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Cyril is so proud of his nephew omg. I'm so happy to have caught up!
I just yelled "fuck" reading this page good god this is so well written
This is definitely one of the best illustrations of how to support a person going through a panic attack I've seen in a while. It's so nice seeing two characters relating over something so intimate. I'm enjoying your work so far and can't wait to catch up!
I need seaweed's panel as a print.
You just asked her out and got rejected and *shes* the one who can never get a date? Bruised ego much?
Oh boy, I've following for a few years now (somewhere between Wallis and Purple and Damage Done) and I've been just waiting for everyone to meet up again. My heart is not ready but I totally am at the same time! Also I am so hyped to eventually be able to hold Gloomverse in my hands you have absolutely no idea, the moment I'm able to I'm going to be buying that volume!