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Captain Ghost

Below is random info you will never really need. Maybe.

Colour: Yellow, green, teal
Music: Daft Punk, videogame stuff
Animal: Snow leopards, raccoons
Drink: Water
Videogame: Anything Zelda [Minish Cap<3] + Anything Tales Of + Golden Sun
Hobbies: Webcomics, writing, animation, cartoons, crafts, art stuffs, bicycling
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Dang. Pippa's got some moves, haha
At least he had the good reflex to spit-take away from his computer, hahaha
Teddy chewing on the neckerchief is such a cute touch, hehe~
'Oops' sounds about right, haha. @.@''
Congrats on the 2 year anniversary!

And echoing the others, hope the hurricane treats your place well -- glad you'll be somewhere staying safe!
But he was smiling and trying his best......

(well, he looks like he was trying to smile in that one panels there haha. In the last, poor thing looks a tad bereft...)
@eishiya: oh geez, uh... shoot, I didn't really time it I'm afraid, but it still felt like a pretty quick read as far as I can recall!

(I got hooked into the details on a few pages so some took a bit longer than others but in general my impression is that larger archive or not, it was still fairly quick, yeah.)

Sorry! I've the memory of a goldfish xP
I'd been meaning to read BD for awhile now and just binged through it today -- your mastery of B/W is amazing..................

Blair's my favourite haha. The world you've built is pretty intriguing, too!
Looking forward to more~
Huh, I -thought- your style was familiar O:
I quite enjoy your pokemon adventure comic, and have quite been enjoying this comic as well ^^

Looking forward to more~
... thanks for the moral support, cobalt... xP
Most of what I remember from bungee jumping is that the dude up top did not wait for me to make up my mind and pushed me off the platform 8/ bastard. To be fair, I do remember contemplating my life decisions (same for the below two situations though, come to think of it, heh) once I went to take that first step. The mind just goes 'nope.'

god that sky diving pic though has been my FB profile pic for ages now hahaha.
I remember skimming through the pics the dude had taken when I went down and had a bunch of me smiling and being all okay n stuff and then THAT PIC, I looked hella terrified and it made me laugh so much. At least that one I was not in control of, so much... It's like. Welp. You're harnessed up. You're hanging out the plane now, yikes. Annnd... the dude you're diving with decides it'd be fun to flip out of the plane, nice

Uncle took us to a bunch of cliffs when we went camping a week or two ago, my bro, pal, and cousin just watched but my other cousin n I went up and jumped. Only 30 feet high I think? We would have gone to the 40 foot one had we seen it but I think we tunnel visioned pretty hard when we got up there, heh. Cousin just went 'Well, not gonna stop and think about it' and jumped off, leaving me up there to, of course, stop and think about it 8) but down I went, eventually.

Good stuff.
I find tubing just as terrifying, if we're honest. Heard too many horror stories with tubing @w@;;
Given my last comic before resuming here was from... October apparently (whoops), and I never got around to the 2016 recap comics I'd meant to do earlier this year... and so, I guess I never wrote about losing my cat.

She passed late November. (November does not seem to like my cats... That's two, now.)

It was rather haunting one day, groggily waking up a week or two after it happened and just randomly experiencing the sensation of little paws on my bed... It's been a while now but some days I still quite miss her <3 Dream was a good cat.

(the link just goes to a picture of her)
Even if I've no clue at this point where I'm heading, I still gotta at least try. I dunno. Something'll work eventually... probably?

(wow, two comics in two days, go me)
Huh, this is a pretty cool comic you've got here -- I'm surprised there's not a lot more traffic 'cause I feel it'd be deserved O: Spiffy concept and the pages are presented nicely <3

Pilot's probably my fave so far, but I'm really curious to learn more about all the characters and the island!~ Looking forward to it.
I love how geometric Dexter's design is. Fitting/really stands out~
2017 hasn't been much to write home about.
I did get a job in December of 2016 (underwent training for tech support), kept it up until about mid-May when my stress levels up and went 'Nope. No more of this.'

I think I've been feeling burnt out - to varying degrees - since even before I started school, which was back in Feb of 2015. Things just sorta spiraled a bit during/afterwards.

Still... I don't remember ever feeling quite so lost or uncertain as to what's supposed to be next in life than I am now.
I'll often go through these short lived bursts of 'yeah!! I'm gonna turn things around!' but it never seems to last long --
hell, even in those instances I've no clue of where to start.

I love seeing and hearing stories of people doing better now than they were, years or months ago or whatever
And I -Know- it takes time and effort. but.
hell. I wish that were me.

(Bah. 'pologies for the vent. As a side note: I really miss doing comics.)
I meant to comment on this earlier but both mons look super cute!<3

(this comic had me finally start up a run of Uranium-- had been putting it off for awhile and this was a good excuse to get on it ehe~)

Looking forward to seeing where it goes!
Oh man, just got back from a week of camping mself, I hope you enjoy yours!! Have fun/stay safe!

(that aside was not expecting this spin to this chapter... glad lasse seems to be all right! @_@)
that is bordering on illegal amounts of adorable................
I'm likin' this David fellow so far haha. Might be way off the mark but he strikes me as kinda.. pragmatic in a way..