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@Karasugaming: Oh, I didn't know that ^-^; Thanks for the information
@Karasugaming: I may be mistaken, but isn't a Mach Bike Required to get to the top of the tower? And doesn't Crys have an Acro Bike?
@I am me.: Team Rocket did it for Power.
Aqua: to expand the ocean(even though it doesn't completely work that way).
Magma: to expand (really just dry up) the land.
Galactic: to create a new universe and become the 'god' of it.
Plasma: to become the 'hero' in their region's lore so that everyone will obey them.
Neo Plasma: For Power so they can take over Unova.
Flare: To make a beautiful World.
If Gold reacts that much to his wound being tended to imagine Crystal's reaction to her wounds from the radio tower.
@GreyWolf: I thought Mom was male...
@troblsomtwins829: Knowing Gold, he's going to say it when he doesn't know that she's conscious XD
Oh my gosh, Gold STILL blames himself for the radio tower incident and/or the Mt. Silver incident? That must've been a huge blow to his pride when he realized what he didn't (even though he really couldn't have stopped it) prevent.

Edit: Also, Crys really should worry about her personal health more than research (even though I normally do it the other way around so I can relate to that)
Let's just remember
If it wasn't for Dora, Crys would have either
a) been dead a long time ago
b) have the scar covering the majority of her torso
@(Guest): Or when she was, I don't know, hit by a self destruct or something.
@Thegreatgamer: A very large scar
George will just have to pay an annual fee for more storage space *CoughPokemonBank*cough* or pay a larger amount but have tedious transfering *coughPokemonBoxcough*
Gold's grown so much, I remember when he didn't call his mother at all. he's even making small talk, it's so cute ^_^
Is it sad that I can see Ruby just happening to come over at the same time Gold is here and he's like 'No, not the carrots!'?
It could just be because of Cry's blood pressure.

Because of my blood pressure I get really dizzy when I have showers (I've even passed out a couple of times) because they're too hot for me to handle, and the other option is having really cold showers which can really suck.
Not as bad as team aqua's plan.
Team Aqua is trying to get it to rain to develop more water to flood majority of the land. Now let's stop here and think about how the water cycle works, not like that I say, not like that.
@PaDiYaFLAME: Yes, the Mach bike (mach being a dimensionless quantity representing the ratio of flow velocity past a boundary to the local speed of sound) being fast and getting up certain ramps, and Acro bike (Acro meaning a combination of height,and tip end *cough* tricks *cough*) being for certain areas to get past.
Oh Gold, haven't you learned not to let Crys drown herself in her own ideas? No? Oh, well then. You're going to be the end of her, actual end, for sure.
This Joke Again? ^_^
Ha ha, gravity defying ponytails is how she'll be recognized. Also, naming the picture "you betrayed me again ponytails" was perfect, considering she wanted to go unnoticed but no...

Also, please don't kill one of Cry's Pokemon, please don't.

Can those two get an 'easy button' or something like that?
I laughed for a good five minutes at the second panel. Gold, I don't speak your language of rage.

I think it would be 'on Mt. Silver' instead of 'in Mt. Silver' because it kind of happened on the top of it, and 5th pannel should be spelt Promise instead of Promess.

Oh, and Gold, Crys has no idea what you're talking about, Mt. Silver

Also, I'm sorry about you not having internet.
You can't blame it, it's hi jump kick with pure power and your Pokemon don't have enough HP to live that normally, so it's understandable that a neutral hit would kill Gourry.

Extra Update? Well, I'm excited ^_^