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December 15th, 2016
i feel like a pervy old grandpa for waiting for this to finally happen
December 14th, 2016
ugh this hurt my heart
smile baby
me rn except its physics
i haven't read since the beginning of summer cuz i had no wifi and damn a lot of shit happened like the kiss and everything

its nice to be back
shits about to go down
August 23rd, 2016
okay so i havent been up to date with tany comic since end of school cuz i didnt have wifi and i fucking come back to this and i love it and omgggggggggggg they are so cute little baby gays i love them so much

keep up the good work^^
just started reading this
me likey
and i get why he left doesnt he have the other guy (whose name i forgot heh sorry) at home
or im guessing that he has some kind of rule not to get romantically involved with people
aww baby kiddo
aww our player fell in love
imagine he gets drunk and comes to the hospital to make out with our crouton
i dont want this scene to end
his face in the last panel is like 'Senpai?'
ooooo we getting frisky

sometimes i wonder what is wrong with me
ugh that braid looks so cool
now the question is do i wanna be her or fuck her im never sure
ya know what they say twincest is wincest
wtf this is breaking me
please tell me its a joke
april fools was long ago
dont do this