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Woahhh, what a lovely surprise!

Just went and reread and and super stoked and looking forward to more. ^^ Welcome back!
aww, this is adorable!
good ol pokemon go, bringing family n friends together~
But diiiiiiiiid he read your outline,, eheh ;P

.... and I'm with him here, checking first sounds like no fun ahahaha~
Who needs ears, anyway??
yeah, it Does looks awesome! turned out very nicely ovo
Huh. I like this lady's style but... sure don't trust her, haha.
Huh, neato!
Usually it's the 'younger sister healer & older badass warrior brother' trope, but this is inverted, looks like?

Anyway, the art is quite lovely <3
And the story's premise is intriguing so far~
Sick move!
Oh! This premise sounds really cool~
Congrats on 100 pages! Quite the milestone ^^
Amelia, noooooo ):
Aw man... he looked relatively happy once upon a time ):
Holy crow, that gif in the author comment made me laugh harder than it shoulda. To be fair, pretty sure nintendo warned ahead of time their e3 Direct was gonna be smash-centric. I'm glad they showed new fire emblem at least o:

I'm glad for unravel 2 and cuphead DLC! But otherwise don't game as much as I used to and am super hype about smash

Anyway, EA in the first panel is pretty funny ahaha
Young man in his 100s... That got a small chuckle outta me. What a guy, haha.
Already looking forward to when ya get back! o;

but in the meantime, I hope the hiatus treats you well ^^/
Welcome back! Super stoked to see this updating again!

(I'm thinking it may be high time to give it a reread now that it's started back up, when I get a chance ovob)
This is such a cute exchange...
Ah, I'm so glad.

Over these past few pages, I was really starting to wonder whether the 'nuclear meltdown' part of the title was hinting at a not so good ending (... I mean, now that it's in my head, the suspicion isn't likely to go away 8C but this, for the time being, is a relief)
Woah, really digging the look of this place! The colour scheme is really nice and it looks sorta vast? but comfortably vast. The plant life adds a real nice touch, too.

(Super glad you're feeling back up to chipping away at stuff but don't overdo it, look after yourself first! We'll be here~)