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-prances around-

thanks for all the support for my comics!
it keeps me going to make more!
(its good practice for drawing ya know!)


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Did you expect anything different?

EDIT: fixed the spelling error xD
October 29th, 2010
those devilish faces are pure win.

awesome comic, will be watching :D
The last page REALLY bothered me
cause it was really half assed.
So i fixed it.
HIIIII sorry i took so long
oo this looks cool colored :)

keep it up! :) looks great so far

:) lance and ches are awsome
oh thats cute :3
LOL summers on fire? LOL.
sarcastic and blunt. :D

-I like the ginormous scarf
omg. I love your interpretation of mother nature. So legit! :D
cute... but she looks like she can cause... a lot of damage. HAHA "WHERE YOU BAD TALKING MAH FLOWERS!?" =pwnage=

ok yeah sorry lame comment haha
the comment button took me a while to find LOL

ahhh! Comic is sooo colorful and funny :D <3

aww... summer. SUMMER <3 both season and... well. summer. bwahaha
originally this page had more panels of haruka dancing from cool angles.

... but i couldnt draw one of the panels
... then I got lazy

... so i decided to just do a close up of his face

XD please dont kill me
its cute cute. :)
OMG! thank you everybody fir reading my comic!! Every comment you leave makes me so happy! Up until now.. I haven't responded to comments, but I'll start doing so now!!

eternalbeliever12: Thank you for the 5 :) and for sticking with SSD for such a long time :D

Skyrius: Hahaha kicking butt is always fun :D... and sooo.. the show down continiuesss...

juri0juli: Aww!! -blush- Well... keep refreshing 'cause I'll be updating more often now :D!! I'm so happy that you're lovin' my comic that much!

annhell: Oh my gosh it is such a big flippin' honor for such an AMAZING artist like you to pay attention to little ol' me! >< ><! Thank you for your comment... It was a huge ego boost (LOL) I was jumping around bragging about it to all my friends on AIM for like 2 hours. LOL

People who don't comment: I'm pretty sure you're still reading... So just a shout out, THANKS FOR READING!!
wow! both of your comics are so amazing!

I absolutely love the way you draw.

So professional :P
this is...
and really pretty artwork too :) <3
For some odd reason I keep thinking Haruka looks like a Korean pretty boy. o__O. I think that's just me though :x
Sorry for the slow update!
Schools been getting to me lately x__X
fyi: all those two panels towards the end are of the roof top where the zyania fight is going and the other one is just through a window (silhouette of celcius's battle)

... just clarifying that LOL