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Captain Ghost
(current avatar is of my OC Frey, by

Sketch blog:
Twitter: windmillKey


-Misc Favourites-
Colour: Yellow, teal
Music: Daft Punk, Gorillaz, game stuff
Animal: Snow leopards, raccoons
Video game: Anything Zelda [Minish Cap<3] + Anything Tales Of + Undertale
Hobbies: Reading, webcomics, writing, animation, cartoons, bicycling, ultimate Frisbee
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I give this page's title a 10/10, excellent word play hehe~

poor james though, hopefully the soap cleans up its act
@Match25: I almost spat my drink when I read your comment. Thanks for that xD
'one of the most'

.... ONE OF??

ahahahah. Oh, toivo...
@Seven Rain: I honestly was thinking the same ahahaha. He looks far too innocent for his own good ehe;; makes one wonder.
Happy birthday! \o/
Captain Ghost
November 1st, 2018
Oh my god, that crown seems like it'd be a nightmare to draw haha qvq

these pages are always so detailed! <3
And then they both get bonked the next page while they're not paying attention to their opponents, ahaha xP

(I like this new character though! He looks cool~)
Hope you feel better soon! o/ just getting over a cold myself D: thankfully it wasn't too bad though. Anyway, rest up ^^/
Oh god, ME TOO. Just a big Nope.
A live feed seems like such a cute/nice idea qvqb kudos to whoever thought of that over there ehe;
Welcome back!

Work at whatever pace works best for you. These pages are gorgeous and the story is really intriguing! We'll stick around~

3 pages in one week is definitely a lot! So while it was nice being spoiled, I don't think any sensible person can fault ya for dropping down to a more reasonable number for ya~ <3
Captain Ghost
October 7th, 2018
That looks like it may leave a mark... D: !
and right after he stuck a cool landing on the last page, too x3
Hope you get well soon!! Health first, comics later!
Oh. That's... rather unfortunate o.o
Wow, this page in particular is painfully accurate bahaha..

There's a Lot I would do for the sake of ice cream sandwiches............
Captain Ghost
September 23rd, 2018
Oh-- oh no D:
Captain Ghost
September 23rd, 2018
Wow, this kid looks to be both lucky and incredibly unlucky— saved twice, but he’s lost so much on both occasions. That must be quite the trauma, yikes..
@RazorD9: Those are absolutely The Worst. Ugh!!

Related to the comic though, having the interviewee spend a bit of time with Greg might be fair, giving them a glimpse of what they're potentially in for ahahaha. On the other hand, if they get along with him TOO well...
The last two panels are A+ ahahaha.

I love how crisp each page is! And your command of expressions. This is so bright and fun-looking!
I love Gruff's default expression ahahah. Relatable x3