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Animal: Snow leopards, raccoons
Video game: Anything Zelda [Minish Cap<3] + Anything Tales Of + Undertale
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@SarahN: Quite bad! ;p
but ah, I forgot in my post yesterday, I had meant also to say that the effect in the last panel with the blur/and the atmosphere in general on this page is really cool, too o/
NOPE. BAD BAD BAD BAD. This is. really bad. Aaaaaaa.

Oh dear....................... this is. not good D: !
I had a feeling earlier when Leo was reluctant to talk about it... ): man. That bites. It does a good job of relaying a dose of reality though -- certainly, a world of heroes wouldn't be all fun and games.

(Still... dang, tho)
I love the way you do hair.......
and especially love Alice's hairstyle here, you pulled it off amazingly @v@b

(I really dig your style in general though! quite lovely <333 and the story is fun so far too~~
She doesn't quite Look like someone who doesn't mind it in the first few frames there ):
Welcome back ~!
Welcome back! <3
Hah, thanks for the shoutout o/

Hope you have yourself a happy new year as well!

And speaking of comments, especially digging the art on this page~ the expressions and body language are on point!

Congrats on the anniversary and on 700 pages! Both incredible milestones <3
oh lawd the face in that last panel ahahaha
Oof, definitely know that feeling :( feel way old before my years. blegh.
lol whoops, I thought -for sure- I'd added this to my faves??? and then I saw it in the 'just updated' section on SJ's front page, without a 'new' notifier underneath it and was like ???

Anyway, fixed! haha.

Monica has a good point here. A lot of good points, actually.
@artofjoe: I thought it was a pretty fun coincidence, myself! :D I definitely recognized the style hehe~ (always nice to find fellow OP and LoZ fans too! /salutes)
@Famimatsu: a little belated, but Merry Christmas :D glad ya liked it ^^

And, you've got another fan, I'm looking forward to seeing where your comic goes! Looks like a fun cast~
Ah, très adorable...
Oooo, lui y l'air pas mal cool, ce nouveau arrivé :D
Un peu légèrement habillée pour la Route de Glace, haha.
Mais, intéressant a lire jusqu'a date, meme la premiere page m'a fait rire~

(ouf, mon francais me manque un peu, désolée)
I totally feel ya there ^^;
I haven't regularly comicked in ages but consistency was always a right pain, if memory serves xP I'm sure it'll come though!
(and then there is the aforementioned art evolution, plus certain characters not always showing up as much, especially with broad casts -- I think you're doing quite all right, everything considered! c:
Wooo, okay, all caught up finally! I wish I'd gotten around to it a lot sooner!

Congrats on the spotlight! You've put a lot of hard work into this. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds~

Fathom....... bro.....