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Hey there, Ultizeta here! I was formerly known as Ultimate Yoshi, and you can call me Ulti for short. I'm an all-around content creator making online media since 2010.

I'm a large fan of video games, specifically Nintendo but I'm open to other publishers as well. The stuff I make tends to revolve around games or things akin to games.

Here on Smack Jeeves, my current main project is Kirby Adventure, a long-running sprite comic. Once it's finished, I'll be moving onto more original content, so look forward to that! I also do Let's Play videos on YouTube and occasional livestreams on Twitch, so follow me there by looking up Ultizeta.

Other random facts: I'm a digital artist, I love music, I spend most of my time talking with friends on Discord, I am gay, and I enjoy doing lots of critique and analysis.

I take art commissions:

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He needs to put some meat on his bones.
rip poe collector
shouldve ran a different kind of business
"looks like"

yeah sure, it just *looks* like one
I forgot that plot-important developments can actually also happen in this comic. Serves me right for not paying attention to here.
@Shard: But if this is the first time she's experiencing this event, how did she know Team SMG beforehand if this is when they met?
If this was a couple of years ago, why is Ket's mouth still blue in flashback?
That darn lazy Frank
@Gigi19972010: For future reference, a lack of capitalization or certain punctuation is indicative of whether or not I'm being serious
@Gigi19972010: I was making a joke
"the world is ending, and it's impossible to stop it because i say so, so do nothing except listen to an unrelated story about my past"

"okay sounds good"

August 18th, 2017
It's a crystal
I only know these folk when they got turned into Pokemon
@BattleStarX: Looks like you did a slight goof on this V2 page. Panel 2 has two Kuzzies instead of one Kuzzie and one Kirby.
And then Knuckles slammed Tails' face into the ground and Tails died
And so, it has come to this. The story may be over, but the adventure continues in spirit and in imagination.
It's up to you guys to envision what happens to the Squad in Return to Dream Land and Triple Deluxe and Rainbow Curse and Planet Robobot and Kirby for Switch 2018 and whatever comes afterwards.

That can be true about more than just these particular characters and comic, really. The level to which I've inspired other content is still surprising to me, and I know it will continue to inspire in the future no matter what happens. Through all the good and the bad, Kirby Adventure is a bit of a sprite comic icon now, if I may say so myself. Like, I'm not trying to sound full of myself, it just IS one of the more well known sprite comics here on Smack Jeeves, and undeniably the most popular Kirby comic in general. Maybe I didn't pioneer anything or innovate strongly, or even have the best plot or characters or spritework, but people are still aware of the comic. They're still fans of it, so clearly I was doing something right these past seven years.

Seven and a half years... It really feels like it hasn't been that long. I stop and think to myself how Technical Difficulties was three years ago, and yet it feels like it was just yesterday to me. I think that while my past self would have been surprised, confused, and maybe even disappointed in how certain plot elements turned out, he'd also have been really happy to see that I saw the comic through to fruition, and fulfilled most of the plot points necessary and conceived.

There would be a lot I would change if I were to redo this comic, and I don't think that surprises anybody considering how much I've made known how I dislike the way most of the comic's writing was handled. However, the biggest change I would say that the comic needed was to not start in medias res.

What that means is, basically, throughout the comic, most all of the characters were flat. Very few actual developmental changes occurred, with most "character development" just being adding more detail to their character traits rather than actually CHANGING the characters. This is due in part to everything being "normal" for these characters. The status quo was the nine of them going on missions, and they all knew each other for years. There was no room for development because of this, and most of the characters who change and develop ended up being side characters like Gigi, NAVO, Ryka, Talzo, Hali, etc. Honestly, it's impressive I was able to write likable characters the way I did with how flat they all kind of are. Granted, flat characterization isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's almost unavoidable, the problem is really just that ALL OF MY MAIN CHARACTERS ended up accidentally being this way. This was also part of why it felt like a good idea to kill off Keito, it shook up that status quo even just a little bit.

So, were I to redo things, I would have done either one of two things: Option one is start the comic sooner in the timeline. The KAS has just formed, they just beat Galacta Knight a few days ago, these characters are still getting used to one another, and thus they have their wacky hijinks without that status quo, thus allowing the characters to develop into the ones we know at the end of the comic naturally by interacting with each other and learning. Option two would be to focus the entire comic around Vezo, the only real newcomer of the group by technicality. While he never quite acted like it in certain ways, the story goes that he's only been a member for six months, so he'd be the most unfamiliar with the status quo and the other characters. Thus, by focusing on him specifically, we'd learn about the other characters THROUGH him, which would allow for flat characters to feel more naturally interesting as well, and make their depth feel not as forced, not to mention their development could also come from how they treat and trust Vezo.

