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I'm a fox and an eevee who apparently stumbled apon this.
As I lack good drawing skills (I don't even know HOW), This is gonna require a lot of help. Especially if I'm gonna make a comic. Space's the limit, y'know.

Shoot the moon, I'll try and take one. Many eyes watch.
*Busts the wall down, appearing next to Percy. I'm holding a giant slab of steak*

Can I get asks too? Please? *Cheesy grin*
@HarrisonButterGem: (this is to Percy)
Why DID you change? What did Teafriend talk of? Who's that girl?
Percy... I mean, you're fine as is, man... tell me more about this. I lack the needed data. What HAPPENED?
Ahh, it's glorious to see this. It's funny.
@WiispNightmare: ...wiisp it is SO hard to not make sexual jokes about the wings unfurling when the mon is "excited"! whyyy
Ask him bout himself. Know thy comrades, brother.

B. What's this about car radio? Is this Old Mon Henderson?
Joke about it. Silliness is fun.
B. That... doesn't sound fun.
Let's get friends.
Stick close to the doggo. He's the only safety we have.
Hooray for that person! This is awesome!
To Percy.
Percy, there's no need to hide. You're afraid, aren't you?

I can see all. If you wish to beat up something, I could see about a arrangement.
I bet if you could refine it it'd make a great Sonic-esqe level.
@WiispNightmare: Why would ME being hypno'd be fun?
To Percy
Hey, how's my Espeon doin'?! Been ages!