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LIKES: Fighting censorship, fostering dogs
PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Illustrator for the web video series "Conspiracy MF"
CURRENTLY: Illustrator for some webcomics including "Tendril Puppy"
WHERE TO TELL NORM HE ANNOYS YOU: He has accounts on Twitter, Gab, & Reddit
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    Norm Karsh
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Back when I did a comic for reporter Laura Loomer, at her request, I only had a couple of hours to put it together. This was another one of those situations. I had drawings around of Justin and his dad, and a beaver, for something else I was working on. I just had to write a new script around the images based on what was going on in the news with Trudeau, to get the comic out while the issue was still trending.
I'm not actually on opioids, and I hope you're not either.
After visiting the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, I did a series of comics with a single illustration repeated six times (“Theory of Repetition”). This one is a tribute to Tracy Beanz, featuring George Costanza. I stuck it over in “Norm Karsh Mystery Bag” for a while, but then thought it might be nice to lighten up “Conspiracy MF Presents” for a bit.
Here’s a comic I did noticing that a lot of quickly rising politicians share a sort of “mystery racial mix”. It’s the sort of thing ad companies look for in models, to appeal to the largest possible demographic.
This had been in my webcomic “CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – Vol. 1”, but I removed it and I’m sticking it here. I had 3 ads in row for the video series “Conspiracy MF”, and that might have been overdoing it. This was the weakest of the 3.
This had been the opening comic in my webcomic “CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – Vol. 2”, but I removed it and I’m sticking it here. It was one of the weaker illustrations in that comic and maybe not a good way to open the thing. I think it’s funny though.
Volume 1 of “Conspiracy MF Presents” ended around comic #30, so I thought that comic #33 of “Conspiracy MF Presents Volume 2” could be a new beginning, almost like I was starting “Volume 3”.
@Paul Q: Thanks so much, Paul. If you aren’t connected with Polly on Twitter, for all the Youtube followers she has, not a ton of them use Twitter. She’s given a thumbs-up a couple times to comments I’ve added to her posts on Twitter.
Hands on deck
I noticed that my last 3 comics in “Norm Karsh Mystery Bag” all prominently feature hands. It is true I like drawing hands. I wouldn’t call myself a gifted artist, but a really good tattoo artist was talking to me about the trouble he had drawing hands, and it looked like he did too. Not only can I draw hands pretty well, I air-brushed hands all over a car I had early on. The car was beat to hell, so I decided to experiment. I used my left hand as a model as I went around the car. My boss sold me the car she was trading in sometime after that. She was very straight-laced. I think she was probably a little weirded out by my driving a hand-mobile into work every day.
Some updates to this list: These are still the personalities I regularly listen to, but there have been a few updates. First, for some reason Pete Santilli is having trouble with Youtube and I’m having to go to to catch his new shows. Second, of the female personalities mentioned at the end of the list, it’s The Amazing Polly that I’m becoming really addicted to recently. Third, I mention the show “Coast-To-Coast”, but I probably should have written the show’s name as the more correct and more formal “Coast to Coast AM”. In contrast to the other shows on the list, a lot of what you hear on Coast to Coast is probably bullshit, but’s it’s great late night listening for insomniacs.
Thought of the idea for this one after watching Styxhexenhammer666’s video “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is Clueless on Taxes and Economics”.
I was in such a rush to get a few drawings done in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, I forgot to give this guy a neck!
A new pen!
The pens I’d been using to ink over my pencils started running out, so I used a new pen that inked so thick, it’d bleed into the paper almost as soon as it touched it -- Maybe I should mention too that I use pads from the Dollar Store to do my pencil sketching, and run-of-the-mill typing paper to do my inks. In order to ink this picture of Schumer I had to ink fast and not let the pen rest. I liked the final effect. The lines are a lot thicker than in similar pictures done at this time … such as my illustrations of Beto and John Tory (Both of which appear in my webcomic “Norm Karsh Mystery Bag”). This sort of pen would probably not work well on any illustration where you might have to hesitate while inking a line.
Jim Garrison Vs. Johnny Carson
For those people who don’t know what this cartoon is alluding to, America’s favorite talk show host Johnny Carson tried to set up New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison on air. Garrison was the only person who ever attempted to prosecute the conspirators responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy.
Reasons why
This cartoon was begun and finished in a single evening, which is very fast and rare for me. Reporter Laura Loomer confronted Jack of Twitter fame on 9/6/18 in Washington, D.C., and the cartoon was finished by the following morning. It was done so quickly because Laura Loomer requested a cartoon from me to commemorate the event. I hope my take on the event is to her liking! Her video of the interaction in D.C. is online:

Some may wonder why I drew Jack with breasts. Two reasons: My Parkinson’s was acting up and my hands were shaky, and 2) I was under a deadline and could only make so many revisions. Or maybe some other reason.
The first of three images devoted to promotion of the show, no political content.
Another one-off experiment. Just an image, no real joke here.
This was another one-off experiment, like the Leslie Jones comic, but this one feels more complete.
I produced this cover much earlier than it was posted, but didn’t really love it. It grew on me.
This is about as slick a comic book cover as I can make. I started losing interest in comic covers about this time. I’d rank this image right up there with two of my favorite comic book covers: Trump throwing two middle fingers, and Bill Clinton suggesting he should run the family dog for office.