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Ooh!!! Angry faces X 2!!
And it really does not make the heart grow fonder.
Nice of Issac to give Derek a little privacy while he comfortably gets into the pool and change. :-)
He knows he’s in trouble!
Oh man! The dear author sure knows how to trigger.a scene.
Eh...she’s fine. Everyone is fine. It’s gonna take awhile for us to see it come true from the last scene (epilogue) to this cute scene.
At least That Man I Will Not Name is not the father!
Which Room?
I just have one question before we all start. Are they in Kim's room or Kylee's? Maybe that will help in understanding Kim's question to Kylee.
April 29th, 2019
@Ralend: If that’s the case, then I’m afraid for Cort on what’s inside that pretty box!
Whew! Those scary, crazy eyes!
Here comes the angst!
And the Author is strangely silent.
March 29th, 2019
Aw! Look at that cute smile!
Wait! What happened??? Someone pulled the old dream cliffhanger?!?
Also his mother went about the wrong way to handle it. Instead of going after his aunt, she had him subjected to more abuse instead.!
I’ll make a wild guess. He was very young when it happened to him by his Aunt that he rejected any girl or woman getting close to him. Just a wild guess.
Jay in a sexy jock and Nick with a sexy 5 o’clock shadow! What the mystery is going on here?!? Can’t wait for more!!
@redmarielle: You’re not sorry for the cliffhanger! You’re enjoying this too much! 😈
Oh no! Don’t tell me he got blasted into the past?!?
Oh great. He’s gonna get a black eye for sure! And it’s not from his eye shadow!