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hahahahah, OMG.
Curva, or actually Kurva in my language means bitch XDD
I almost didn't get the joke. In my country it is legal to buy alcohol when you're 18 :D
OMG AN UPDATE. I was begining to loose hope :3
August 23rd, 2008
wait a minute.. you're from lithuania?!? ME TOO!!! great, you drawreally nicely and the story line is real awesome. but poor Sunny. >.<
i think you had another typo.last pannel,"the idot mortal..." should it be "the idiot"?
desertkitty, you're not strange at all. i think so too <33
agreed yotsuba
wow, he's really nicely drawn~~~
ooooh, sexy.i would definetly consider him an actual boyfriend
September 25th, 2007
no, really, you watch Kuzco? I love him'
Ahhh! This is so true!!!m not that im a boy, but this is really like tat :D