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Comic artist with a full time job, half nerdy interests and a slight love for smut~
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That's right kids, it's hiatus time! I'll be taking a break from working on this comic while I take my art classes! This was a long time coming and I knew I couldn't work full time, take art classes, work on my illustrated novels AND Sempiternum all at once so Sempiternum is getting the boot. I am actually not sure when updates will begin again, This class ends in mid November but the second class I want to take doesn't end until Mid January so the comic could be back in November if I don't raise the money for the second class fast enough before they run out of space or the comic could be back in 2020 if I do raise the money in time. Only time will tell! I will update here in November either way!
Also, to not forget about this comic you can always follow my facebook page and track my progress:
It amuses me she stuck her hand right into his bloody arm!
September 25th, 2019
You starting to rant a little bit too much there, Drake.
September 18th, 2019
Lol Drake, focus!
September 11th, 2019
Why of course I went the nose bleeding route!
Oh yeah! She's clearly naked, isn't she?!

OK! OK! I did research about this time period, I totally did! Sleeping naked was absolutely a thing BUT it kindda sounded like if a person had to talk to someone while in the middle of trying to sleep naked (like not even just a partner but a servent or a random visiter), it wasn't a big deal for them look at you in your birthday suit. That makes sense! (again) BUT I could NOT pass up this opportunity to have an awkward moment between these two just because Drake is an idiot and the two haven't been intimate yet on top of that! So have fun with this awkward teenage scene!
Finally, he sat down!
And now we have verification Drake is in fact, wearing basically a skirt.
Dem legs~
Drake! You can't just switch to another language! We know you are freaking out but still!
Also, as you can see, Sempiternum is my punching bag as I experiment with different ways to color. XD
We finally left that crazy DEATH dungeon!
See Drake, now you done fucked up! But nobody blames you the same time have fun explaining that dead body! (more like all those dead bodies)
Why Vlad you look like you're in pain! Is being bitten and having a good amount of your life-sustaining blood sucked out of you at an extremely high rate causing you problems? GOOD! Because it should!
He finally did it! This is the first on-screen bite in a while, isn't it? And already Vlad looks like he regrets asking. Yeah, this is not one of those stories where being bitten is ~good feeling~ for the victim.
Drake finally got mad! And it looks like he got so mad he reverted back to his native language for a second!
Excuse you, Vlad. You are being VERY RUDE!
There is definitely a reason Drake is acting weird about that! I'm just not gonna say why yet! :3
Drake, he's not giving up even now! Just leave him there!

Oh hey, tomorrow is my birthday! I'll spend it relaxing and doing art!
In truth, after that punch that threw him across the room, Vlad's face should be fucked up. But that would be inconvenient! XD
Wow, damn, Vlad! He is serious about doing SOMETHING Drake and you need to get the hell out of there! You're STILL being too nice Drake! Be mean for a minute! Kick his little sick ass! Do it! DO IT!
Vlad is still trying!
He's not playing with you, Drake! I had to have seen this coming!