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Comic artist with a full time job, half nerdy interests and a slight love for smut~
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Drake! You can't just switch to another language! We know you are freaking out but still!
Also, as you can see, Sempiternum is my punching bag as I experiment with different ways to color. XD
We finally left that crazy DEATH dungeon!
See Drake, now you done fucked up! But nobody blames you the same time have fun explaining that dead body! (more like all those dead bodies)
Why Vlad you look like you're in pain! Is being bitten and having a good amount of your life-sustaining blood sucked out of you at an extremely high rate causing you problems? GOOD! Because it should!
He finally did it! This is the first on-screen bite in a while, isn't it? And already Vlad looks like he regrets asking. Yeah, this is not one of those stories where being bitten is ~good feeling~ for the victim.
Drake finally got mad! And it looks like he got so mad he reverted back to his native language for a second!
Excuse you, Vlad. You are being VERY RUDE!
There is definitely a reason Drake is acting weird about that! I'm just not gonna say why yet! :3
Drake, he's not giving up even now! Just leave him there!

Oh hey, tomorrow is my birthday! I'll spend it relaxing and doing art!
In truth, after that punch that threw him across the room, Vlad's face should be fucked up. But that would be inconvenient! XD
Wow, damn, Vlad! He is serious about doing SOMETHING Drake and you need to get the hell out of there! You're STILL being too nice Drake! Be mean for a minute! Kick his little sick ass! Do it! DO IT!
Vlad is still trying!
He's not playing with you, Drake! I had to have seen this coming!
Look, Drake, he thinks you immortal and there is nothing you can say to convince him otherwise!
Vlad! Stop making the blood drinking man feel worse!
I like the fact that Vlad is seriously yelling at him for NOT knowing the truth. XD
Yes, Drake! You should have known! You've spent all your time running around behind that woman that you failed to see(or smell, or hear despite all your superhuman versions of these) what was happening right in front of you! And guess you're gonna pay for that grave mistake!

Happy May! Just so happened that update day falls on May 1st! I'm not looking forward to this summer heat, despite my birthday being in June I still don't want it to come! Also. did I say how I published my second fantasy novel? If you like mermaids, red-headed knights, and some mystery then you should pick up my novel Beneath the Surface over on Amazon:
Well, that escalated quickly.
It's not every day you get to see a pile of dead bodies this high!
This was pretty funny when I first drew this some 2 or 3 years ago. I dunno why but drawing dead bodies was super nerve racking! XD
I'd be very worried Drake!