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Hopefully I'll actually start drawing stuff again soon.
c'mere fren you need a hug

also how does one write such a good song
hey do you wanna start a band
October 20th, 2017
Sky207: Crushing on everyone since 2016
new pages look hecking amazing
How do you draw Reshiram and Articuno so well? QuQ
For whatever reason the file won't open for me???
@WildfireK: how much is that pika in the window
@WildfireK: Oh I see what you did there

I just ordered Doom X Eon on Amazon, but the tracking says it hasn't been shipped yet
@Midnight : yes yes i do

but honestly i haven't seen too many people who don't XD
"a art dump"
*an art dump*

Apologies, but incorrect spelling really bothers me unless it's done on purpose for a meme or something. XD
This looks like Unity 5 when you make a three minute flash game of a cat collecting milk (I did that)

Too many assets
Too much stuff
Too much confusion
But once you learn it you can impress people who have never used it and it makes you feel validated

Ok that got too deep
aNYWAYS I realize all that beforehand will probably make what I'll say next sound passive-aggressive, but I swear I'm actually being honest. XD

Good job :3
Don't we all care too much for so many things
@WildfireK: Fren, I believe the correct terminology is "shipwright."
September 13th, 2017
Just drop all the homework on the principal's house. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. (-whispers- no he wooooon't but at least you can get rid of it)
t e a c h m e h o w t o a r t
@Aura9301: No it's not. But you'll kind of be ok because I stay up until at least 3am and miraculously get something done at all. By the way though, don't do that unless you want to wake up at 8am mumbling random quotes from Attack on Titan while you're delirious and half-asleep. True story.

Seriously though, try to do well as a freshman. Colleges really look at your grade in sophomore and junior years, and freshman year is like practice for that. If you get a C on the practice you'll probably get a D on the assignment.
5'11" WHAT I'm probably about the same age and I'm only 5'5" ;-;
wait no my sweet lugia stahp das nOT oK
September 10th, 2017
Your songs are so beautiful. ;w;

If I could start a collab band (kind of like Radiohead but probs not that good, sadly) out of people on SJ you would 10/10 be a perfect songwriter.