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Why attach them? It's just gonna come off later
I know that things are getting steamy, but aren't they cold in the water?
@boiseboo: 10 bucks he says something nice but is secretly jealous
Baily, he's gonna freeze so you better warm him up ?
I just realized that this is a huge step for Dylan. He was an introvert and this is a lot to do. He really loves joa
I'm curious as well...
You know, it's cute that joa is more concerned about him than the outfit
@portisHeart: SAME and we won't know till Tuesday;-;
*takes the wine* lol good luck man
Of course she's right. Look at that face in the last panel
I had to double take because I read 4 years as forty. And I was like ?
So no Christmas gift and no Valentine's gift... I hope he gets him something soon. Also is that blood in joas cup? Lol
Dylan could give joa a bj
Oh great ?
Dylan is so cute and alf just needs to relax :)
Yay! I love you!
@SarahIkumi: yeah. That's what I was thinking
January 16th, 2017
It's so cute!
Self punishment? For letting him die or something else?