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Lifes been pretty tough recently for me . Be on a look out for an update of whats going on and what will happen to APA later today.
Lifes been pretty tough recently for me . Be on a look out for an update of whats going on and what will happen to APA later today.
Life is pretty buisy for me now a days so this page got done pretty late. Probably the next few ones will show up late too but hey better late than never.
Attention everyone. This week there will be an update on APA only on thursday. The reason for this is definatly not because I left home and forgot to update it on my home computer.
Because of this clearly intentional decision of mine that was definatly not an accident here is something else.I present to you, Ray from universe-678@987# where almost everything is the same to current Ray universe. If you guys like it maybe I'll make more.
Hey look, a town with buildings and wat-not.
well, cartoon physics and shit.
hey guys, as you may know my computer has been fried and has been out of commision for a while.(thats why the last few pages where drawn by hand) but some good news is that I've been able to get one borrowed so I'm back at it.I lost all the pages of the next Chapter with my Previous computer so there will be a break while I remake those pages.
Maybe Ray should get a doctor to have a look at his arm later. Or maybe it'll magicly heal thanks to cartoon magic. Find out next week.
Sorry for the lateness guys. I've been super sick lately and didn't have the energy to do a bunch of stuff. I'm getting better now so next week the pages should come up on their normal time.
For those yougster that don't get it. Back in the far off era of 2004 in the old versions of ruby and saphire there was a confusion with the fans revolving around the male protaganist. Some thought that he was wearing a hat, others thought he just had white hair. In the end gamefreak cleared the issue among the fans..... It was white hair. ;P
It would be awesome if the pokedex had an intructional manual on how to be a trainer in game. Then we could all skip the tutorial.
lesson one of pokemon survival, never trust a wild pokemon, ever.
hey look its back. Okey so maybe I wasnt able to finish by february but hey march is close to february so that counts for something right....... please don't be mad. Anyway I uped the quality of the comic a little, this make creating the page ta a little longer so, APA will only update twice a week. IT'S BACK YEAH!!
Hey guys. For those that didnt read the last news update... well... you should do that. I'm still kinda buisy as of late but now I have a little free time, so now Ch 3 of APA is under way. Still don't know the exact date for it to pick back up, I'm thinking late febuary(I'll post a cover page for the chapter with the exact date later.) For now enjoy this page.
For those that dont get whats going on May in pushing down on his colar bone. The results are... welll... try it on a friend and see what happens.
Well im gonna be out of town for a while so its staying like that.
drugs and SCIENCE! lots of science. with a bit of magic.
Sorry guys but this week there's not gonna be any updates. Life's been real hard for the past month and it's been dificult finding the time to make these pages. I'll see if I can sort everything out this week so that next week this problem dose't happen again. In the mean time tell me what you think of the comic. I'm aways up for some critism, positive or negative as long as it's constructive.
WOW! 11 subs I never thought I'de see the day. Thank you you guys are awsome each and every one.
Sorry about this being late my computer has been acting up for a few weeks. Now its fixed now. The next pages should be out normaly.