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Thomas S
I like movies,tv shows and comics.
Plus many more!
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sneaking up on them from behind, doesn't she know anything?
you're welcome, ah thank you.
A comment
Just started reading this comic, wanted to say I like it and can't wait for the next updates!

Also what font are you using?
Thomas S
December 1st, 2017
cool comic
Just read all the pages and wanted to say I really 'dig' the art style , keep it up.
new story
New story
lallalal pigs are pink i'm going insane please help me butter mc debby
lol, i kinda forgot to post :3
comic might be delayed here for a week or so, i need to balance out the comic pages on my other platforms.
Thanks for the support NorthernJin, the comic has 17 pages ahead already so yeah. If you or anyone else wants to read more go to
lol what a celebration!
change sutch to such
ment change to meant
Update? update! UPDATE!!! MORE COMICS woohoo!
made my week!
I think it's time for Haruto-kun to find out/get told who yuki-chan really is. But i'm not the one with the successful comic with many chapters. I just don't want to see this comic go on forever and lose its charm along with it. Like is there a ending or are you "making'' it up as you go along? don't let the audience forget yuki-chans end goal, becoming a boy again or has enough character development taken place that she wants to stay a girl?. And if so she needs to decide whether or not to tell Haruto-kun who she actually is. Just some concerned thoughts is all. :)
awwww yeeeaaaahhhh! It's back and so am I!
Good development with the characters! I noticed that the comipo watermarks gone??

and change beeing to being :)
double up?
is this the same page as number 16? (previous one before this one)
panel 2
allways to always

panel 3
thats to that's
another change ha!
you'r to you're
theres to there's
"you punch me" change to "you punched me"