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I really really really like emo/punk music. So much that it's unhealthy. I love music, and it's pretty much my whole life, and so are the following artists and bands: Twenty Øne Piløts, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Melanie Martinez, Halsey, and Bastille.

I have a tendency to go on huge YouTube binges. Favorite YouTubers are: Dan Howell, AmazingPhil, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Tyler Oakley, EroldStory, TheOdd1sOut, Jaiden Animations, Domics, and Pixielocks.

Also I really like Skullgirls and I'm going to buy the full version soon. So far I only have mobile. It's all 60FPS of hand drawn 2D animation, which is insane and awesome.

OHOH and Overwatch. I haven't gotten the actual game yet, but I watch a lot of people play it and I reeeaaaaally love the lore and character design. The graphics and design are just so good, man. Tracer is a precious, chipper little Brit girl.

I have a DeviantArt, make sure to check that out for more art.

Also check out my YouTube channel:
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September 13th, 2017
Just drop all the homework on the principal's house. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. (-whispers- no he wooooon't but at least you can get rid of it)
t e a c h m e h o w t o a r t
@Aura9301: No it's not. But you'll kind of be ok because I stay up until at least 3am and miraculously get something done at all. By the way though, don't do that unless you want to wake up at 8am mumbling random quotes from Attack on Titan while you're delirious and half-asleep. True story.

Seriously though, try to do well as a freshman. Colleges really look at your grade in sophomore and junior years, and freshman year is like practice for that. If you get a C on the practice you'll probably get a D on the assignment.
5'11" WHAT I'm probably about the same age and I'm only 5'5" ;-;
wait no my sweet lugia stahp das nOT oK
September 10th, 2017
Your songs are so beautiful. ;w;

If I could start a collab band (kind of like Radiohead but probs not that good, sadly) out of people on SJ you would 10/10 be a perfect songwriter.
DDDD: Nope I refuse to ignore you
No can do frendo
The shading and colors though aaaaaaa
@zero88: That's a good friend :')

Assuming he means that people wouldn't be able to take it if you died ;-;
Excuse me for a moment while I fangirl

It reminds me of Antisepticeye (go google it if you don't know what that is)
(nevermind you're probs lazy so i'll tell you: it's youtuber jacksepticeye's made up evil alternate personality)
(if you don't know who jacksepticeye is then shame on you so go google it)

The glitchy effects look really good! I've always wondered how people do that. You did a great job Wiisp. :D
@Silver Eevee: hello gay fren
good to see you again
@RealBoxTheEevee: yes thank you for the 3.14
@ShadowStalker1128: sleep is for the weak
just kidding lack of sleep actually makes you weak
it also makes your parents mad at you for stumbling around the house like an unproductive zombie
it also makes them threaten to smash your ukulele when they find out that you've been staying up late playing it in your closet

Also, make sure to stay safe. The hurricane is making landfall not far from my city, and we're getting a ton of rain and probably flooding because our topsoil is literally sand and it's two inches thick. Everything under that is solid rock, so our dirt can't absorb water and everything floods.
;-; I don't even know what to say
I just hope you're doing ok
How does one hooman so well