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Cedar is certainly very heroic, first risking herself to save a random egg, and now a random ralts! Good on her! :D
(Hopefully that heroic nature doesn't cause any problems in the future...)
Ahh, the time honoured way of meeting new people: fall from the sky and land on them!
No Cedar! You'll never take me alive is not the thing to say in a Nuzlocke Comic! The bad guys might take it literally! D:
That's a LOT of Tailow...

Cedar can take them!
No pokemon is either very good (nothing to attack you), or very bad (something already got everyone else.)

Hopefully it's the first...
And off our protagonist runs into the forest of eternal doom! :P

This comic is amazing! :D I love the art style and the story is really sweet and original. I can't wait to see what happens next! (Especially what new characters Cedar will meet!)
And here's the title drop. Kinda sad that Basil won't be going along too though.
Bandits, thugs and outlaws? Don't forget poison ivy, quicksand, cannibals, snakes and the plague!
Basil does not look amused.
Incoming rival battle in 3...2...1...
It is indeed an egg.
Cedar; putting the mud in mudkip since 2018.
This is looking great already1 :D
Page 1 and already lots of worldbuilding.
I see that Yamask is still following them. I wonder what he/she's up to?

How much you wanna bet Naya's going to either fall or jump into the water midway through the story? :P
Aww, Hau doesn't get the handsome litten from the last page? :(
Anyway, this is awesome. Keep up the good work! :D
I love the way you draw this! And Lucio is so adorable! :3
Aww, I feel bad for Popplio now. :(
Two pages in and you've already made me emotionally attached to Lea.
Also, more Grenth! :D Yay!
Yaay! Finally caught up! :D
And we have a Grumpy Noibat and hopefully Grenth already!
Does this mean we'll see more of Grenth in this chapter? :3