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Just a guys who likes game. I regularly commented here as a guest (my guest name was NintendoFan64), but now I, finally, decided to get a proper account.
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I think there's a word missing from panel 4.
Oh yeah, Kirby's are born from stars, aren't they? So they arrive on Popstar in the form of shooting stars after they're born? ...FREAKING AWESOME!
Same text boxes = same voice? ...OK, fair enough!
...Doo, what are you up to?
The cuteness begins!
@Lord Enigma: You won't be disappointed! I haven't taken it out of my 3DS yes I'm loving it so much!
Sorry to be 'that guy', but there are typo on Panel 4.
Ooo, foreshadowing!
I'm assuming that reference was because of the remake?
Here Kirby, this is when:
@MegaVile: Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he did.
That reference is over done...but I don't mind! XD
@Warpstar: Hey, Shadow Kirby is going darker!
...Well, that was weird. Effective, but weird!
@Lord Enigma: It's not that hard to notice, but you're welcome regardless. :)
That poor Goomba. (The second one from the left.)
@GhostmanSP: Ah, OK. Thank you. :-)
@jtubbesi: ...Well, backups seem like the most simple and obvious reason, but that might work too.