mean you loathe your drawings? I love them!
Are you still going or is this dead?
I love this comic
I have not done this, but I have considered it.
So long, partner. And thnaks for all the good times!
This is what I read for. Don’t worry about not updating for a while, if worse comes to worse, I can always reread the entire comic again.
Espurr’s gonna pull a Darth Sidious and throw them miles away
I think Accelgor would be an excellent main villain, after all, fast, creepy, and clever are a good combination.
Technically it is a computer since it can compute.
@Pinkeevee222: Thanks for the explanation.
Is anyone else unable to see the rating button? I can’t see it or, I just see: Average Rating:none
broccoli you just made my day