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I love reading, drawing, and writing ...oh and video games. That's a thing.
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@Guest: replying to a year old comment? really?
well can say for certain that this new style fits the comic better. I like it
@WiispNightmare: ...professor birch plz its just a zigzagoon

...on second thought it probably will bite him hard if he stops
GO PANNE!!!!!!!
@troblsomtwins829: I can contest that team galactic is pretty scary. scarier than team rocket.
@Surfersquid: I have decided to play a different song every time they appeared. I can tell you after I did that I lost the little respect I had for them.
I want panne to stay. FOREVER.
@HaikenEdge: I think the leaders of team rocket had too many repels at this point in time
@Critic: aha, now here's the problem, too many Chrome users. you know what they say, all Chrome users use Chrome XD
@ReaderWriterNerd&Geek: how does flash work? what about waterfall? fly? whirlpool?
that hanzo...
Last time I was against a good mei, my comment was, This mei is good and I hate them for it XD
@Zelkova: he really is. unless you are stupidly good with aiming with arc'd projectiles.
in the past few years, I've been try to get in the habit of staying gender neutral when referring to people online.
the character abreviations is usually what i use
@MarioKong: ...I have actually encountered a good mei...that was on the opposing team.
needless to say I wanted to murder (figuratively) the person playing her.
a fight?
kinda looks like there is a fight on the last panel in the background: upper portion
@PJSam: Maybe the book IS a god XD
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: maybe it is a book of a god???
@Tehpikachu: yeah it does...

like 13 moons would mean 13 months