This is why your profile picture is so amazing.

Thank you. I do like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
Congratulations on being done with exams!

Also, this is a very cute page.
Congrats on almost being done with your exams.
@carlyanne: I certainly hope so.

You're welcome :)

I wanted to tell you that I really like your profile picture.
@Al: I thought that too.

Or it could be a cosplay outfit.
This is such a great page!
Yay! He did not leave!
Congratulations on 100 pages.

And what an amazing page it is. Kimrick had such an amazingly jealous reaction.
Sounds great!
Nexus is really cute.
I agree with @Snowwolf.

Please Dragosh. Don't run away.
I thought I would go through the entire April Fool's Day without being fooled...


This is still an amazing page.
I look forward to how this story will progress.
They look so happy together!
Yay! Consent!

There are some that feel that verbally asking for consent "ruins the moment." But it's actually very important, and as this page shows, it doesn't have to be awkward and out of place.

Dragosh is really smooth here by asking for consent in an amazing way.
Jason's straddling position is amazing.
I love the last panel with them together.
Welcome back!