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I got nostalgic and added a bunch of old Rescue teams on this page. I'll link to their creators later when this page is published on DeviantArt. I'm sorry they are out of work in my canon n_n"
@LIN3R: I can't say much about that! But I'll elaborate on the situation a bit before the chapter is over.
@Guest: Oh, none taken! I find it interesting to hear how people feel about my characters' actions. I can't say much one way or the other without giving things away, but I hope people will still stick around!
The comic is back! What a great tim- oh.

I'm really sorry to take a break from updating at such a moment, but August was full of activities and my whole September is booked for traveling. I drew the last six updates within a single week (a new record for me!) to at least get this far. I want to continue as soon as I can, so hopefully the updates can return in the second week of October! Thanks for being patient, and thank you especially for your comments so far! I greatly appreciate all of them.
@Eevee power: I'm very late with the reply, but thank you for commenting! It makes me so happy to hear that people care about my characters. I care about them a lot too <3
@Luvyna: I want to thank you for your thoughtful comments, they are a delight to read! I'm glad you are enjoying the comic (even if it's in a sad spot right now), I'll do my best in the future too!
After the PMD-Explorers closed down, some people immediately followed their characters' stories and just mentioned in passing that the guilds had suddenly been shut down. But I created my characters with a close personal connection to the Rescuers guild, so I didn't want to just glance over the 'shutting down' part. Still, setting everything up and getting to this point took so many years, haha... But worry not, the story is not done just yet!
Don't ask where the light source is on that last panel, I just wanted to create an atmosphere with little effort, haha.
Sorry, I had to skip a week since I had too many other tasks to do!
Sorry this is a bit late, I have been distracted by Kingdom Heart 3 :D
The comic's back, in color! I haven't seen colors in this story for so long... Please bear with me as I try to find the optimal way to color these pages. It's colored digitally by using scanned watercolor bases. I'm still working on the color balance, but it's still nicer to look at than those greyscale pages.
Again, it's not really an "event", but I'm pulling everything that happens here under this title. I'll keep making these covers too to be consistent, even though the covers were originally made for summarizing the objectives given by the group. No written stories either, it's all comics from here!
Oops, I never uploaded this painting here, did I? Let's fix that! It's made with acrylic paint, I'm still really proud of it.
@ZavienF: Oops, sorry for late reply... He is mute, but he can communicate by writing on signs!
I found one more piece of old artwork! It's painted on a piece of cardboard, but I still like it a lot, haha. And I have good news: Comic updates are going to resume next week! Thanks for being patient so far, I'm excited for the next chapter!
Here's a recent one from last week! I wanted to take a shot at creating human designs for the team. It was pretty fun!
@GodSniper0523: It did seem to divide people a bit. I feel like it's the difference on what type of adventure comics you're used to reading. For me, I'm used to comics like Dragon ball and One Piece which (I'm pretty sure) both feature dinosaurs/dragons getting their head cut off at some point. I've also always been interested in exploring the darker side of Pokemon, like how in the Pokemon Adventures comic an Arbok gets cut in half.
@ZavienF: Thank you! Thanks for all your other comments as well, I really appreciate them!
@So, Random Guy: Hmm, I think it was because I felt like it was hard to use the slow to charge, powerful move again once I had had used it for dramatic effect once. Well, even if I kept Solar Beam, I would've replaced it with Camouflage. I always wanted to give Chloe more versatile, defensive moves.