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someone who used to be somebody slightly worthwhile
Now that it's finally a CYOA... I honestly have absolutely no idea where to get started

I suppose step one is getting past the moat? Maybe there's a blind spot in the guards' shifts/patrol that Marcus might be able to take advantage of, and then Intravius could be asked to use some sort of magic/flight to get them onto the castle battlements
B.Rowz: "Who is this we you're talking about?"
not gonna lie, I completely forgot about that guy

it's been a while, whoops
If that's KDA's Endgame, at the very least it will be relatively easy to go for Kaaby's head.
Something tells me that that's Ikbry talking and Kirby tied up
It's an ELF

or something maybe
Never visit Cliffhanger City. Its filmmaking scene is terrible. I hear they haven't finished the story of a single movie or TV show they've ever tried to produce.
Someone ought to let her practice. Hugging is an important life skill.
Kirby doesn't have standards, he has strawberry shortcake.
Next page features a cutaway to a smoldering wreckage, with every inhabitant completely unharmed and eating a slice of cake. Probably.
Thank goodness for the Author Union
Pie is ever so important
@Djoing: rip me then, should've read stuff more closely
We need a new item, eh? I say what spawns isssss a CREATURE CAPSULE

Inside it contains a special Capsule Creature that assists the player who opens the capsule! What pops out is anyone's guess!
A smaller box
They're Chilly Dogs
Always remember kids, to take good care of your axe. You never know when you might need it.