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Obviously I like webcomics.
@redmarielle: o shit dude! I wish I had known in advance, it would have been awesome to meet you. *_*

Can I just say that after a looooong night of absolutely no sleep (that's a lie, 1hr of sleep,) remembering that this comic updated today made things better.
Man, it didn't take long for Wes to become my favorite character. I just really fuggin love him.
Oh my heart. This was exactly what I needed to wake up to today ❤️😭❤️
November 16th, 2017
"Mn" indeed
@Poppy: I know it's already been answered but on phones (or mine at least, I think it should work on all of them???) you can hold down on the page and it'll bring up a dialogue box with the authors caption.
November 7th, 2017
This is so pure
Just found this comic thanks to a post on Tumblr. I read LOT of comics,but this has quickly become my favorite. ❤️
I really love this comic oh my gosh. Can't wait for more!
Holy shit he is so damn cute in that last panel.
@ArgusPersa: literally the cutest.
Fffff.... I just love Wes so much!
@exizel: exactly what I've been saying. "Kim or Wes? Kim or Wes?"

Why not both?
Fucking Wes in the second panel is killing me oh my God.
Ah, yay!!! Can't wait for the update!
August 22nd, 2017
Sweet boys. I love them both.
August 18th, 2017
Oh jeeze Wes you are such a cutie. For a minute there I was a little worried, but nope. He's not an asshole, just seems a little sheltered.

Butt pirate.
July 28th, 2017
Omg you're back! I'm so happy!

And ooh, this handsome boy is back. :3
Addie in the background looks like she might be about to get some too.
June 20th, 2017
!!! Omg these cuties!