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A sonic spriter person. I love resident evil :D

If it's Resident Evil or Zombie related, I can tell you whatever you want to no ;D
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...Another reason
I think I might still have the combat mode sprites
This is why I need online more :l
This is. Exactly why.
Ahh Zeo too!
I love all of your characters, they have depth to them.
I still have Shroud's sprite for that remake of The Darkspine Dimension I wanted to do... And I just might be if I can get a good computer again :D
I'm gonna keep my sights on this
R Kelly
Wait, what? Anyway, yeah, preview of J:QO and what is to come after I sprite... A LOT
Holy crap
James doesn't have a cigarette glued to his face, surprising eh?
I was talking to Kenneth while playing Runescape, and he had this idea. So I did it.
100% custom 10mm and 12.7mm pistols. Enjoy, you can use these but only with credit to me, and if you can show me how you used it... I enjoy shit like that :3

Credit to Obsidian and Bethesda for making Fallout
I lost the old sprites, so here is the brand spanking new one.

Credit to respectful owners
How is it bad?
It's been 2 months
Since my last update.
Funny shit happens here
'nuff said.
I can explain...
I got bored. And Axe and Steph inspired me to... Just get this straight: This is just a side project, its not like I'm going to do a comic based off of Human James (yet). THIS IS JUST FUN.

Credit to SEGA and the rippers/editors of the original sprites.
Elephant Man..?
James is a messed up person. He can have legit arguments with himself. 'nuff said.