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Hey there, Ultizeta here! You can call me Ulti for short. I'm an all-around content creator making online media since 2010. I'm a large fan of video games, specifically Nintendo but I'm open to other publishers as well. The stuff I make tends to revolve around games or things akin to games.

Here on Smack Jeeves, my most well-known work was Kirby Adventure, a sprite comic I worked on for almost eight years. Now that it's finished, I'm working on my original drawn fantasy comic, Shards of Krino. I also do Let's Play videos on YouTube and occasional livestreams on Twitch, so follow me there by looking up Ultizeta.

Other random facts: I'm a digital artist, I love music, I spend most of my time talking with friends on Discord, I am gay, and I enjoy doing lots of critique and analysis.

I take art commissions:

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February 14th, 2018
Heads up, I'm not gonna be posting a new page this Friday. Updates should resume next Tuesday, I'll keep you all posted though. Sorry about the delay!
February 10th, 2018
The page in which Lucy makes a realization.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Are you talking about Volvagia, or Hippie Darunia
I'm gonna shoot magic missile at the darkness.
February 7th, 2018
@Guest Who: That's a J. It's pronounced "zih-gyole" or something akin to that.
February 6th, 2018
Can you tell I'm not very keen on drawing detailed backgrounds
Purple and yellow actually, uh, don't clash in the slightest. They're literally complementary colors, opposite each other on the color wheel. They go as well together as red and green, and blue and orange.
The jacket was holding him back
February 2nd, 2018
This only took me two weeks to get around to drawing, I'm sure that's a great sign for consistent updates.

Anyways, Zijol regains his name. Cool beans.
I guess they're just gonna ignore the fact that one third of this infamous gang evaded capture

That seems smart and not at all counterintuitive
Sonic doesn't have knees, he just has noodle limbs.

Also, it looks like something got messed up for the page ordering. You might want to fix that.
Gossiping about boulders would be considered a bold move
"Middle ofe the knight"

I think a few somethings went wrong there in panel 2
Ah yes, the Paper Mario universe, aka the universe where nobody knows how to face a different direction except Mario.
January 22nd, 2018
Food makes the world go round.
This comic is super impressive so far, I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.
This is a cute, fun little comic so far. I look forward to seeing where it goes.
January 21st, 2018
This lizard certainly looks like he's been through some tough times.

I'm hoping to actually give him a more appropriate personality this time around. How he acted in the failed CYOA was just... awkward, to say the least, and rather contrary to his given background.
January 21st, 2018

January 21st, 2018
And this update batch begins with a mysterious noise coming from the alleyway! I bet most readers of the original can guess what's coming next.

For the time being, new pages will be releasing in single-updates, as opposed to this starting triple update, and they'll be going out every Tuesday and Friday if all goes well.

If my Patreon goal gets hit, though, or if I just feel confident enough regardless, I can see that update schedule being bumped up to three times a week rather than just two times a week. It'll all depend on how things go, really. Drawn comics are still relatively new territory for me, at least in this specific way, so we'll see what happens.

Anyways, hope I've piqued some of your interests, and I look forward to having people come along with me on this ride! It's gonna be fun, trust me.