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Captain Ghost
(current avatar is of my OC Frey, by

Sketch blog:
Twitter: windmillKey


-Misc Favourites-
Colour: Yellow, teal
Music: Daft Punk, Gorillaz, game stuff
Animal: Snow leopards, raccoons
Video game: Anything Zelda [Minish Cap<3] + Anything Tales Of + Undertale
Hobbies: Reading, webcomics, writing, animation, cartoons, bicycling, ultimate Frisbee
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@MercenaryX: That's a bit complicated, haha. Ghost's Tale originally (a LONG time ago haha - not so much anymore!) had plans of including cross-fusion and stuff related to cybeasts, if that helps any.

In general, I wouldn't say she was from any specific battle network game thouguh - more a mashup of 'em, making use of the setting itself.

It's been a long time since I've played the games though (I love em and should really get around to em again one of these days...).

The way in which she is connected to multiple worlds is going to be explored really soon in-comic!

Thanks for the question o/
aand, that's a wrap!
Characters new and old next chapter (including one of my faves), I'm hype!

(throwback to earlier this chapter o;
Loves me some orre! Looking forward to watching this unfold and seeing what curve balls ya throw at us :3
@MercenaryX: Sorry about that! Definitely not a great Past Me decision, haha.

It says 'DO NOT harm either source!' and then, underneath that (far too faintly I'll admit), 'Transmission, out!'

Thanks for inquiring though. Always nice to know people are actually reading <3
Throwback to Flamed Peak O:!!

I hope today is treating everybody well! <3
Oh no.... fen.. i had a bad feeling but actually seeing it is worse ):
Two more pages left in this chapter~!
I'm both nervous and excited about the next. It's time for some answers at long last~
Oh snap, Ghir is ruthless, haha~
... best of luck, linke. ouch D;
Captain Ghost
February 27th, 2019
@Glueckskeks: bahahaha! how unfortunate that this feels so accurate ehe;;;
beep boop
I went to scan this and the other last 3 pages of this chapter
and turns out my scanner is Dead
but managed to borrow a scanner for a moment;;

technology is not a fan of mine lately, seems like, haha.
and I feel flu-ish atm s: still managed today's page though!
anyway, see you guys next sunday~ hope you all are doing well~
Being sick sucks, hope you feel better soon sol! ):
Woah, the twili world is looking super rad. The black and white plays really well.
annnnnnnd here he is, right on cue :V tsk tsk
glancing at the alt text...
is it actually your birthday, KK?

If so, happy birthday!! Hope the day treats/treated you well! :D

as far as the comic goes, yikes. I kinda hope our protags wander over to make sure the job is done before zeldander mysteriously finds himself a second wind. 8( a lot of sacrifice for sure, but it would be unfortunate to suffer through more..

also, really nailed siska's expression i think!
One of those moments you feel your soul leaving your body haha... been there xwx
O: !! ohey, you decided to try it out!
It's windmillkey from tumblr ^^;

I hope SJ treats you well! o/
Oh snap, this page is hella badass
Haha nah, it's definitely ominous to me, too, ahaha
Hrmm.. in retrospect, if i were to do this page over, I'd have the trainers calling their pokemon back or something. The storyboards I'm working from for the next chapter or so are all... pretty dang old but I can't bring myself to completely do em over.
For the sake of seeing GT to completion, I'm more interested in chugging ahead, choo choo v:
but I hope it still. Somewhat makes sense xP weh
I like most of the expressions on this page ehe c: