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Oh bloody hell!!
Magic. And leave it at that. Remember, it’s fantasy!
What’s with the attitude???
I don’t mind the naked guys anyway! But just do what you can when you can. And I thank you for sharing your story!
@Selkaiya: Well, he needed to howl at him anyway.
I almost didn’t noticed the subtle changes in Issac’s hair! It bleached out over time.
Yep, he’s scratching! “Hiss!! Hiss!!”
Careful Charlie, don’t get scratched!
Man! I come back from a cruise and this is what I see!!! OMG
April 11th, 2018
Seems like you have to earn his trust, lady.
April 10th, 2018
Wow! She went for the jugular vein!
Poor little kid! Ok Uncle, give him a big hug!
@RainDebJoys: So sorry you have to deal with that situation. I hope it will get better as time goes on.
Hate to say this but Jake doesn’t deserve a mother like that piece of trash.
@Jarvi: Yeah, I could see that being a bad omen if you did went through with the joke. This is a good compromise.
Oh snap! Literally!!
Wow! From one intense scene from Always There to this scene. This is just not my lucky day! 😖
Wait! He married her and then suddenly he told her not to speak Spanish!?! That is no husband or father!!!
Somehow I knew this would happen.
Uh oh! Watch out!