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I just now noticed the Milotic figurehead on their ship.

Also, good old Shelly, asking the questions the audience have been wanting to ask!
Your arm is more important than a comic, so take all the time you need and don't overdo it.

As for the comic, I just now noticed that the Wingull have webbed feet, which is pretty cool.
And now the captain themself makes his/her appearence! Which might be even worse for the rest of the crew, depending on how much wrath said captain has.

Also, finally caught up! :D Just going to say that this has been one of the most enjoyable comics I've read, the artwork, characters & storytelling are all top notch! :D Keep up the good work! :)
Don't mess with a pirate captain's daughter. Especially if you are part of their crew. Not even if you're the captain themself. :P
"That's too long", says the pokemon with exactly the same length name! :P
So Nimbus will be showing up with Briar from now on?
Yay, more screentime for best birb! :D
That spotted Poochyena is a terrible judge of character. :P
That smol Poochyena is so cute! :3
The tailow has a name? Yay, that means they're more than just a one-off background character! :D
That Tailow is now my favourite character in this comic so far. (Well, besides Cedar of course. That's a given.)
OK, that narration is now my new favourite way to segue into a sidestory.
Wait, did Shelly grow and extra set of legs between redesigns?

Also, she said it'd be nice to have a team again. Does that mean she was on a team before?
All chapters should end with a squee from now on!
Yeah, I think the tunnel is the one place Cedar didn't hit her head :P
Aww, cheer up Shelly. Evolution isn't everything. You even learn moves faster and get more EXP if you're unevolved!
Cedar's timing is impecable. Or the egg was waiting for her to return before starting to hatch.
Last time she saw that egg Cedar was a Mudkip. Will the egg even recognise her now?!

...Probably not a problem though, since eggs don't have eyes.
10/10 stealthiest Marshtomp ever.
So if Roksa didn't kidnap Peako, then...
What if Splinter is the one who kidnapped her and is trying to shift the blame! :O

Or she could have just ran away on her own.
That Pachirisu! XD Just minding their own buisness in the treetops, then this happens! :P