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Cooler than you would think...
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Spalding and Devian leave their fiery past...behind them.

Images (C) Jagex LTD

(Note: Wow, it has been months since I said I would be doing these semi-regularly. Expect updates like this for a while)
An Inflammable Situation
Spalding learns more about his immediate future (or past), and Devian let's his temper flare.
Our heroes go in search of greater adventure.
The villain enacts the next phase of his evil plot, and Devian and Spalding enjoy a happy reunion.
[The title of today's comic comes from the term "breaking the fourth wall," which is when the fourth wall (the screen/panel) of the work is breached , usually by a character referencing the fact that they are indeed in a work of fiction such as a comic, game or book.]

Devian learns that his life is not truly under his control, and we learn his last name.
The Grind
This is a preview of a new webcomic I am starting called "The Grind." This is the first page.

The full comic can be found at and the second issue will be released in a few hours, at eleven central.
Happy Hallowe'en everybody!
You can probably tell that it was me (Harrison) not Jason that did the art for today's comic... But! He's never done animation before when HE draws them. :p
We're back
After a two-week hiatus, Mostly Harmless is back on its Vaguely Sundayish (TM) release schedule.
Real Site
About this comic:
Just thought I would tribute CTRL+ALT+DEL in a comic. I am a great fan of CAD, and I needed an idea for a comic.

September 19th, 2007
that's all great. love the link to T&Z
September 17th, 2007
Yes, I AM ashamed of myself. But you have to admit...its kind of funny.
Speeling errore
Soon after I posted this comic, I realized that I had misspelled the word "bout". It has been changed. (yes, I know that the title of this comment is spelled wrong).
This was a comic I did long before I came up with Mostly Harmless, but it fit so perfectly that I had to digitize it for this comic.
About This Comic
This is the first of a few strip format comics that I am going to release. It is going to be different, and will not always be a page anymore.
About this Comic
This is my favorite of the ones I have drawn so far. Its simple, that's why.