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Obviously I like webcomics.
@Jiggy: Right? Like, I ship him with Wes most of all, but he and Cassie would be adorable.
Ngl I have such a big gay crush on Cass. 😍
@ Devil999: THANK YOU. I was really hoping there would be a comment like this. Cass is just a sweetheart with a crush. It's not like she's actively trying to steal Kimrick away from Ky. She sees a hot, apparently single dude and does what a LOT of us would do. People need to back off and realize that even in the BL universe, woman=/=bad person.
Connor, DO!
Wait... Wait I caught up?! D:
September 12th, 2018
I can't wait for more of this
Wonder if his name is "Archie B" or something.
I JUST realized this is the same page as the last, just in their world.
Oh my God this is so exciting. Just when I think I can't fall more in love with his comic...
My loot arrived and the books look amaaaazing!!!
I love your art style
He's so cuuuthey both are just gorgeous together
@eldritchdraaks: His underdrawing, I think.
I love your paneling!!
Ah, I just love RGB so much.

I'm not going to take any guesses, as I am probably wrong.
@sleepingpoppy: oh I'm so happy!!! I love this comic and I'm glad it's still going on.
I love them. But at the same time, I have a bad feeling about Kenneth? I don't know why, and I'm probably reading too much into it.