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Just a guys who likes game. I regularly commented here as a guest (my guest name was NintendoFan64), but now I, finally, decided to get a proper account.
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Sorry to be that guy, but there's a typo in Panel 1.
Wow, Dedede wasn't messing around.
"Forgive the person, not the deed."
Wise words that I hope Raven takes to mind.

Seriously though, Larry went through quite the character arc. From heartless jerk (or monster as he puts it) to atoner.
@abigaelnunes: Yeah, I was thinking that too...oh well, this is a nice twist.
@BattleStarX: Oh dear NOVA, we're all going to die! there a typo somewhere in Panel 1?
People, WHY are you suprised? IT'S KIRBY FOR PETE'S SAKE!
Called it. Ninth Anniversary coming up soon!
@BattleStarX: Panel 2, is that a squish?
I think the more pressing issue is: HOW THE HECK IS SILENT EATING WITHOUT A MOUTH?!!!
Kible, what have you done?!
No need to do the "I mean, what?" bit, I don't care what you do with him!
Oh Candy Girl, you have NO idea what Bass has been through!
@BattleStarX: Shouldn't this be Cumulus - Pt.17?
When was this established?!
...Well, that explains why everyone is so scared of her.