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(damara voice) nani the fuck
Explanation: Labana has dissociative identity disorder, with multiple personalities known as "alters". When Labana is stressed by a vague situation or events that don't directly affect her, the alter known as Damara "fronts," or becomes the active personality. Labana does not share memories with her alters, hence Damara's confusion on the situation at hand.
What, were you expecting Lunala? Whaddaya mean "lunar" recon

also i had such a hard time drawing this fucking lion and he's gonna stick around for a bit someone end my existence please for the love o
"Collab," you all complain, "you said you'd be back on Monday!"

Ah, but I never said WHICH Monday, did I?

Anyways, have a page.
oh hey where did you come from
what the FUCK is THAT
oh shit... where are we now...
<== Don't miss the double update
Don't miss the double update ==>
What just happened what's going on what IS THAT
Something is suddenly much more important to Ayaka than escaping a beating... what could possibly be happening?
The protagonist of my comic Lunar Recon is also a character in a friend's story!
Read PMD: Lunar Recon here:
Read Pokeronpa: The Deadly Elites here:
Amity Forest is mostly fenced off, save the entrances to the forest to the west and east of Amity Station.
for the Character Page or w/e
I was kinda on the fence about making Labana my character, since I'm worried about writing her DID accurately, but I'm confident enough to at least use her here!

Flux's Charlie the Hitmonchan

oh man y'all know what they say about mankeys and tempers
same apollo
It's been fifteen years since the Fourth Disaster. Nobody is sure why just yet, but mystery dungeons have started reappearing in the world of Pokemon. Reports of violent climate change and an abundance of dungeons are coming from an isle to the west. When rescue and exploration teams stop coming back, it's time for the Explorers Federation to send in the elite: Recon Team Crosshair.

Currently, PMD:LR updates daily, and features pages in greyscale. Read it here:
today's page is late because i'm a lazy
i think you accidentally uploaded this one twice!