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I'm a video game designer who loves comics, history and fantasy. My comic is a my way of doing what I love. I was always looking for this kind of fantasy comic so I decided to make my own ^^
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Welcome Back
Looks like Bianka may have a sister.

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Oh those teeth
@Dragonrider: Yeah well spiders don't give a damned about proper tooth care, lol. Bianka apparently does ^^
Welcome Back
I hope everyone is enjoying my tribute to 70's comics. The story is now underway and the plot will thicken! If you are interested,
get the uncensored pages and more by donating to my Patreon Page! Please and Thank you!
Welcome Back
This is the edited version of the comic book page. My tribute to 1960s -1980s fantasy comics is coming to an end. Yes, this means less nudity... In a culture where violence is held in a higher regard than the human body (the human body being some sort of sin) I do realize that in order to continue providing this comic, I must give in, just a little, lol. The story will remain the same, I will be adding NPCs who pay to be part of the story . To view the uncensored pages and to become an NPC, please go and support my efforts at:

On Patreon you can be part of an experience, told by me and dictated by true fans of fantasy. I would appreciate you telling at least two friends about the comic If you can't afford a dollar or two a month. This comic isn't meant for everyone. It is meant for people like you and me. I bet you have at least a couple of friends who would thank you for introducing them to Ethereal Legacies. I hope you enjoy the work. Thank you and enjoy,
Welcome Back
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Page seven sneak peek
I wanted to thank you all for continuing to add me to your favorites and messaging me with a special sneak peek that no one has seen yet. I ask that you be patient and that you help support my efforts on Patreon. I have so much more to share. I add art, some NSFW daily there. I also show the unedited pages that you have seen so far on this site. Please support our dreams, the link is below:
The website and Patreon account is active!
This is a new and fun experience for me! Creating content for more than just a hobby! I am so excited and if I can make enough to keep this going, so will everyone willing to get involved. The comic is restarting, yes. But we will release two pages a week until we are caught up. Please be patient and please help me accomplish this dream! It is a beautiful story set in detailed, lush landscapes. I am just starting so it will get better with time and feedback. Become a Patron, help make this a reality!

Here's some links ^^
@cornelius7: Thank you so very much ^^
It's about to happen!
This week will showcase no new pages. But this week begins a new direction for my passion, my comic book, Ethereal Legacies. I will begin to link these pages to the new website and Patreon. I would love to tell you a beautiful, thought provoking and action packed story about the myths, history and folklore. With everyone's help, I will be to do just that. My followers from Europe, Asia, South America and Northern America can make this a reality! Just show us some love and we will deliver
Welcome Back
Welcome Back
I hope you are enjoying the comic so far
Welcome Back
More spider fun ^^
Welcome Back
Please enjoy my comic
Still working
Still trying to get the website up and running. Hope you enjoy
Here we go!
Here we go! - Here we go! - As a special to all 20+ of you fans, I give you the new Ethereal Legacies. Now, when the website is activated, we will rerun some of these pages. But I need your feedback, I need your help. This comic is about to challenge what we know about comics. All feedback is appreciated and I promise to respond with an actual answer and credit to great ideas.If you become a Patreon subscriber you will receive extras like the Ethereal Legacies rules, character stats, monster stats and game maps. Higher paying Patreons will receive uncensored, additional content but this is restricted to viewers 18+. So much more to come. So much more fun work to do. I hope you will join me.
@Jamie59: Thank you for commenting on the new pages. It is very rare to get comments on my comic and seeing your feedback makes me smile. One person can make a huge difference between me giving up and fighting to keep going. Please spread the word about my comic. I need all the help that I can get. Thanks again
Thank you
This another sneak peek. This page three of the reboot. Hope you enjoy!
@Jamie59: Ha! This is Bianka, but she's young. We started the series over and set it back a few hundred years. You just won everyone another sneak peek ^^. Thank you Jamie!
Sorry about the wait
I want to say sorry for the delay. We are working on the website and it's taking a while. Until then, here's another sneak peek at another page. No dialog but hopefully this will do until the end of the month when the website will be up. I'll be back with another sneak peek if anyone comments on this page
@Jamie59: Yes it's coming again. I am trying to make it a full time gig. Thanks for the comment! There's plenty more on its way