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Uhm I like drawring. xD

I <3 my OC's and I want to see if I can bring them to life in a comic. *sticks to it*
February 12th, 2011
OMG I came to look at this comic after I saw your journal. I can't believe I haven't seen this before! It has a really griping beginning, and the quality of the art is consistent and fantastic! I can't wait for more.
This story is fantastic, and your art is s utterly unique. I'm in love!! <3
AWWWWWWWW I love this comic!!! Seriously, my most favorite webcomic ever. And if I ever get money I wanna buy it. xD LOVE
Hahaha! YES!!! I'm so excited for this update! <3<3
Hi! I know that this hasn't really been touched in a while, but I'm totally intrigued by this again. <3 So if you could find it inside yourself to update again, I would love you. 8D
January 3rd, 2009
I barely even know him and I just feel so sad!
December 26th, 2008

YAY update! I love this comic so much! Poor kid though, he looks like he's gonna have a time of it. -_-
She seems kinda manipulative........@.@

thE blond guy has an awesome haircut though!


Its so pretty and creepy all at the same time!
ooooo There was a 'huge crush' XD

Wonder what happened there...?
LOL someone beat his scores...Its a great way to start out the comic! XD nice job!
two pages and I'm hooked! you're doing a fantastic job on this!
LOL niice
"I'm getting there." and Ciaro's pants are made out of amazing...@.@
*sigh* copmuters are a pain in the ass...but it happens...I can't wait for when you can start again!
LOL talking rabbits rule! comic=LOVE
Woot! it looks very interesting! XP
LOL money. he seems to have a one track mind no?
Is she going to be in this more? (is she the girl in the banner?)