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Haven’t I told you how much I love chibi Derek?!?
Well. He did told Hendrix not to worry about it during school. But Julian knows it’s gonna be hard. That’s why he’s sad.
And can I add one more thing? Make sure your ideas “world” is protected. I hate to see someone taking this and profit off of it. This is too legit!
WOW! Amazing world of yours! Love it!
If that’s the case, then it’s gonna backfire. Finn’s gonna cut that apron string before she’s ready to let go. IMHO
Oh Happy New Year!!! 🎆
You’re welcome!
Uh oh! You just broke your mother’s promise! :-)
I’m scared to ask:
Is there such a book?
Dang it! He broke his concentration!!
Uh oh... I think he heard them.
Thank you!
December 13th, 2017
@WingFreak: Oops! Sorry! Couldn’t help it!
December 12th, 2017
Good grief! He’s in Malfory mode!
You put your latest comic in your mother language, French.
Can you please replace it with the English version? I can use Google Translator if you you don’t have it ready yet.
Definitely not a Disney moment! :-p
Good grief! What’s with the hair?!?
Good grief! He’s gone warp speed!!
Poor Hendrix!! He’s in shock from the bedroom to the dining table!! I just love Julian’s mother!!
Also, good luck with the potential dream job!!