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A young, professional comics creator. I'm just here to observe, you can read my work at my site below. Please do so, it would help me a lot. I'm currently only working on finishing up a training comic, but...

My main comic that will debut in a few months from now is going to be something real special. I promise you. It will be a Japanese-folklore inspired atmospheric journey following a pair of ghosts searching for both answers and themselves. It will be a very personal and gripping story featuring powerful imagery and depth, so I hope you'll check out my site in advance to start supporting me ahead for the months to come!
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    Clayton Summers
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awwww that is such a nice looking otter hehe
So pretty! Good composition here.
Keep it up dude you're pretty badass looking.
Wasn't expecting aliens for some reason. Ok though.
Lewd but so beautiful and colorful~
Oh cool setting! Pretty unique.
I just love how colorful she is!
DAMN that dude's tall. Really cute character designs though!
:( poor girl
there there
ooh pretty flowers.
The colors make this so somber... well done!
You and me both, kid.
This is surreal as fuck. I like this.
Aw, that's sad. Wasn't expecting that from the cover...
Ooh, I really like your style! Nice color choices and cute designs.
Not a bad start at all!
Aww, things got sad...
Nice paintings on display hehe
It may be my fucked up taste speaking but she looks really, really cute in that last panel o:

Well done!