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pffhahahghfdgghjk the ending..........

dang though. no kill like overkill ._.
Way to make an impression..
this is badass
Dang, that's some sick aim
Ugh, this interpretation is so fab -- sans is already my fave in the game itself but this is... way cool........... *w*

the graphs, the 'phones, the blaster at the end there... nice 8>
He's about as Done as I am, hah...

(even so, a part of me can't help feeling bad for her because I'm just. erghhh don't like hurting people's feelings. and she's human and must have SOME kind of logic to her shenanigans, right...?)

But honestly. Sooooooooooooo DOOOONE.

Really curious to see where Shy is going with this though!~
'down for the count,' huh...?

... not sure I'll buy that til they're safely out of the cave D: flee faster, darnit!
@inubasket: aaaa, I'm glad I remembered it right! (... can't always trust the ol' noggin' sometimes, hah!)

I'm definitely looking forward to revisiting this and seeing where it goes~ cheers! o/
oooh............... this comic's name really rings a bell! Is this a reboot? (Am I properly remembering this? owo)
@Heathcliff791: ey s'all good, I can reconcile it pretty easily haha. just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything, just in case~
This is a really cute page!

I'm a little puzzled though re. how they went from needing a mirror to suddenly hylian text underwater. Did I miss something or is it simply a time skip? =o
'the worst the Miakarna have done so far'

I get the feeling there's big emphasis on that 'SO FAR,'
ahaha. This seems like blasphemy on a bit of a higher level, potentially... Definitely a tad concerned for these guys, aheh;
oh snap!
heck yeah determination!

and hot dang that ending! *v*
"And cool"

Haha. Nice.
Yeah, not 100% sure I'm trusting the jellies ahaa
Dae's reaction is hilaaarious ahaha

Arashi looks really cool! owob
The speech bubble interacting in the second panel is a super cool touch!
In one ear, out the other xP
holy crow, the voting image is indeed terrifying (but also wayyy cool/wicked, heh!)
This was very pleasant to read, even if I showed up when it was already done haha;;

Thank you!
Oh wow-- I'm not sure I ever realized that! (maybe subconsciously... dunno!)

This is lookin' really cool though, I'm glad there's quality cuphead content out there ^^

(also chuckled at the 'no sweat' bit like. yeah. sure buddy.. sure.....)