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Well I'm currently working on Muffin and Meatloaf, once I can find my friend with a scanner it's goin' up. Three editions to Muff and Meat, regular, The legend of Muff and MEat and the adventures of M-vowel M-vowel
Re Amiko: I'm all better now! =D yay!
RE Amiko: Ugh I'm sick... and Nurse is gonna kill me when she finds out.
My cookies also got crushed when i tried to give them to all my friends and stuff... stupid bag T.T
RE Amiko: I was being random cause none of my friends were on. But the thing the prevents the sauce from flying up on the ceiling/you when you cook marina sauce was the sifter cause the other one was in the dishwasher... but the cookies taste good. I'm just putting them in the oven...
RE Amiko: I'm trying to make snickerdoodles but I can find my sifter thing. And I'm using a sauce guard. I'm upset with the sauce guard cause it's letting my flour go on the counter as well as the bowl.... these better be good. ><
RE Amiko: I'd need a big comfy chair though
Re amiko: it'd be epic
Poor Turffles I would jumped out the window by know though...
Re Amiko: I wish laziness was an olympic sport...
Re Amiko: I wish I had enough motivation to change mine. I wish I also had enough motivation to get up... and eat.
Re Amiko: *holysupagasp* new avatar!
Re: author comment
They'd get in your face about teaching methods
Re Author comment from the page that was before this one!:
Yes cops could make it a bit problematic....
you are back *confetti*
RE: Author Comment
It'd be effective!
Re: Author comment; Nice I think you were pretty effective then.
So did you siblings ever learn?
Re: ... Author comments...?
Musta been rough on the other end. Glad my brother never trained me...
Ahh Cookies! *muches* welcome back ^w^
It's just like training a puppy only with humans and it's a very painful stick of death as opposed to a newspaper.... SAME PRINCIPALS!