The bartender has a very good point.
This is actually a really good idea for Marc. He jumps into initiate relationships too soon. I'm glad that he is learning.
That's a really cute last panel.
Ha. It's great that they both knew.
Take care of yourself first.

We will welcome you when you are ready to come back.
Yay! They made it to safety!
I love how you always leave each page with some sort of cliff-hanger. It makes me so much more invested in this story and I have a lot of anticipation throughout the week.

good point

Sexually Transmitted Powers?
I appreciate the world building comment. It's pretty interesting that the whole world is affected, not just this place.
Hot damn

I love this self reference!
Uh Oh...
Uh oh
I went back to read all of your hover texts.

And I really like this page's hover text.

Kim's blush is so cute!
I love the detail that you put in your comics.

I especially like Connor's drool.

Maybe he likes this kind of activity.

May I ask where your profile picture is from?

You're welcome.

I love the direction this storyline is going in. I love jealous Kim.