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I like to draw cartoons and play videogames. I have an interest in animation.

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It's time for a rude awakening...
This isn't the dream Pulley had hoped for...
Dreams can often turn to nightmares rather quickly.. like right now!!
Pulley often dreams of a candy filled paradise. Guess he has a SWEET TOOTH. ;)
There are good PRs and bad PRS. Personal Robots are often influenced by the behavior of their owners. If you're evil you'll probably build a Personal Robot in the the shape of a weapon! Watch out! Drawing Midori City zoomed out like that was time consuming.. and EvilSonic had to color it!
Personal Robots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! Most are based on the animals of "our" world... like cats and dogs. The MCFD (Midori City Fire Department) uses special "X-tinguisher" PR models to put out deadly fires. Fires can still happen in a technologically advanced future.. trust me!
Buy parts for you very own Personal Robot today! But you must use the currency known as Amps for them.. sorry.
Here we see one of many laboratories and research facilities in Midori City. Props to EvilSonic for making it look extra glowy in the rooms. =)
And so it begins! Well, what are you waiting for? Click the next button!
That bear is the scariest high schooler I've ever seen... SIIIIIIIIIP.
Hanging out with Luffinpuff looks more fun than being with Eric. xD
Buzz is in despair. xD
I like this coloring alot more!
I'm secretly hoping these scary highschoolers are the ones from Sidewalk Block.. xD
Ouch thats gotta hurt. =(
xDD He made a donut cottage. it might be the one thing that'll keep him form going nuts.
I'm going to assume the reason why this comic is dead because we were all eaten by giant doughnuts. Nuff' said. Sorry! D=
She's ready to kick some butt! I love Payton...xD
Sorry guys, I haven't had any time to work on this comic (nor do I have any ideas for it..) but I have been working on my own comic which I'm planning to put up for sale on =)
So todays that one day of the year.. what was it again? Oh yeah! Merry Doughnutmass!
August 12th, 2009
I wonder whats really in that spraypaint? o-o
Your not spamming I swear. D= Cause none of the comics I watch update alot anyways. >.> (And we love your wonderful art so it's not spam. x3)