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Hey there, Ultizeta here! You can call me Ulti for short. I'm an all-around content creator making online media since 2010. I'm a large fan of video games, specifically Nintendo but I'm open to other publishers as well. The stuff I make tends to revolve around games or things akin to games.

Here on Smack Jeeves, my most well-known work was Kirby Adventure, a sprite comic I worked on for almost eight years. Now that it's finished, I'm working on my original drawn fantasy comic, Shards of Krino. I also do Let's Play videos on YouTube and occasional livestreams on Twitch, so follow me there by looking up Ultizeta.

Other random facts: I'm a digital artist, I love music, I spend most of my time talking with friends on Discord, I am gay, and I enjoy doing lots of critique and analysis.

I take art commissions:

Support my content by donating to me at Ko-fi!
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Always remember kids, to take good care of your axe. You never know when you might need it.
A rabbit hoodie pops in. It makes whoever grabs it very speedy for a short time.
stage hazard activation: a big tree appears and starts blowing wind to push the fighters around

what do you mean "that's not a part of this stage", i know what i'm talking about
Something up? It's been quite a while since your last comic post.
nice original battle start animations, I like how they differ from the actual Smash Bros ones
The battle should obviously take place on the best map

Sector X from Space Hound 63

Well, that seemed a bit anticlimactic.
Who needs a camp when you have each other
And then next comic it gets revealed that Kirby was lulling Keeby into a false sense of security and is about to suplex him into the ground
Choice three: climb out a window
Even demons need love sometimes.
I couldn't justifiably go "hey, don't make this comic" without being massively hypocritical about fan works, considering that's basically what I did to begin with with Kirby Adventure and the Kirby franchise

But if you are going to make a fanmade continuation of my comic, you should not just outright take my pages and put them here. Make your own pages, reference mine if you need to, but don't just take my pages to use as your comic's introduction.

I'd also like to ask you to make it clearer in the comic description that this is a fanmade continuation.
Spoken like a true Greenhilt
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Royale