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@O.O: "Legs"? That's a weird way to spell "every single part of his body."
I never really understood the whole "the amount of queer characters is unrealistic" argument. I mean, sure, it's at the very least statistically unlikely that this many queer characters would coincidentally* meet each other in a catholic school. It's not impossible, but it's not exactly probable either.

However, there's this thing called suspension of disbelief where readers are expected to accept some impossible/improbable plot points because otherwise the whole story just can't happen. This is a story that is specifically about queer people, so screw realism, you gotta have lots of queer people in there, and anyone who complains about that is missing the entire point of the story. It's as stupid as complaining that Harry Potter is unrealistic because it has magic in it, except it's even stupider than that because unlike magic, queer people actually exist.

I've always seen Rain (the comic, not the character) as a sort of microcosm of queerness. It's about exploring the whole spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations. Sexual diversity is literally the whole point of the comic.

*Emphasis on "coincidentally." I don't think it's unlikely that there would be this many queer people at the school. I think it's unlikely that they would meet each other without actively seeking each other out when most of them are in the closet. Still not a complaint, just an observation.
@AnOldWolfNamedSteve: You know Life is Strange wasn't made by Telltale, right? I know it really feels like it, but it wasn't.

Anyway, I was thinking more Rashomon-style, where we get everyone's conflicting perspectives on what actually happens as they try to figure out where Maria went.
@12AbbyRainbow: Learn to draw? I know it really sounds like I'm being sarcastic, but I'm not. You can learn the basics in a relatively short time. A few basic tricks will completely change the way you approach drawing and allow you to achieve decent results quickly enough. If you're willing to start your webcomic with a fairly minimalist art style, you can get to a point where it looks clean and the characters don't look like shapeless blobs after working on your skills for a couple weeks.

Now, I'm by no means a particularly good artist, but I think that's why I'm qualified to help you: I'm just starting out, I have a few drawing lessons under my belt, and that means the "just starting out" stuff is really fresh in my memory.

The first thing you're going to want to do is learn to drawn by observation. It's easier to draw something that's in front of you than to try drawing something imaginary, and it'll help you hone your skills. Try drawing your hand. Just keep your off hand perfectly still, and draw it. Try drawing your hand in multiple poses. Go slowly, try to get it as perfectly as you can. Get one of those drawing mannequin. They're pretty cheap. Practice drawing a human silhouette based on it.

Just work like that one part at a time. Trying to draw a perfect character from the start is overwhelming. Trying to draw just the hand, or just a torso, or just a face, it's more doable that way. Pull examples of what you want to draw from the internet so you have an example to look at while you're practicing. Once you feel more confident, you can try combining the things you've learned to draw a full human being, and going off of your imagination rather than by observation.

One thing that will help you tremendously: realize that a complex picture can be broken down to basic shapes. You should start a drawing by laying down some basic shapes and lines that will act as guides to help you put everything in the right place. For example, when you want to draw a head, you start by drawing a circle with a cross on it, and it'll help you tell where the eyes, nose and mouth are supposed to go. When you're working with the mannequin, just draw a stick figure in the same pose, try to get the length of the lines right, and then you can draw your character over the stick figure. Working that way will drastically speed up your drawing and help you get your poses and proportions right.

Google some tutorials. You can easily find free guides for pretty much everything you'd ever want to know about drawing.

Once you're more confident in your skills, you'll have to decide what you want to work with. Personally, my method is to sketch my characters on paper, scan them, and then do the final drawing with a drawing tablet. You can get a decent one for $50-80, it won't break the bank too much. The software I use is Krita, which is free, so that's nice. I like working digitally because being able to switch between layers is a godsend, and it's easier for me to draw my characters and backgrounds separately and assemble them later.
@Lenn: She's gonna be the very best, like no one ever was.
Yan Mouson
October 16th, 2017
@NikuComics: Here you go:

Just be warned: based on the art style, you might be expecting some sort of lighthearted adventure show for kids. That's just how it lulls you into a false sense of security. Show gets brutal.
Yan Mouson
October 15th, 2017
@NikuComics: Do you have an Anime Strike subscription (or just a standard Amazon Prime subscription if you're outside of the US)?

If not, you can watch it through, uh... less official means *ahem* which I am totally not endorsing or encouraging you to use. *winks exaggeratedly*
Yan Mouson
October 15th, 2017
@NikuComics: It's a series that aired this summer on Amazon's streaming service. Was really good. Unique premise, likeable characters and some of the most gorgeous visuals I've ever seen in an animated series. Also it made me cry like a baby on multiple occasions.
"I thought I was a fairly well developed character?"

Ooooh, someone's bragging.
Well, now I know what my line is gonna be when I want to get out of stuff.

"Hey, where are you going? We're not done with the dishes!"

"We all forge our own path."

*puts on sunglasses and walks away
And thus begins a chain reaction that will destroy every single couple in the story.

Or maybe not. Hopefully not.
It was at this moment that Drew knew... he fucked up.
@GreenKrog: I made that guess because I've had... some secondhand experience with BPD. My sister has it. She's a pretty intense case, probably mixed with histrionic personality disorder (there's apparently a lot of overlap between those two). Let's just say she's not an easy person to be around.
Ooooookay? Was not expecting this. Time to speculate.

So, at this point it's safe to assume that Bree has some sort of personality disorder, which I've suspected for a while.

We've also known for a long time that Bree has a history of being... less than trustworthy. She's also shown a tendency for emotional dependence, and excessive reactions to perceived betrayals. And we now know that her own mother describes her as unstable and thinks she should absolutely not be informed that Annie is trans.

So, from all that information, I'm going to take a guess and say that Bree likely has Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD is characterized by emotional dependency, fear of abandonment, manipulative behavior and unstable emotional states. For example, someone with BPD might go from loving someone to hating them because of a minor slight, and then shift back to loving them just as easily. People with BPD tend to have very unstable relationships as a result, as well of a bad habit of not thinking ahead.

This does not mix well with having a closeted trans partner. Let's say Bree has BPD and learns that Annie is trans. She might not take it well, immediately start hating Annie over it and out her to everyone as a result. Or, if she takes it well, she might still out her as revenge for some other minor thing in the future.
@ALittleSurprise: It's when someone throws a clock at your face.

Or it might be when someone figures out you're trans. You decide.
Flaw found: there is no comic.
@(V);,;)V): Why not Zoidberg?
Please tell me Rain is not gonna be outed by Holly's attempt at absurdist humor.
I'm trying to understand what's going on with Flint's arm in the last panel. It bends in ways some would consider to be... unnatural.
@GreenKrog: But that's how it always works. You don't consciously decide to mess up your life on purpose. You drink because you believe that after all your suffering, you deserve that drink. You stop doing your homework because you're so mentally exhausted, you deserve to take a break. You just keep engaging in behaviors that you know will lead to nothing good because you've convinced yourself you don't have the emotional fortitude to take better care of yourself.