I really really really like emo/punk music. So much that it's unhealthy. I love music, and it's pretty much my whole life, and so are the following artists and bands: Twenty Øne Piløts, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Melanie Martinez, Halsey, and Bastille.

I have a tendency to go on huge YouTube binges. Favorite YouTubers are: Dan Howell, AmazingPhil, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Tyler Oakley, EroldStory, TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden Animations, Domics, and Pixielocks.

Also I really like Skullgirls and I'm going to buy the full version soon. So far I only have mobile. It's all 60FPS of hand drawn 2D animation, which is insane and awesome.

OHOH and Overwatch. I haven't gotten the actual game yet, but I watch a lot of people play it and I reeeaaaaally love the lore and character design. The graphics and design are just so good, man. Tracer is a precious, chipper little Brit girl.

I have a DeviantArt, make sure to check that out for more art.

Also check out my YouTube channel:
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Your shading and coloring is very nice! It looks good. :3
July 30th, 2017
348 jars of honey behind Bean
348 jars of honey
You take one down
Give it to Barry
347 jars of honey behind Bean
:o Pretty colors
I think the back leg that's closest to you is a bit long? As Shadow pointed out in the coloring page upload, the body is kinda long. But you've improved a lot there, fren! It looks good. :D

Isn't "domingo en fuego" from TOP's Polarize?
I'm a big Twenty One Pilots nut too. XD
@YellowCat200: "Probably female"
I noticed that too. Maybe this is the introduction of an LGBT character...?
This looks so good QuQ
July 30th, 2017
Yes music
I have a bad feeling of where this is heading, especially given that it's the evening now :')
yes i love this
420/69 i approve
@WildfireK: YES I CAN PLAY THAT SONG ON THE UKUKELE AND IT'S AMAZING (the song itself not my cover)
Get the funeral papers
Alright. It's pretty clear this comic has been dead for a loooong time. I haven't updated in, what, a year? So let's make it official. Venus the Espeon is dead. No, not the character herself. The comic. This started as my clone of Stupid Short Eevee Comic on four legs instead of two. I'm not quite satisfied with the characters or the stupid sh** they do anymore, so I'm not working on it anymore. I'm more interested in other Pokemon now, I simply don't enjoy drawing this or coming up with ideas for it. Nor do I care, obviously.

Before I end this, I want to thank everyone for their support. Originally I only anticipated ten or so fans, but we've surpassed that mark. This comic has helped me make some of my best friends, and I couldn't be happier for that. I was honestly pretty lonely at the time that this comic started, and without making friends through it, I'd still be lonely. Everyone else who supported the comic made me so happy that people actually liked it. However, I myself, am not satisfied with this comic. Changing the characters would be too drastic a change to make, since they were meant to show up many times. I'm going to end it. I won't take the comic down, I'll leave it up for people to reread if they want to. Although I don't see why you would, since it's been long dead and very short and cringy. Thanks so much for your support in the last couple of years, I couldn't thank you enough.

Keep an eye on my profile though, I miiiight start a new comic soon.
Yes Little, lead us in the charge to glory! XD
@WildfireK: Shading is what Mid does best. :D
And hey, your art has improved a lot! I really like it. The style kind of reminds me of the game OneShot for some reason?
Why do you reference so many Twenty One Pilots lyrics? I have no idea. All I know is that because of this, I FLIPPING LOVE YOU BECAUSE TOP IS THE BEST AAAAAAAAAA
@LightEclipse: Sometimes uploading from a mobile device won't be an option. I think it depends on which device because my iPad can still upload directly. If you're on a computer, I'll go check your author privileges just in case.
It's gay af
Chris you've got a new competitor for your little floof
Rest in spaghetti Jack Spearow
But don't actually rest in spaghetti
That's disgusting
Jeez these are so good ;w;
I really love seeing these types of things. It gives you an inside look at how artists do what they do, and it's cool to see such amazing work put together. :D