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Didn't see the diglet at first!
New site design is definitely cool. :)
Sorry h0ly! Guarantee that's my One - I'll never be right again, promise! :)
Alright Bestbuddy, COME ON DOWN!*

*The punchline is that her last mon isn't an electric type like her dad's all are, but instead has boxing gloves and matches her theme soooo well.
@Syntras: Because a vision softly creeping,
@Stokholm It's right there, behind DT! Cue the battle theme!
Everyone sayin' he's the father, I don't think he looks old enough. My guess is he's Atty's brother.
Theenk we gonna need a beeger box...
Yikes what a beast! Good luck DT, at least the type match-up isn't as bad as last time!

I haven't given up yet h0ly! I will overthink circles around your next surprising reveal, vengeance will be mine!