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Captain Ghost
(current avatar is of my OC Frey, by

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Twitter: windmillKey


-Misc Favourites-
Colour: Yellow, teal
Music: Daft Punk, Gorillaz, game stuff
Animal: Snow leopards, raccoons
Video game: Anything Zelda [Minish Cap<3] + Anything Tales Of + Undertale
Hobbies: Reading, webcomics, writing, animation, cartoons, bicycling, ultimate Frisbee
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Finally back to our main trio next update, yeehaw!
See you guys then~
(Wait, new season of King's Avatar? Now?! Hyyype!)

Nether's use of 'heck' is really funny to me for some reason haha~ it contrasts with her expression in an amusing way :d
... I think I'm gonna have to reread this chapter when it's done to properly let everything sink in @v@~ A lot of threads coming together, it seems.
bahahahaha oops! unlucky xD
end of chapter soon, whee...
Zelander: "I don't feel so good..."

(the dusting/fade effect looks really good tho)
Also uh, nether... o_o what's... step number two, I wonder.
True dat. Gotta have a curse in there somewhere ehe

Also, ygot this page posted twice o;
Oh no, he’s adorable Qw
Congrats on 200 pages!! \o/
He did Sort Of warn her about Ja'vi, haha.
If I were to re-do GT I'd make some stuff like this a lot more clear, but in the interest of finishing this sorta partial fancomic, thaaaat ain't happening haha. Onward.
Yes! I think so c:
A-at first glance I saw the forehead things as mouths but they're like.. gems or something right? owo;;;;;;;

either way, they sure do look like trouble :V

Hope you enjoy your weekend!! have fun c:
Aw, I really love her expression in the second to last panel, and how their bond is evolving over time~~
Ahaha kids sure do the darndest things
That’s how I spent 70% of my games reacting to lynels as well bahaha. Relatable
a flashback...?

it's kinda neat to see how the pages have evolved over time.

I seem to have de-acclimatized myself to the heat so the first half of this page was a bit of a struggle D: and looks a bit wonky to me as far as confidence of linework goes... blah ;; anyway have a good week!!
Ugh, that’s a mood TwT
I’m enjoying all the gorgeous art, don’t get me wrong! But SO FAST?!? The heck haha
Hah!! That last panel is perfect hehe
Yeah!! Super pretty!
apparent ly she didn't even get to enjoy it for more than a couple pages oops

hope you guys have a good week!

(I missed drawing my boy frey so much aaaaaa)