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Mad-whatever dancing around reality like it t'would be a toy, another day, really.

Naughty (Maybe?):
(Basically, I'll be EVERYWHERE)
I see the past and weep for the future.
@Shard: Wow, scuse me if I want to have tea like a CIVIL DOUCHEBAG.

god, I couldn't help but smile after saying that.
Sup Silvet, think you can hear us? Can you read these comments?
"oh im dyin' do you have a cheeseburga"
So that explains all the bags on those abandoned trails. I was wondering why they were so heavy, I didn't think teams were LIVING in them!
Just read the entire story so far. Jesus, why did I binge this?
what, we can't fight back? Yeesh, I thought you'd HAVE some tricks still up your sleeves to prevent Ket's failure.
linkvee u monster
@WiispNightmare: Why does everyone forget?
@WiispNightmare: The numbers. You can't friend someone unless you have the 4 numbers at the end of their name. Like how mine's #6467
@WiispNightmare: ok. Add me once you get on the comp
@WiispNightmare: There's a downloadable version too for comp, might help.

also, press the arrow thing to the right of your text.
Lost Dreemurr#6467

add me
"I can't believe you've done this"