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Hopefully I'll actually start drawing comics again soon.

I listen to a lot of music, mostly alt rock/indie rock/pop punk/some 2000s trashy pop like Train and The Script (shh).

Oh. Right. I can Do the Art too. -Ish. Not really.

I am the saltiest bitch you'll ever meet.
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November 15th, 2018
November 11th, 2018
can i get an f in the comments for all the 13 year olds who haven't been ruined yet
@Emc_502: The people on this site were using artwork for their icons without any artist credit in their bios, and posting images off the internet on this site (or the previous version of it) without giving credit. Not giving credit on art unless explicitly stated by the artist that credit isn't needed is stealing.

We (mostly people from S. S. Ships) pointed out that it was art theft, and the ES Roleplay community needed to put the artists' names or links in their bios/on the posts. They got upset about it and argued that they didn't need to and that we were being mean to them. Flaming_Eclipse deleted his account in all of this, and we were blamed for that, even though none of us ever told him to delete his account or leave. He created a new account half an hour later, and he was calm and agreed to credit artists, but the rest of the community wasn't so calm. Pixly made a news post on S. S. Ships saying the whole thing was our fault, and he's sort of been provoking fights because he won't just apologize, drop it, and be civil.
@pixlyJolt: We're simply trying to point out the fact that you're still being a jerk and not taking responsibility for anything you do. It wouldn't have been that hard to not only stop stealing art (You tried at least, good work on that, but keep going. Also, that "era" was very recent.), but also genuinely or at least politely apologize and stop pinning the blame on us. "Those S.S. Shippers." If you didn't want us to continue, maybe you should try not provoking a fight all. The. Time.

Simple way to handle "5 fucking little kids, underage in a 13+ Site, while trying to get them to stop spamming, acting crazy, & getting whatever art from random sites": There's mods for a reason, and because they're underage it would be easy to get them taken off the site until they're thirteen years old. But that would be a really crappy thing to do, so I wouldn't.
@pixlyJolt: What was it you were saying to me to stop swearing because it's bad? Careful about calling people out on being something you clearly are yourself, because I'm 98% sure this guest is probably not the kid here.

Also, did you know you can make an SJ account on your own and make email accounts on your own and still access the internet and SJ when you live in a basement and your parents won't make your account for you, because you can do it yourself? W i l d , isn't it?
old man georg
@pixlyJolt: Hi, um, don't be racist please.
@pixlyJolt: Okay, then talk to him first before you report to the mods.
@pixlyJolt: I mean, if it's his comic he can do whatever he wants and only grant himself superuser access. I think it's bad that he's not giving at least a few of his friends permissions, but I wouldn't try to ban him. And you can't ban him anyway if you don't have permissions.
@Emerald Eclipse: If you say the art isn't yours AND credit.
@Emily the shy sylveon: I never said you couldn't have fun, but calling someone a "skrub" as if it's supposed to be an insult is immature. That's what 5th-7th graders do. Allegedly you're 17, but I have a hard time believing that.
@Green_Eclipse @Emily the shy sylveon: "nice 1 skrub B)
I ' m h I g h ~ "

This isn't 2013 anymore and name-calling is a rather immature tactic.
@Green_Eclipse: Sorry, but the internet isn't an authoritarian cesspool where we'll get arrested for saying something you don't agree with. Just because we're not authors doesn't mean we can't call you out on your BS.
@Emily the shy sylveon: Sorry bud, nobody can make you lose control other than yourself. You can always choose to keep your composure.
@Lunar_eclipse: A family that can't tolerate being called out reasonably, apparently.
@Green_Eclipse: In Holly's defense, she didn't hack into his account and delete it for him. Eclipse could've easily just made sure to credit artists from now without being asked first and chosen not to delete his account.
@Flaming_Eclipse: You said you were leaving literally three minutes before this comment.
@Flaming_Eclipse: This isn't roleplay. Go stayn't.