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Captain Ghost
(current avatar is of my OC Frey, by

Sketch blog:
Twitter: windmillKey


-Misc Favourites-
Colour: Yellow, teal
Music: Daft Punk, Gorillaz, game stuff
Animal: Snow leopards, raccoons
Video game: Anything Zelda [Minish Cap<3] + Anything Tales Of + Undertale
Hobbies: Reading, webcomics, writing, animation, cartoons, bicycling, ultimate Frisbee
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Poof! Vanished 8O

I don't wanna jinx it but my my motherboard was shipped back to me yesterday and hopefully everything else on my PC build is up to snuff so maaaaaaaaybe I'll have a computer of my own to work on sooooooooooon.
In the meantime, continued thanks to my brother for letting me on his compy when he's at work, so I can keep up with weekly GT updates @v@;;;

Cheers o/
Quite the juice box he's got there, haha
Huh... a new month already... how time flies.

Thanks for reading.
@MercenaryX: It's nelly furtado's 'All Good Things (come to an end), circa 2006.

My mum had it on a CD and we went out of town fruit-picking that summer. A lot of interesting memories c:
Admittedly, this page does little to advance the plot or character and in newer scripts I kinda try to avoid those... but even despite having reworked some of this old script (which ends this chapter!! new, fresh 2019-written script starting in the next!), I decided to leave this page in.

This song was part of the reason I even started Ghost's Tale's original run (prior to this one), and GT might not even exist without it. For some reason it just... really inspired me at the time. Original GT would have looked fairly different to this one - it included romance and jealousy and honestly, I'm not even sure why?? I didn't even care about that stuff much back then, I just thought it would be 'funny' or something lol.

Anyways, thanks Nelly Furtado, haha.

(also last week I mentioned I should have a computer of my own to comic with now and that was, uh, false apparently. I keep running into issue after issue trying to build this thing ^^v feels bad, but hopefully soon! o/
@MSD-Dutch: Cheers o/
as always, looking forward to more ^^
aw, poor ri. her expressions are really top notch, and doing a good job of makin' me feel for her here qvq hang in there, ri!

(btw i dunno if it's on purpose but this comic doesn't show up in your profile alongside your others! o/ just a head's up
persistent bugger, that one..
"The chair! Give 'im the chair!!"
(blergh, as nice as not having a computer has been over the summer, i'm actually kiiiinda looking forward to having one of my own again soonish. I'm grateful to my bro for letting me borrow his to make comics but it always feels lately like I'm rushing coz it has to be on a day that i'm off while he's at work and hhhhhhhhhhh

can you believe I got sent two faulty power supply units in a row...?! hopefully, third time's the charm, ehe ^^v)

hope this week treats everyone well!
@MercenaryX: Yep, you got it hehe ^^
I think I meant to include it in my author's comment but it skipped my mind @v@;;
cheers o/
eghh this feels rushed...
I'm still borrowing my bro's computer for pages atm,
hopefully I'll have a computer of my own by the end of the week... it's been a busy, weird kinda summer so far ._.

hope everyone has a restful week~
Yayyyyyy :D my fav is back!
Hope the weekend is treating everyone well! o/

I'm off to go melt, too warm for meee
Please pardon anything looking a bit wonky, I'm trying out pages start to finish in Clip Studio and it's a bit of a different flow than the ancient photoshop I was using before.. hopefully things will look a bit tidier as I better get the hang of using it o:

egh, i need sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

hope the weekend's been treating you guys well~!
(eghhh this didn't turn out how I wanted it to at all...)

anyway, onward! This chapter should be... mostly lighthearted, but setting up for Fun Stuff in the next hehe >:3
Thanks for reading~
Finally back to our main trio next update, yeehaw!
See you guys then~
(Wait, new season of King's Avatar? Now?! Hyyype!)

Nether's use of 'heck' is really funny to me for some reason haha~ it contrasts with her expression in an amusing way :d
... I think I'm gonna have to reread this chapter when it's done to properly let everything sink in @v@~ A lot of threads coming together, it seems.
bahahahaha oops! unlucky xD
end of chapter soon, whee...