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Just a guys who likes game. I regularly commented here as a guest (my guest name was NintendoFan64), but now I, finally, decided to get a proper account.
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@GhostmanSP: Ah, OK. Thank you. :-)
@jtubbesi: ...Well, backups seem like the most simple and obvious reason, but that might work too.
Beautiful! Kublie would be proud!
@CosmicGem: ...WTF?!
@MegaBossMan: Oh, right!
Panel 6: "Not night"?
@GamingNinja: Wily: ARGH! WHO THREW THAT?!
@GamingNinja: *teleports out in a panic*
...I'd say something funny and/or witty here, but I'm still getting used to hearing Kaaby talking non-Poyoese! ^_^'
@GamingNinja: ...* fire a metric $£!% ton of Spark Shots at you, and then promptly goes off to cry in a corner*
@Mikey76500: Yeah, if I was him, I'd be in hysterics!
Also: really Mega Man?! Have you learned NOTHING?!
Yep, I was right.
I think I know who it is, but I'll wait and see first.
...Well, my brain just got fried! @_@
Yay, it's back!
Also; mind the Fourth Wall, Bass! She fragile!
Funny how all of those shots miss Doo.