But that's all negativity, really. Sometimes I focus too much on that. If that's the number one thing I would change, then what is it that I'm most proud of with Kirby Adventure? Honestly, I would go with the humor. My best segments, even earlier on, were the times I focused on just telling silly stories riddled with jokes. Technical Difficulties is still, I think, my best handled segment, and one of the most well-done things about Darkness Rising was the silliness of Dark Matter. When it came down to the major plot points, I felt I handled their seriousness fine, though less so earlier on in segments like The Beginning, but the biggest success would definitely be the comedy, I feel. Each character had their own flaws and traits that worked off each other nicely, and almost any one of them could be paired up with another for interesting results. My cast was large enough to have many different pair options that I was able to utilize, but small enough that we got to see repeat pairs fairly often as well, and I think that worked out well. Even segments like Pay Day and C Central, segments that I don't think were as good as they could have been had I focused properly on what I needed to, still turned out good because they had much more of a humor aspect than earlier counterparts to them like Helping Hand and Division Addition. I got better with the humor as time went on, and I really would say that I'm very proud of some of the jokes that I got to tell here.

So... where do we go from here? Well, Kirby Adventure is officially concluded at this point. No more pages, no more revamps, no side comics or spin-offs, nothing is planned and nothing is expected or desired, really. I want to move on from this old project and keep things fresh and new for myself. The closest thing you guys would get is if, in like five or six years or so, I decide to actually take my random KAS Project where I turned the KA cast into anthro animals and make it into some sort of spiritual successor, but even then, I doubt it'd be anywhere similar to this.

Now that Kirby Adventure is finished, I can draw my focus elsewhere. I've been keeping up with my personal Let's Plays on YouTube, occasional livestreams on Twitch, and art of both SFW and NSFW variety, easily while working on these last few segments of KA, but the one thing I wasn't doing was working on other comics. Anyone remember Shards of Krino?

That old CYOA comic is currently getting a reboot of its own in the works, and if you had it favorited and paid attention to the news (or just follow me on Twitter), you'll have seen a bit of a sneak preview of some changes. The plan is to figure out a good way for me personally to adapt my current drawing methods into making art-based comics, and then hopefully get some pages of the new Krino out before the end of September, but honestly I would expect the end of October or the middle of November to be more realistic. The only real block for me is figuring out the best method of drawing it, because I've already got character designs, a base story, and the new direction that I want to take it all figured out, (It's not going to be a CYOA anymore, by the way) so I don't see it taking any longer than that, but hey, I've procrastinated before, so who knows? There's no hard deadline, so we'll see what happens.

You'll have to keep an eye on the original Krino comic in order to see when the new one comes out, though, as there's no active site for the new one yet, and I certainly won't be able to announce it here to any worthwhile effect. Either that or follow me on Twitter or pay close attention to my Smack Jeeves profile. You can keep up to date on my goings-on in those locations, as well as looking at my other content if you're interested by checking out my YouTube channel and my Twitch page for streams.

Either way, this has been quite the long project, hasn't it? I'm really quite glad, in the end, that it turned out the way it did, and that so many people enjoyed it. So thank you to everyone for reading, whether you had an account and favorited or were just a guest passing by once or twice. Thank you to everyone who commented, even when it was spam, random roleplaying, or harsh critique. Thanks especially to anyone who sent in fan art at any point, for making it feel like I was making something really special to people. Thanks to LoneAlchemist, DestructionSeries, Peardian, Bimblesnaff, Djoing, and SuperScratchKat, who all in one way or another helped inspire or teach certain elements or skills that resulted in the product we have today. Thanks to KingCorp and D00D64 for their reviews of the comic so long ago. Thanks to Jarkes, FP, tekern, DarkNut255, Fusion Kirby, Drawkey, MarioKong, Story Teller Astralle, Alienoid, and CapedLuigisYoshi for their cameo appearances and art contest winnings, for without any of them the comic would have definitely not been the same. Special thanks to BattleStarX and Gigi19972010, who worked with me on crossovers and were both simultaneous rivals and inspirations in their own ways. Extra special thanks to Torkirby and Nashew, who mainly helped out a lot behind the scenes as people to bounce ideas off of directly and helped inspire and build confidence and interest. And finally, while it may seem a bit silly, thanks of course to Masahiro Sakurai, Satoru Iwata, HAL Laboratory Inc, and Nintendo, for creating the Kirby franchise (of which this entire comic and premise was based on), and providing my childhood and even adulthood with joy and fun, and not taking down this comic even though it's a violation of their rightful intellectual property.

It's been fun, everyone. I've been Ultizeta, and I'm finally signing out.

Kirby Adventure is completed.
August 11th, 2017
What a nice reunion.