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I didn't understand it until i saw the comments, hehe, a bit like mine! Hahaha, wierd thing, before i came on here i was looking at your first one too!! ha!
Haha, great one, although i think glados would have tried to kill a lot earlier if stefan was the actual person in portal, hehe

Love your drawing of a cake and cube, haha..

P.s - BEST comic name so far :P
I'm so ashamed! Why?.. because the best comic so far was about Dan Michow! Also, OMFG i didn't even get first comment, fuck that!
Hehe, not bad, but in the last frame you look like you are asking for a hug, haha
Hehe, i was beginning to wonder when the walve logo was going to masturbate, these corperate types never get the time
I demand the photo be changed. Stefan doesn't go outside, fact. This comic is socially and morally incorrect.


.. it's still okay though..

the main thing that makes it funny in my opinion is the fact that your character has the same expression when saying "you're a freak" as when they aren't talking, rofl :P
Thanks for taking my advice and getting a new font, it looks great!
P.S Woops i just remembered i was meant to post that last comment (and now this one) on myspace not on here, sorry about that
F*** YOU TW*T!! Hahah bastard don't post bulletins saying NEW COMIC!! If it's aimed at one person you can tell over msn in 5 seconds!! Hahah twat :P

P.S - Hello
Criticism should be more valuable to you than HAHAHA, deleting comments probably wouldn't be a good idea. Except this one since it's not remotely about the comic

The previous one was a joke btw
I feel like i probably won't understand the joke until i google, megaman boxart..

September 7th, 2007
Maybe you could add another frame with God and Steve Irwin drinking beers in heaven?

Pretty good anyway though! :P
Hehe - another good one
My favourites are your first three and this one.. ^^

Keep it up George!